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Inspired by the episode 'Emotion Sickness'. My first stab at romance.

"Hey Kim!"

Kim Possible, a pretty, athletic senior at Middleton High, raised her head and pushed a lock of auburn hair back from her face.

"Hey yourself, Monique," Kim said. She smiled, but it was a forced smile, and quickly faded. Monique slid into the desk next to Kim and eyed her speculatively.

"What?" Kim demanded awkwardly. "Do I have a zit or something?"

Monique shook her head. "You feeling OK, girlfriend? You look a little down."

Kim sighed heavily. "Ah, it's just that things have been kind of weird all week, ever since the whole Moodulator thing."

Monique quirked an eyebrow at her friend. "Weirder than having your emotions controlled by a microchip on the back of your neck?" Kim chuckled in spite of herself, but her despondent look soon returned.

"Almost" she allowed. "Ron's been in a funk all week too. Every time he sees me he lights up," Kim related, brightening a bit herself. "Then he gets this pained look on his face, and he sighs." Kim looked at Monique. "He thinks I don't notice, but it's so sad, it's breaking my heart."

"Well, given how you were acting, can you blame him?" Monique asked, twirling a lock of her curly brown hair around one finger.

Kim cringed. "Not at all," she shook her head and flushed slightly. The memories came flooding in, of her making goo-goo eyes at Ron, following him all over school, passing sugary notes to him in class, kissing him...

"I made such an ass of myself," Kim muttered, looking at the floor.

"You were crushing on a guy, so what?" Monique challenged.

"I was crushing on Ron, Monique," Kim retorted.

"And that's bad why?"

"It's Ron, Monique. Ron." Kim said severely. Monique expression became reproachful, and Kim wilted. "I mean sure, he's my best friend, and has been forever," Kim clarified. She inhaled deeply, and a slight smile touched her lips. "And he's the sweetest guy ever," she added. "And he is cute, in a bumbling, awkward sort of way," she went on, her expression softening. Monique's eyes narrowed, and a sly grin crossed her face.

"How is he at kissing?" she inquired.

"He's wonderful," Kim sighed dreamily. Then she sat bolt upright. "Monique!"

Monique gave Kim her best total innocent look, but her eyes were sparkling.

"Sounds like somebody is still crushing, Moodulator or no."

"Don't even start Monique," Kim snapped angrily. "It's bad enough that my parents and the Tweebs won't let it lie. I don't need it from you too."

Monique held up her hands. "Sorry, Kim," she apologized. "That wasn't nice of me." She paused and gave Kim a sympathetic look. "The terrible two giving you a hard time?"

"You know it," Kim snarled. She frowned bitterly. "All the time at home it's 'Kim and Ron, sitting in a tree...' I swear I'm gonna break their necks if they don't lay off soon."

Monique put her hand over Kim's and squeezed it gently. "It'll be all right, Kim, just give it time."

Ron Stoppable, normally an irrepressibly cheerful young man, meandered aimlessly through Middleton's old railroad yard. The deserted, grass and weed grown expanse was a perfect place to mope. He was headed more or less toward home, but was in no hurry. School had just let out, and his parents wouldn't even get home until after five o'clock, so he had plenty of time to think. About Kim Possible. The very thought of her sent a warm, happy glow through him, and he allowed himself to revel in it. Thoughts of warm green eyes and long, silky red hair brought a smile to Ron's face. He closed his eyes and remembered, remembered that glorious moment at her locker, when she had thrown her arms around his neck and kissed him. Kissed him. Right there in the hall, in front of everybody. He'd resisted at first, more than a little freaked out by what was going on, by Kim's bizarre behavior. He'd known that something was wrong, that Kim wasn't in her right mind, but when her lips touched his... Ron smiled a bittersweet smile. His resistance had faded quickly. "Instantly," he corrected with a small chuckle. He'd put his arms around her, tried to draw her closer, and she'd come, willingly, even eagerly. The feel of Kim's body against his, the scent of her hair and skin and perfume, the taste of her mouth, had been burned into Ron's brain in a moment he never wanted to end.

And then it had. All because of that God-damned, never to be sufficiently accursed Moodulator It was frightening, how fast the miserable little gadget had altered her moods. Worse, was the rage that had coursed through Kim after that idiot Drakken had used his stolen Electron Magneto-Accelerator to boost the Moodulator's power. Even though he'd known it was artificial, Ron had never seen Kim that angry. And she'd been angry at him, for trying to break up with her on their first date.

Ron winced as an almost physical pain took the place of the happiness he'd been feeling. Break up with Kim. At the time it had seemed like the right thing to do, the respectful thing to do, since Kim wasn't herself. Hell, it was still the right thing to have done. As awkward and embarrassing as the immediate aftermath of the Moodulator's effects had been, for both of them, Ron knew it would have been a hundred times worse if he'd tried to take advantage of her. But part of him still wished that he had. He hated himself for it, but he couldn't help it. It had been just five days, and every waking moment of those days had been consumed with thoughts of Kim. Touching her, caressing her, kissing her. Ron had wondered about dating Kim before, but his thoughts had never strayed beyond holding hands and kissing. Now, for the first time, he was wondering what it would be like to have sex with her. Sex with Kim. Part of him shuddered at the notion, while another part was obsessed with it, still another was wracked with guilt over entertaining such thoughts in the first place and a fourth assured him that it would be the most wonderful thing he'd ever experience. He sighed and rubbed his temples.

"It's all academic anyway," he told himself. "Kim isn't interested." That was certain. Kim's ardor hadn't returned. She was back to her normal self, friendly and caring, but not romantic. Ron had allowed himself to hope, when she mentioned fireworks, but those hopes had been dashed instantly, and he refused to entertain them anymore.

"Congratulations Ron," he castigated himself bitterly. "Another crush, on another girl you'll never have. Well done."