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Author's Note: This takes place shortly after the events of OotP. It starts shortly after midnight on July 31st, the summer before Harry's sixth year.

CHAPTER ONE – Bestest. Birthday. Ever.

It was a dark and stormy night. A young man quietly contemplated his place in the world from the comforts of the littlest bedroom at Number 4 Privet Drive. He thought about his life and the trials he had been forced to face. He thought about the pain that he and those he cared about had been forced to endure. He thought a lot about Destiny and the idea that so much of his life is completely out of his own control. He thought about his fate that should be of his own choosing but Destiny seems to not even want to give him a choice. He thought about his godfather. And he got pretty damn pissed off just thinking about all this.

The young man yelled out at the night sky, "God damn you Destiny! You too Fate! My life is mine not yours! I'll do this crap but you OWE ME! Big time."

And if the young man knew how to speak sky, he would have heard a response from Fate. "Me? What did I do? It's my bloody sister's fault." And if peeking in on the Gods were possible, one might see Fate violently twisting her sister Destiny's ear while Destiny flailed her arms about yelling "I give! Uncle! Uncle! Yeesh."

That very same young man slipped back into his early morning's slumber.

Harry looked to his left. And then he looked to his right. And somehow from this managed to establish, that the Dursley's were not at home, he was free to actually watch some television, and he was definitely asleep and dreaming at the moment. The fact that all the pictures on the wall were of whales and giraffes was an obvious clue. He turned on the news first and saw a bulletin stating the President of the United States of America has issued a federally mandated new speed limit for all interstates, highways, local roads, residential roads, and even privately owned parking lots. Apparently, from now on the speed limit is 142 miles an hour. He was quoted as saying "Now come on people. Some of us have places to go. I mean shi-BEEEEEEEP" and here the news seems to have censored the rest of his statement. Harry had to admit there has been more than one or two times he felt awfully lucky to not be an American.

He flipped the channels a few times, nothing much catching his interest until he came across a history channel of some sort. The man on the screen looked an awful lot like Mr. Ollivander or at least related to him. Turns out his voice sounded just like him. "Tonight, continuing our examination of evil, we will further explore the truth and the lies surrounding the Dark Lord Slytherin."

Harry nodded to himself. "Yup. Asleep and dreaming."

Ollivander's evil TV-clone continued "Lord Slytherin, famous for helping found the school of Hogwarts, was not necessarily the evil and violent Dark Lord recent history paints him to be. He was a master practitioner of Dark Arts, a Lord through his own nobility, and he did hold significant animosity towards muggle-borns and muggles. But he never hunted them down or actively tried to even harm them. So though he was a Dark Lord by definition, it was by no means the same thing as what being a modern day Dark Lord constitutes. He certainly did not kill others the way recently Grindelwald did, or even Slytherin's most recent heir Lord Vold-BEEEEP"

Harry shook himself a bit. 'Definitely an odd dream.'

Bizarro Ollivander sat down in a wing-backed leather chair and proceeded to monologue about Lord Slytherin. "We've recently uncovered some personal diaries from fellow founder and Slytherin's best friend Godric Gryffindor. Apparently, in his youth, Lord Slytherin when addressed by friends was referred to by his middle name Snivellus. He detested his given first name, and with the help of his friend Gryffindor, Lord Slytherin broke into the Ministry's documents department and used a mild dark arts charm to manipulate his own birth certificate. He magicked the ink in two of the letters to recombine into a singular different letter. It is this startling discovery that we find Salazar was by no means his given name from his parents."

Harry's interest was clearly piqued at this and leaned forward.

Bizarro Ollivander also leaned forward and looked straight into the camera and said "That's right Harry, The man was born Saladbar Snivellus Slytherin."

All thought processes halted in Harry's mind and he quickly leant back on the sofa as his brain locked-up with this information and proceeded to snap with a twang like a rubber band.

The young man woke up in a cold sweat. He quietly thought to himself, "it's times like these I wish I had a mom."

