TITLE: I told you so

AUTHOR: Mara Jade

EMAIL: marajade764



SUMMARY: Daniel indulges in a moment of Jack-esque retribution.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Random idea that hit me this morning…who knows why.

Unbeta'ed; all mistakes are mine, and mine alone.

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"…Ladies and Gentleman…Dr Daniel Jackson!"

The crowd's cheer was a tumultuous wave of sound that hit him like thirty tonnes of brick as he stepped up to the podium the president had just vacated.

Looking out across the throng of flashing camera's, waving arms and awe-filled faces he paused for a moment and smiled; he'd spent too much time with Jack.

"I'm not the one you should all be cheering for, but I won't give up the opportunity to say something that I've wanted to for 11 years now. To those who laughed me out of academia…I told you so."

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