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Chapter 1: Run and Hide

Jinto ran along the streets, faster and faster, gaining more speed with every step.

"You there! Boy, stop!" shouted the man running after him.

"Oh shoot," Jinto thought as he tripped on his shoelace and fell to the ground. "Always knew that I should've listened to mom better when she told me to always check to see if my shoe laces were tied and if not to tie them..."

"I've got you now boy!" shrieked the man while jumping forwards to tackle Jinto.

"Darn it! Darn it, darn it, darn it!" Jinto mentally panicked. "Ahh... ah ha!" He then quickly rolled out of the way of the man's lunge and jumped up to his feet and began to run again. The man however, well he was on the ground, in pain, trying to get back up.

"Darned you boy!" cursed the man while rising to his feet and rubbing his back quickly before he started to chase Jinto again. "Stop that boy! Stop him!" he yelled out for everyone to hear.

"Oh great," Jinto sarcastically thought. "Now I've got a whole mob of people after me!" While running he quickly turned his head to look back. "Ahh!" he shrieked. The mob of people was almost caught up to him and there were people in front of him that were looking at him as if they were ready to catch him too. "Okay think Jinto, think," he mentally repeated to himself. "There has to be some way out of this, there just has to be. All you have to do is just look for it and find it... This is hard!" Jinto frantically looked at his surroundings. "There's gotta be something here to help me!" He then noticed that there was a small back alleyway just a bit up and to the right of where he currently was. "Great!" He ran towards it and then made a sharp right.

The man and his mob of followers were frantically running after Jinto. "That way!" one of the men shouted as the boy ran to the right and into a dark, shadowed alley.

We'll find him yet!" shouted another one of the men in the mob.

"Where the heck did he disappear to?" asked the first man while frantically looking around for the brown-haired boy. "I'm sure that I saw him run in here."

Jinto quietly sighed, "Alright, I'm safe now." Upon entering the alley he had jumped up onto a low rooftop and then onto a higher one from it. He was now lying a few feet from the edge of the higher roof and out of the eyesight of the maniac man and his mob of people. "That sure was close," he thought. "I thought that I was done for sure."

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