He saw the sun was up and the young man headed downstairs to prepare breakfast for his loving family. He started the eggs and put the bread in the toaster before stepping out on the back porch. It was a bright sunny day. He took in a deep breath and let it out with a smile. "Today's a good day to turn sixteen."

He briefly wondered when he would get to see his friends, as he already knew the new mail wards blocked all owls his friends may have tried to send birthday greetings with. After finishing making breakfast, he filled up a plate for himself and went back up to his room. A decision between solitude and his family is not a very hard decision at all.

After he finished his breakfast he sat quietly in front of his window and watched the outside world thinking to himself.

Downstairs Vernon Dursley and his wife Petunia were eating their breakfast, taking turns muttering under their breath about "ungrateful whelps" and "worthless freaks." Finishing his breakfast, and preparing to head off for another long unfulfilling day at Grunnings, Vernon was interrupted by the door bell. Looking curiously at Petunia, he got up to answer it and was as shocked as he'd ever been. There, by himself, on his doorstep was Prince William. The bloody Prince of Wales.

William looked a bit nervous. "Umm... Hi! I really need to talk to Harry and I'm not sure when my bodyguards are going to catch up with me...so I'll just show myself to his room. Thanks."

As the young prince scurried by Vernon Dursley, he patted him on the shoulder. He had neglected to realize Mr. Dursley had actually already fainted; he was just so large, he'd maintained his balance in a dead faint. The soft pat though tipped the scales on that balance and sent Harry's Uncle Vernon crashing through the glass coffee table behind him.

William's eyes popped halfway out of their sockets and he found himself under the scrutiny of a Petunia Dursley scrambling out of the kitchen. When she saw the scene in the living room, and saw the young royalty who appeared to be the cause of it her shock was unable to be contained and it showed in the form of a quiet squealing bit of flatulence. All the blood rushed to her face as she reddened in embarrassment and her skinny form made her look like a matchstick. The wood-colored robe she wore only added to this appearance. Prince William looked her in the eye and shrugged. "Oops."

Unfortunately, Petunia did not have the mass necessary to maintain her balance, and when she fainted, she went straight back in the kitchen, smashing her on the kitchen table as well as her own breakfast plate. In a glorious bit of irony her earring caught on the tablecloth and she managed to pull the entire contents of the table down onto her unconscious body while she fell limply to the floor.

Prince William snickered and sung to himself, "my closest friend, linoleum."

Harry was so deep in thought he was completely oblivious to the rather interesting sounds coming from the living room and kitchen. Nor was he even aware when Prince William walked into his bedroom and walked right up next to him. He remained ignorant of his guest until Prince William took it upon himself to reach out and give Harry's bottom a good pinching. Harry yelped and his eyes widened as he realized he was not alone in his room. His curiosity turned to shock and then confusion at the apparent identity of his guest as well as the cause for him to be grabbing hunks of Harry's sweet, sweet man flesh.

"Wotcher, Harry."

"Tonks! What are you doing here and why do you look like Prince William?" Harry inquired as his heart rate slowed down and his shoulders sagged with relief.

The young metamorphmagus shifted her body back to a more comfortable form with pink hair, green eyes, and a tank top a few sizes too small for the chest she had. "Just wanted to drop in and say hi to the Dursley's and wish you a Happy Birthday Harry." She reached forward and hugged him, and Harry felt his heart rate jump back up.

This morning Harry had noticed some physical changes that he wondered if they might be magic related since it was the 16th anniversary of his birth. Because he was pretty sure he felt healthier than he had in a long time, and had grown 3 or 4 inches overnight. Unfortunately, a jump in his physical maturity does not in any way mean he acted more mature or for that matter had any clue how to treat attractive members of the opposite sex. Particularly ones he had frequent lurid fantasies about. Nor had he really ever known how most people show things like caring or affection or even begin to understand what love is. So you almost have to forgive the young moron when he blurted out "Damn Tonks, your nipples are so hard their poking me!"

