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Kim was at her locker early Monday morning, as usual. she was putting her book bag in order for her morning classes when Monique sauntered up, a self-satisfied grin on her face.

"Morning, Kim," she smirked. "I hear you and Ron went on a date Friday night," she added archly.

"Yes, we did," Kim answered matter-of-factly, not raising her head.

"That's it?" Monique demanded. Kim looked up.

"That's what?" she asked. Monique frowned disappointedly.

"Nothing happened? No sparks flew?" she inquired.

"Were some supposed to?" Kim asked levelly. Monique shrugged in embarrassment.

"Well, I thought maybe, with the crush and all, you know."

"Monique, let it lie. Ron and I talked things out, and I'm over my crush on him."

Monique's face went downcast. "Oh," she mumbled.

At that moment Felix rolled up, a smug grin on his face. He Opened his mouth to speak, then caught sight of Monique's expression. His face fell. He looked from Kim to Monique and back.

"You did go on the date, didn't you?" Felix asked. "I mean, Josh said he saw the two of you at Bueno Nacho making goo-goo eyes at each other."

"Josh said that?" Kim asked, her voice cool.

"Yes," Felix confirmed. "And, by the way, he said he's going to apologize for his behavior, to both of you, as soon as he sees each of you."

"He is?" Kim asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah. I think Tara may be partly behind it, but Josh isn't like that usually, and he seemed to really regret it. He didn't say much to me though, so you'll just have to see, I guess."

"Well, if Josh can be man enough to apologize, I guess I can be woman enough to accept it," Kim allowed. Then she gave her friends an accusing look.

"You two were in cahoots, trying to set Ron and I up, weren't you?" Felix looked away. Monique blushed.

Ron walked up and eyed the trio. "Morning guys," he said, nodding at Felix and Monique. "Hey, K.P." He took a closer look at Monique and Felix. "What's up with you two, you look the world ended or something," he observed.

"They were trying to set us up," Kim supplied, crossing her arms to glower at the gloomy looking duo.

"Playing matchmaker, eh?" Ron jibed.

Felix put on a brave face. "Yeah," he confessed. "I guess our little scheme didn't work, though."

That was too much. Kim couldn't resist any longer, and she doubted Ron could either. She got proof when his face split in a dazzling grin. "Oh, it worked all right," he assured Felix triumphantly, and then, to demonstrate how well, he turned, swept Kim into his arms, and kissed her.

Kim felt like she was melting. It had taken all of her willpower to keep a straight face and restrain herself from jumping into Ron's arms the moment she'd laid eyes on him. To make up for that she pressed herself against Ron with enthusiastic abandon, not caring if the whole world saw what she was doing. His passion made it easy to forget, and even though Kim preferred his gentle kisses, she found herself enjoying this one immensely. Not the least, she giggled, because of the effect it was sure to be having on their target audience. Kim broke the kiss and looked up into Ron's eyes. He twitched his eyebrows in a silent, amused question. Kim shot him a slight, dimpled smile, then turned to Felix and Monique and said, "Gotcha!"

Ron waved his hands over Monique and Felix. 'Dance, my little marionettes, dance," he mocked playfully. Kim giggled beside him as the four friends relaxed in the park behind Middleton High after school. It was their first chance to really talk.

"So you two are dating now?" Monique asked, after fixing Ron with an amused glare.

"Monique," Kim said, shaking her head, "Ron and I have been dating for years without even knowing it. We are so past that stage of our relationship."

"You're going steady then?"

Kim glanced at Ron, who cleared his throat and said, "Well, let's put it this way. I'm saving my money for a ring."

Monique's squeal of joy was offset by Felix's dubious look. "Aren't you moving a little fast?" he asked.

"We're not officially engaged, Felix," Kim explained. She smiled at Ron. "That can wait a bit. And we're in no hurry to get married, either." Ron nodded.

"We've discussed it," he confessed, "and right now we're leaning toward waiting until we're in college, or maybe after."

Monique giggled wickedly. "Ok," she taunted, "but what about?" She made a gesture with her hands, and Kim and Ron went scarlet.

"Monique!" Kim protested. "We're waiting for that, too." Monique looked a little disappointed.

"Hey, it doesn't all fall into place at once," Ron said. "It's such a big change from our normal way of thinking about each other that, well, we need time to get used to it."

"I still can't believe you played us like that," Felix grumbled. Kim snorted.

"What we did to you is nothing compared to what we did to my brothers."

"Oh, this sounds good," Monique exclaimed. "Spill!"

Ron grinned. "Well, I got Kim home ahead of curfew, so we lingered on the porch, you know 'saying goodnight'" he made quote gestures with his fingers.

"Playing tonsil hockey, you mean," Monique shot back.

"Hey," Kim said, "We had to try Frenching sooner or later. anyway, after a bit the tweebs opened the front door. I don't know what they expected, but I'll never forget their reaction."

Ron mimicked what had happened: "Augh! Eeew! Gross! Auigh!"

"I think they ran upstairs and hid under their beds," Kim finished. "Although," she added gently, "since then they've been really sweet about it all. I think what they were doing before was trying, in their own, annoying twelve-year-old way, to get me to give Ron a chance." Kim turned her eyes to Ron, who leaned in and kissed her. The two never noticed Felix take Monique's hand.

The End (continued in 'Moods 2')