A sasuhina fic. One who acts tomboyish, the other who doesn't like girls…will this two click!

This is my new fic. It just popped out in my head and decided to write it down. I don't care if this fic already have a similar one. Don't like it? Then don't read it.

The say you love me will be on hiatus for the moment because of some writers block but don't worry, I have every intention of finishing whatever fics I'm writing.

I'm a standard Naruto disclaimer. Okay on to the story…..

Chapter 1

Naruto and Hinata are best buddies. They knew each other since short pants. Hinata's mother died after giving birth to her younger sister Hanabi when she was five so their father is the one who raised them. Naruto on the other hand was raised by his grandparents and an uncle for his parent's both died in a car crash after his birth. They were neighbors and since both their

Guardians are busy with family businesses, they were always left alone. Since nursery up to grade school they were always together that they were dubbed as the "twins". What the one do, the other does.

These two compliments each other very well – a loud boy and a silent girl. And as children's, they can't help but be involved in different scrapes – one after another – which makes their guardians heads aches…

"Oohh…look whose here, if it isn't the rich twins" a boy with brown hair said – his name is Yuichiro Sato

"He's here again"

"Naruto, don't mind him. Remember we mustn't give in to his jibes. Let's go and finish our lessons someplace else."

"Yeah. And can we eat ramen too? I'm hungry"

She smiled "sure. My treat"

The two stood up and was leaving the place when "hey Hinata! I want you to do my lessons now!" but they just ignored him. He wouldn't be deterred though and he ran up ahead of them and placed himself in their front. They stopped.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I want you to do my lessons" and thrust the book in her face but she just remained silent.

Naruto on the other hand spoke for her "why would she do your lessons? It's your own, do it yourself. And if you didn't know the answer, the library is just ahead of you. You can go there and don't bother us again" and he grabbed Hinata's hand.

"Speak for yourself. What would an idiot like you know about our lessons? If I know, you aren't the one who's making your lessons but her"

Hinata then spoke "Don't call him an idiot you dumb ass"

Yuichiro was surprised "really, such words mustn't be said by a cute girl like you" she glared at him, he smiled back.

"Why are you wasting your time being his twin, be with me and I'll make you my Queen" and he made a face like he wants to be kissed.

Naruto and Hinata look at each other and nodded. Before the boy knew what was happening, the two both drew back their fists and punch him in the face.

He fainted dead away and the two chorused "kiss the dirt you dumb ass" and they both ran for their lives.

They ate two bowls of ramen each and like what she had said earlier, it's her treat. They went back on their classes and it goes smooth but they kept thinking why they aren't called at the principal's office like before. Then they just disregard it and enjoy themselves. They walk all the way home with Hinata always laughing at Naruto's jokes.

Both fell asleep immediately on their own respective houses and nobody expects what the next morning will bring.