Tonks hair seemed to deepen in color as it seems metamorphmagi really do blush all over. Harry's sense of propriety and decency caught up with him at this moment and he started to apologize but he was struggling to makes the gurgling noises coming out of his mouth into complete English words let alone sentences.

Tonks saw him struggling and decided some things can be easily excused for a birthday boy. "Settle down Harry. Let the blood rush back into your brain again before you try talking more." This comment did not help as the rush of blood sure enough went to his head, but it was more to color his cheeks than to provide oxygen so he could attempt any higher thought processes involving things like motor function. Tonks cracking up further compounded the problem both by deepening Harry's embarrassment and providing an especially attractive jiggle in some tank-top covering areas.

At this point Harry could only scowl silently and close his eyes as he waited for the auror to stop jiggling.

"Sorry Harry but I'll gladly poke you some more with my nipples if it leads to this much enjoyment." Both parties paused as they thought about ways that statement could be interpreted and decided it would be best to simply move on. "Anyways, just wanted to let you know, your talk with Dumbledore seems to have gotten a bit of a spring back in his step. Also I wanted to make sure you were ready for your meeting this afternoon with the Minister."

Just yesterday Harry had discussed Cornelius Fudge's future with his headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. And they realized that the best they could do now that he'd been open about Voldemort's return, would be to throw their support behind him, as he would be particularly dependent on their opinions as to whether he should continue on as Minister. The wizarding public seemed to be calling for his resignation after spending so much time and Ministry resources to try and control and discredit the two heroes of the light side, and he spent no time investigating the Dark Lord's return or preparing the Ministry for the coming war. Harry had asked Dumbledore to arrange a meeting with the Minister so he could decide if the Minster was going to be helpful or more a hindrance and that the illusion of stability in the government would not be worth the costs. And it was for this reason, that Harry was expecting the Minister to come by this afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Harry managed to keep eye contact with Tonks for almost a full second before responding. "Yeah. I've got a few bones to pick with that man. I figure it's worth my support if he can allow me to practice magic this summer and clear Sirius's name. Just a few questions under veritaserum for Lucius Malfoy or any other inner circle members should be able to do it."

Tonks winced a bit at her favorite cousin's name as she replied "Yeah, sad as it is, it does become easier to do posthumously." She was still a bit iffy mentioning his death, even though she had discussed the matter extensively with Harry. The young man was in the habit of taking on a ridiculous amount of unwarranted guilt.

Harry rolled his eyes at the emotions on Tonks face, and well in her hair too, and responded "I'll be fine Nymphie. I miss him, I love him, but even he knows I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment." Tonks scowled darkly at the nickname and wondered just how much she'd let him get away with on his birthday. And of course that led right into some of the very same lurid fantasies the young man had been having.

"Alright Harry, let's ease up on the nicknames. Dumbledore also wanted you to know your fireplace downstairs has illegally been setup on the floo. You can use it only in emergencies, and it doesn't allow travel. It can be used to firecall both the Headmaster's Office and Grimmauld Place." She tossed him a small purple bag of floo powder and stood up. "Now I've got to go run a few errands. I'll be back a little after four as I doubt you can maintain being in the company of our dear Minister for over an hour, and just because we can't take you away from here yet, does that mean you should have to spend your birthday alone."

Harry nodded with a smile, and at that Tonks hardened her nipples even more and hugged Harry again, being extra careful to poke him with her extraordinarily large, hard nipples as much as she could. She kissed him on the cheek and laughed at his rapidly paling face and "deer-in-headlights" expression, before apparating away. Harry noticed something funny in the air as she disappeared and thought he saw her magic in the air as it too seemed to swirl together and pop as she vacated the premises.

Dispelling the confusing thought from his mind, Harry decided to read up on some Defense books while he waited for the Minister to arrive. He went downstairs a little after lunchtime to make a sandwich and saw Vernon lying in the broken glass of the living room coffee table, as well as Petunia lying on her back on the kitchen floor with a fair amount of eggs, bacon, and grape jelly all over her face and upper body. Harry was beginning to think Fate and Destiny might be trying to make up a few things to him.

