Disclaimer: I'm a poor 18 year old girl that mooches off her parents for a living. Do you honestly think I would own something as popular as Yu-Gi-Oh? No? Good that's what I thought.

Title: Love
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Seto/Joey
Spoilers: Uhhh...no?
Warnings: Cursing and boy/boy relationships.

Haha, my first post as an 18 year old... wow, it feels weird. Anyway, this is sort of a thank you fic for my big sis Meghan and her boyfriend Anthony for the adorable birthday card they gave me. Thankies!


Love. Its a funny word really. I've rarely felt love in my life. I've been forced to fend for myself because of my dead beat father. My mother left when I was young and took my sister with her leaving me. Forgetting me as if I never existed.

I can't remember a time in my whole life where my dad wasn't drunk off his ass. Stumbling in the door, coming from the bar late at night reeking of alcohol. He tried to control me, he'd slap me around. But of course I fought back, I wasn't going to sit back and let him do that to me. I'd always end up with a bruise or two and some scratches. Once or twice when things got really bad I got a broken bone. He'd never get away without a scratch and I always would make sure of that.

The next day he would always say he's sorry and promise me that it would never happen again. I never believed him nor forgave him but I told him it was okay to get him to leave me alone. Like clock work he'd come home again and the previous night would reenact itself.

You know I heard somewhere that often people who were abused or witnessed abuse in their house hold often seek out an abusive or controlling lover. Or they would end up being the abuser. I always thought that was a bunch of crock but it turns out its not. Who am I with you ask? Well the "almighty" Seto Kaiba himself. Yep the cold hearted CEO of Kaiba Corp., that Seto Kaiba. I always thought that he would understand what I went through because him and Mokuba came from an abusive family but I guessed wrong.

No he's never laid a hand on me. He knows if he does no one would ever find his body. He just uses stupid little mind games. One minute he'll tell me he loves me, hold me like I'm the only thing in the world. Then the next he'll try to kick me out of the house, saying that he hates me. Calling me a stupid worthless mutt. If I say I'm going to do something he doesn't like, Seto will tell me he will leave me. His harsh words cut deeper and hurt worse then what any punches, slaps or kicks could do to me. A little piece of my heart dies each time he calls me worthless or tells me he hates me. That stupid bastard. I hate him. Yet at the same time he's my weakness and I love him. The worst part is that he knows it and uses it to his advantage. Loves not what its all cracked up to be. For some reason when I'm with Seto I could care less even though half the time I want to rip his head off. Call me insane if you want like everyone else does but its true.


This was longer then I expected. Yes I know its short but I thought it was going to be shorter -shrugs- I know its kinda confusing heck if even confused me and I'm the one who wrote it XD
-Yami Sango