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Chapter 7

A few more months and one concussion later, Harry and Elias were once more in the company of Draco Malfoy while Ginny was away at Diagon Alley. This time, Draco's presence was more at the insistence of Madame Pomphrey due to Harry's concussion.

"C'mon, kid! Come to Uncle Draco." The blonde was on the floor, making the little brunette boy practice his crawling. It wasn't that the child needed the practice, but Draco found it a hilarious activity to watch.

"Uncle Draco?" Harry asked from the couch.

"Well, I don't see why not. You have no siblings and Elias sees more of me than he does of the Weasleys. I'm perfectly suited to be called 'Uncle'." Draco held his head high, showing his aristocratic self and Harry snorted with amusement.

"Well… then 'Uncle' you shall be, but we're still not friends. Here, try this. The kid loves this stuff." Harry leaned down and set an unopened can of Irn-Bru in front of Draco and motioned for him to get Elias's attention.

"Of course we're not. I only tolerate you because the baby has entranced me. God, Harry, how can you drink this stuff….Eli, look at this! Come here." Draco said enthusiastically.

Elias caught site of the little aluminum can and immediately stiffened in excitement. The little eight month old pushed himself from his current sitting position and got on his hands and knees. Then came the part that always delighted any adult who watched. Elias pushed up again and crawled not on his hands and knees, but on his hands and feet like a four legged animal.

"Where did he learn to crawl like that?" Draco asked through his laughter as the little one reached the can and picked it up and tried to drink from the unopened can.

"I don't know. I imagine he's been taking lessons from Mrs. Norris." Harry picked up the little boy and put him on his knee.

"A poochoh dikum!" Elias babbled happily. Harry started bouncing the knee and the babbling turned into a constant drone of "ahhhhh….." as Elias was fascinated by how his own voice bounced with him.

Draco stayed in his spot on the floor and turned up to the man and the baby.

"So have you told your wife yet?"

"Told her what?"

"You know what. We had this conversation way back when Eli was only two weeks old, I think."

"Oh that. No, I don't see the need to tell her every little detail about the final battle. She knows what most other people know and it's sufficient. Besides, I've gotten over it on my own. And I've been much better at taking care of Elias without Ginny to save me all the time."

"That's why I'm babysitting you both?" Draco smirked.

"One concussion… and it wasn't even my fault. This little hellion has been crazy ever since he learned to crawl. Though maybe I should've made sure he couldn't reach the hammer while I was putting together that new crib…" Harry trailed off as he thought of his little mistake that lead to his son playing a game of 'Wac-A-Mole' with his father's head when Harry wasn't paying attention.

"You could have put it together with your wand. I don't understand why you insist on doing some thing the muggle way." Draco was clearly disgusted at the thought of manual labor.

"It's relaxing. I was raised by muggles and did that kind of work all the time." Harry pointed out.

"You were raised like house-elf, Harry. It's a wonder you didn't become the next Dark Lord yourself." Draco sneered, ignoring the annoyed look that Harry gave him. The small amount of tension that built in that moment was broken when Elias suddenly began to babble again.

"Dikum stikoo abba anda Apa gi'ee baba mik." Elias had grabbed his daddy's shirt and pulled himself into a standing position on Harry's lap and looked the man in the face as he said this.

"What?" Draco asked, not understanding any of it.

"Um… I understood 'Apa'… Papa. And I think then 'baba mik'… bottle of milk." Harry translated.

"Dikum?" Draco asked.

"I don't know…. Nobody knows. It's his favorite baby word, I guess. He says it all the time." Harry shrugged. Draco stood from the floor and started for the kitchen.

"Milk?" Draco asked.

"No… food. It's about dinner time. He can have mashed potatoes and yucky mushed carrots tonight." Harry grimaced. Draco went to prepare the food since Harry wasn't supposed to leave the couch except for bathroom breaks by orders of Pomphrey and Ginny.

"By the way, I was dropping off some healing potions this morning and Madame Pomphrey asked me to remind you that Elias is due for another check up this week. And that reminds me… the other day while I was watching him during your class, he got into some potion ingredients. Nothing bad, but Severus noticed a slight reaction to one ingredient and wanted you to tell Pomphrey to check for allergies." Draco called from the kitchen. Harry groaned at the mention of the man.

"Oh… and I really shouldn't tell you this…." Draco was back and leaning over the couch, looking at Harry with a mischievous grin, "but while Severus was healing the little rash, I swear I heard that man baby-talking to the kid. And… I saw a smile."

"What? No… not Snape. That man hates kids."

"I bet he's just worried about his reputation as evil bat. I think I should baby-sit during my apprentice studies more often." And he was off again, back into the kitchen.

"Nah… Draco already baby-sits enough, doesn't he? Yes, he does." Harry nodded at Elias, who copied him and nodded enthusiastically.

End Chapter

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