While putting away the lunchmeat and bread, Harry heard his obscenely obese cousin rumbling down the stairs. When Dudley came down to the living room he looked at the state his dad was in, the state his mom was in, and the fact that his cousin was merrily putting away the sliced turkey. Dudley's eyes went from Vernon to Petunia to Harry to Petunia to Vernon. Dudley smirked at his cousin and gladly reached into his unconscious father's pants and took out his wallet, emptying it of all the cash it contained, before turning and walking out the front door. Harry did not feel this was worth much thought grabbed his sandwich and went back upstairs.

Harry read up on defense until he heard the doorbell right at 3:00 on the dot. He walked downstairs and welcomed the Minister to his humble summertime abode. The Minister cast a fearful eye towards Harry as he spotted the large muggle he knew to be Vernon Dursley unconscious on the floor. He got even more worried when he saw Petunia Dursley lying on the kitchen floor with some purple goop smeared across her face and a fair amount on her freakishly long neck. The two aurors with the Minister followed him in and followed the two wizards up to the littlest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive.

Harry asked to speak to the Minister privately, and the two aurors agreed to wait outside the room. The Minister closed the bedroom door, and then cast some privacy charms with an oddly familiar looking wand. Harry felt like he should recognize the wand but he could not remember from where or why he would recognize the Minister's wand.

Harry made himself comfortable on his bed, while the Minister settled himself in his only chair. "So... ah ...Mr. Potter, what can I do to...I mean for you?"

Harry seemed to settle into the role of the one leading their conversation and asked "Well Mr. Fudge I was wondering what your plans are to combat Voldemort now that you've openly admitted his return?" Harry noted with no outward emotion the Minister did not flinch in the slightest at the name Voldemort.

The Minister seemed to be sweating, and adjusted his collar. "Hmm, well I'm not really sure what we can do. I mean he is the most powerful wizard in the world and he's immortal. In a lot of ways we're lucky to even be contemporaries of such greatness, don't you think?"

Harry narrowed his eyes and repeated Fudge's last statement over again in his head. Now Harry has never been accused of being too observant but even he smelled something fishy going on here. Harry looked deep into Fudge's red eyes, "Is that really how you feel Minister?"

The Minister seemed to squirm a bit under the young man's gaze and stuttered out "Well I mean naturally as a firm supporter of the cough light side, I am unable to feel anything but complete fear and panic at the almighty power of the Dark Lord."

"Wait just a minute!" Harry exclaimed. Fudge seemed to pale a bit and meekly kept eye contact with Harry. "How can we be proud to be contemporaries with an Immortal? Won't everyone from now until the end of time be contemporaries with him?"

Fudge's eyes showed relief and he let out the breath he did not realize he was holding. "Oh. Good point I suppose. I merely said that because my good friend Lucius said something similar. In truth I have no idea what the word contemporaries means."

Harry stared down the Minister thinking to himself 'Hmm...it does have a lot more syllables than the man is probably used to.'

"Anyways," Fudge continued, "I wanted to let you know I've already had the Office for the Improper Use of Magic exempt you from the underage magic laws. Wouldn't want any unnecessary alarms to go off you know."

Harry seemed a bit stunned at that. This was not going at all like he'd hoped or expected but it seemed he'd already achieved one of his goals. "I also wanted to discuss what it will take to get my godfather's name cleared."

Fudge appeared to be lost reminiscing about the past. "Ah yes. Sirius Black was powerful and from such a good Dark family. Such wasted potential. But until you can get Wormtail into court and confessing under a truth serum I'm afraid there is little I can do to help you."

Harry narrowed his eyes even more. "How did you know his nickname was Wormtail?"

Fudge looked panicked and seemed to be grasping at straws at that comment. "Lucky guess?"

Harry stood up off the bed and seemed to back away from the Minister. "What's wrong with you Mr. Fudge?"

At this Fudge seemed to shift from worried to resigned and stood up sighing. "Ah crap," he drew his strangely familiar wand and quickly yelled "Imperio!"

Harry was unprepared and the spell hit him right in the gulliver. It seemed that Fudge was even stupider and weaker than he thought, and Harry had thrown off the unforgivable before he even realized what had happened. He whipped out his own wand and cast a bright and fast stunner that caused the Minister to crumple to the floor in a particularly unflattering spread eagle pose. The two aurors burst into the room and looked shocked at the sight of their Minister laid out on the floor. The one on the left cast some dark purple hex Harry did not recognize while the one on the right cast a cheering charm at Harry. Dodging the first one, and just gaping a bit stupidly as the second one crashed into him, Harry felt a mild sense of satisfaction wash over him. He then quickly cast stunners at both of the aurors. The first man put a quick and sharp shield that the stunner just slammed straight through with a flash of light before knocking the auror back into the hallway unconscious. The second auror was in the midst of casting another cheering charm it seemed, as he tripped forward and caught the stunner coming his way right on the top of his head. He seemed to just belly flop straight on to the floor.

Harry's mind was just beginning to process that the Minister had cast an unforgivable on him, and he'd proceeded to attack him as well as two aurors. After ten minutes of indecision and no apparent comments from any Order guards or anyone else, not to mention he was alone in the house with 5 unconscious people who all seemed to hold him in contempt, Harry decided that this just might in fact constitute an emergency, he grabbed the purple bag of floo powder and was about to go downstairs to firecall the Headmaster. Taking a closer look at the two aurors Harry cast a Finite Incantatem on them and saw glamour spells fade to reveal that the first auror was none other than Severus Snape. Doing the same to the second shocked Harry greatly as the glamour revealed the second auror to be the Minister Cornelius Fudge. "Well then who the hell is that!" Harry thought looking at the man he had thought to be the Minister. Just for good measure, especially since it seemed he had in fact been made exempt from the Underage Magic laws if the lack of owls or notices was any indication, Harry went ahead and stunned the man who had acted like Minister Fudge five more times. As he passed the real Fudge and the greasy git known as his Potions Professor, he decided to stun them both a couple more times each too.

"Hogwarts, Headmaster's Office" Harry yelled into the fireplace when it turned green. He stuck his head in and saw his headmaster walking around his office in the nude.

"Oh hello, Mr. Potter. I was not expecting any visitors today, so I apologize if my attire unsettles you." Harry felt a little ill when he realized the headmaster was not completely nude. He had on a pair of woolly socks that looked suspiciously like the old ones from Uncle Vernon Harry had given Dobby for Christmas.

"Sorry to interrupt you sir, but I've kinda gotten myself into a bit of a pickle over here. I could use your help if you could please come over here A.S.A.P. And please respect my aunt and uncle's wishes that this is not a clothing optional home. They certainly did not appreciate last time you came over."

Albus looked at Harry seemingly trying to judge just how urgent this emergency was. "Alright. I will get dressed and be there as quick as I can."

Harry looked immensely relieved and nodded a thank you to his headmaster and pulled his head out of the fireplace. He turned around and yelped again when he saw his headmaster had already arrived and was standing behind him.

Albus Dumbledore looked around the living room and saw Vernon Dursley had crashed through the coffee table and Petunia seemed equally indisposed in the kitchen. "I can see you've had an interesting afternoon here, Harry. Would you mind telling me how this happened?"

Harry seemed unconcerned about this and quickly stated "Oh no, the Dursley's I could care less about. Not sure what happened to them, but I think Tonks might have an idea. No, sir, my problems are upstairs."

Albus raised an eyebrow at this and seemed to recall how uneventful life was before he got to know Harry Potter. He seemed to have far too many days like this one was beginning to appear to be like. It felt like every time Harry managed to get himself in a pickle, Albus got another year older. In the past 5 plus years Albus suspected he'd aged about seven decades.

"Well you know how the Minister was coming over to talk today?" Albus nodded indicating he wanted Harry to go on. "We were just talking civilly and carrying on when he kinda sorta snapped and maybe slightly cast imperio on me."

At this statement Albus took in Harry's physical appearance and realized he was a good 4 inches taller and looked much healthier than when he saw him yesterday. "You didn't kill him, did you?"

"No! Nooooo!" Harry looked aghast. "I only hit them with stunners."

Albus eyebrow twitched as it was still already raised. "Them?"

"Well he's the Minister. Or rather I thought he was so I never questioned the two aurors who came with him. I was about to firecall you when I got even more confused because I discovered the two aurors with him were another Cornelius Fudge and Snivellus"

Albus frowned. "Professor Snivellus, Harry."

Harry's lips quirked at that and didn't feel like correcting the Headmaster on that one. "Why don't you just come take a look please?"

Albus walked up the stairs and immediately noticed the Snape shaped dent in the wall opposite Harry's bedroom door. He saw Snape obviously still stunned laying on the ground, not far from a belly flopped Cornelius Fudge who appeared to be napping if the goofy look on his face was any indication. Further into the tiny bedroom Albus saw another Fudge, though this one somehow seemed even more lifeless. Albus took a look at the wand next to 'auror' Fudge, and the wand next to 'Minister' Fudge and gasped in shock.

"Harry I recognize both of these wands, and I'm nearly sure this 'auror' is the real Minister Cornelius Fudge. I'm a bit surprised you do not recognize the other Fudge's wand."

Harry approached the 'Minister' Fudge and looked at the wand. It appeared to be approximately 13 inches…..perhaps made of Yew. "Holy Canoli! Is that Voldemort?"

Albus looked on a bit confused and nodded. Harry responded by stunning Voldemort a couple more times.

"What do we do with him? And how the heck did my stunner knock him out so quickly?"

Albus turned to Harry. "I've got a theory. I'm going to put up a shield and I want you to try and stun me. If you do stun me, please Ennervate me immediately," hr explained with a smile.

Harry obliged by saying "Stupefy" with a normal voice, and watched as his stunner slammed into a bright white shield that shattered with little hesitation and slammed into the Headmaster's gut. Harry grabbed a camera and took a quick picture. Quite frankly, Harry's resume was really beginning to look impressive. His marauder genes were kicking into overdrive with the advent of puberty and he was quite proud to be the only student in school, and perhaps history to thoroughly trash the Headmaster's office. And to manage to pull it off without any disciplinary action against him. Now on top of that he can add "Knocked him out with one spell" to the list with the pictures to prove it.

After an Ennervate seemed to re-energize the old man, he jumped up and seemed a little too happy. "Oh Harry do you realize what this means!"

"No sir, I haven't the first clue, but apparently my magic has gotten a lot stronger?" Harry ended with an obvious questioning manner.

"Exactly my dear boy. Today is your 16th Birthday. There have been many wizards who receive a sort of magical growth spurt on that day. Tom Riddle I believe grew an inch overnight and I myself noticed a difference in the power of my spells too. You just seem to have taken a significantly larger jump than anyone could have expected. Or perhaps has taken ever."

Harry looked at him with a blank expression.

"Harry this is great news! For me! You are certainly not as skilled or intelligent as many wizards-" Here Harry was tempted to sputter indignantly but decided to hear out the crazy old coot. "-but I have no doubt you are definitely the most powerful and perhaps still growing in power too."

Harry look a bit frightened and appalled at that thought.

Dumbledore continued "And that means they will stop calling me that! And you can properly take your place as the leader of the light, and you can start up your own Order of the Phoenix if its needed again and people will look to you to solve their problems….Oh my dear you've made me so happy."

Harry's face continued to scrunch up in pain as he groaned with each statement the Headmaster made.

"I can see I'm not exactly bringing you joy with these latest revelations, so I will desist for now and leave you to enjoy the rest of your birthday. I will take Tom with me, and I suspect the Wizengamot will want him put to death, although as many stunners as you have hit him with, he may not wake up ever. I will also treat both Professor Snape and Minister Fudge as criminals until they can be properly questioned."

Harry's eyes were a bit glazed over now and he was just nodding dumbly to whatever Dumbledore was saying.

"This is a glorious turn of events Harry, and as a birthday present I will put off any questions or responsibilities from you until at least tomorrow. I will not restrict your movements and you may go and spend the day as you wish. Tomorrow we will have a proper birthday party for you and we can deal with everything we will need to then."

Harry continued nodding his head up and down even though there were not things for him to be agreeing with at the moment. "Happy Birthday Harry" and with that Albus grabbed a hold of Professor Snape, Cornelius Fudge, and Voldemort and portkeyed away to a secure portion of the ministry. His last thought before he left was "I hope Harry didn't pull a muscle in his brain."

Harry then proceeded to try and process all the information in his head. He went to sit by his window and watch the outside world again. He once again was completely oblivious and as such never heard the doorbell ring. Considering the Dursley's were still unconscious, no one answered the door, so Tonks let herself in. She made her way up to Harry's room only to find him lost in thought staring out the window again. She walked up next to him and pinched a healthy chunk of sweet Harry flesh again. Harry didn't yelp or jump or show any sign of surprise. He just slowly turned his head towards the young woman in his room and smiled.

"You have moved from this windowsill haven't ya Harry? How'd it go with the Minister?"

Harry's smile faltered a little and said "It went better than I expected actually. Want to go for a walk?"

Tonks gave him a bright smile that eased a bit of Harry's confusion by pulling away some of that extra blood pumping through his brain. "Dumbledore say you can go out for a bit?"

Harry smiled a genuine smile and said "Yup. He said I can do anything I want for the rest of the day."

Tonks seemed to get a bit excited at that prospect, "That's brilliant Harry. Let's go for that walk."

"So it went better than expected? Does that mean Sirius got his posthumous pardon then?"

Harry frowned a bit in thought and said "No, unfortunately. But I can do magic without worrying about being underage now. That's really good. And I caught Voldemort."

Tonks smiled up at him "Congrats Harry. No more warnings from Hopkirk's office for you. That's gotta be a load off. And you caught –"

Here Harry once again heard the sound of a twang like a rubber band and luckily he caught the fainting Nymphadora Tonks.

Harry cast an Ennervate on her and she looked at Harry like he was absolutely insane. Harry thought 'Crikey! Already they're treating me like Dumbledore!'

"Harry…did you say you caught-"

"Yes I did. But I don't want to talk about him. And it's my Birthday so we won't."

Tonks continued to look at him like he a few fries short of a happy meal before she shook herself, smiled and said "Okay, Birthday Boy, you're the boss. Hows aboot that walk now?"

Harry nodded and the two headed down the stairs. On the way down they heard Vernon and Petunia beginning to stir. Tonks quickly shifted back into Prince William and the two of them walked down the stairs holding hands. They turned and smiled back at dear old Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon before turning to walk out the front door. Harry had his arm across Williams back, and William had his arm reaching behind squeezing one of Harry's juicy asscheeks. The sound of a pair of matching 'fwump's' as the two Dursley's passed out again brought smiles to both Harry and William's face.

Shifting back into her more familiar pink hair, green eyes, tight tank top look, Nymphadora Tonks had a feeling of contentment to be in Harry's arms and to have a handful of Harry's bum.

They walked a little ways in silence before it was broken by Harry looking over at Tonks and saying "Nymphie, I won't pretend to even have a clue what love is or what it feels like, but I want you to know when I look at you, I think an awful lot of naughty things."

Tonks seemed to like the sound of the nickname this time if her response of blushing and smiling rather than anger and hexing is any sort of a proper indication.

"That's good Harry, because I think a lot of naughty things about you too."

They both had self-satisfied smiles and smirks now. Harry looked briefly up at the sky wondering if Fate and Destiny had answered his call last night and realized he didn't really care.


Author's Note: This story was a one-shot that at first ended here, but since it was my first attempt I couldn't help writing more chapters despite not having a plot. This is now an abandoned first attempt at fanfiction. Nevertheless, reviews are still much appreciated.