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Chapter 13 – accidents and doubts

Naruto ran after her and helped her up as they heard the loud cheering and clapping from the crowd. Haku made his way to her and said "congratulations"


"You've shown me great skills and I've decided that you'll be my vice captain"

Hinata looked at them and received their encouraging nods and she smiled "Hai. I will accept the position"

They shook hands "is your left ok?" Haku asked

"Hai. I'll recover, this is nothing. By the way, this match made me happy"

He smiled "You're style seemed familiar"

"Tennis was never my sport, until that is, I went to London. That is where I met my sensei who's a former champion"

"Now I know why. To tell you frankly, tennis seemed to agree with you really well"

"Uh, thanks"

Haku smiled gladly "I cannot let that talent to go to waste. I'll hand you the schedules myself once the training starts"

She nodded and Haku left them with Sasuke and the girls waiting for him. She turned her gaze to her friends and Ten Ten is beaming at her while Neji has that proud look in his face. She grinned. As Naruto took her racket and they started to leave the court, they gaped as girls suddenly swarmed in their direction, blocking their path. Ten Ten rolled her eyes and kissed Neji on the cheek (twins smirking at his blush) before saying goodbye to them.

Neji gave them a look "don't mind me, in your front bakas" they pouted and turned to look at the girls in front, namely the girls attention is focused on Hinata. Some of them have hearts in their eyes that the three males sweat dropped.

"Oh Haru, you're so cute!" a girl with pigtails said

"You play really well" praised by a blond haired girl (dreamy look in her face)

"What are you're favorites?" another blond girls

And lastly, with all the girls in unison "Do you have a girlfriend? Can we see you again?!"

Hinata was taken aback with the barrage of questions that she's momentarily stunned. Then something clicked on her mind, a memory in the past like what's happening now.

"Ok here goes…" she raked her hair sexily and flashed them a dashing smile "Not now girls, maybe some other time" and winked at them. It resulted in screams that nearly bled their ears. Some girls even fainted in happiness "Yes Haru-kun! Until next time!" and they went away with some of them carrying their unconscious friends.

Hinata sighed and turned to look at the three and stopped. Naruto, Neji and Kakashi were wearing identical expressions of incredulity. She sweat dropped "what?"

"h-how..where…when did you learn to do that?" Naruto sputtered

"It's a Hyuuga thing my friend" she said cockily

"Eh?! Neji doesn't do that!"

"It's because he doesn't need to. His coolness is enough for them ne, nii-chan?"

All Neji could do was nod. Naruto shivered

"What's wrong with you?"

"Oi Hina, don't do that again, you're giving me the creeps"

Hinata rolled her eyes "I only did that to make them go away"

Kakashi laughed "smart move. You should try to take some lesson from her idiot"

Hinata took a bath at Kakashi's. After dressing up, she went to Naruto's room and found him still rubbing water off of his hair.

Sitting on Neji's bed whose out of the moment, "so who is she?" she asked gently

He sighs "actually I don't know who she is except that her name is Sakura. They're studying at the school next to ours and a friend of Neji's girlfriend"

"You like her don't you?" a smile quirking at her lips. He nodded and stood up opening the windows wider, letting the air come in. she watches as he sat on the window sill looking ahead. She went to him and leaned on the wall, and then she felt a tug and her hair became unbound.

"Let your hair dry after all there's just the two of us here"

She smiled "so what's the problem?"

"She likes Sasuke temeh"

"Is that all?"


"Naru, feelings do change. I think she only likes him because of his looks and cold attitude. Look at nii-chan, his coldness is 100% girl magnet"

He pouted "you think so?"

She nodded "women's intuition"

"Hina…anou…would you?" she giggled "yes of course"

He gave a huge smile "Thanks a lot. I'm glad you're here with me"

"You're my best friend Naru, but she had to pass my standards"

"You too Hina; I'll make sure that if ever you'll have a boyfriend, he had to pass my standards believe it" their gazes locked and started laughing.

Days go by in the same routine: classes, practices and the girls. She gathers information about Sakura through Ten Ten and the girls that has been plaguing her like hell. She keeps on being impressed by her academic performance and her good standing in the school. All these information, she passes to Naruto who seemed to be getting more and more attracted to the pink haired girl.

It was the last week of the month when she received a package from her sister. Inside it is a binocular with a note "to make sure you see Haku anywhere" she muttered "damned brat". She took out her cellphone and dialed their residence number.

"I hope it's Hanabi or Rika-chan who'll answer the phone"

After a few rings "Hyuuga residence"

"Hey Rika it's me"


"Lower your voice. Somebody might hear you"

"Oh yes. Sorry"

"Hey Rika, I need your help"

"Anything Hinata-sama"

"Go to the Uzumaki house and ask Jiraiya jii-san where is that place that I had asked of him; He knows what I'm talking about, then gather some of my personal stuff and buy me some toiletries and bring them there. I'll pick it up some time"

"No problem"

"Arigatou. Umm… has papa called there?"

"Yes. Hanabi-sama is the one who talked to him"

"Oh. Is the security still there?"


"Where is the she?"

"Taking a bath as usual"

"Tell her to call me ne?"



And the conversation ends. Then she saw something slipped from the bottom of the door. She got out of her bed and bent down to pick it up when the door suddenly bursts open. It slammed on her head that she fell back and cried out in pain "ittai!!!" An angry Sasuke was the one who opened the door and looked down in surprise when he heard a cry. He saw Hinata clutching her head in pain

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked as he closes the door

"You hit me" she snapped

"It's your fault you're in the way baka!" he said coldly but he stopped when he saw tears shimmering in the corners of her eyes "bastard!" she stood up and walked to the door to go out when he grabbed her arm and pulled her to his bed.

"sit" and he walked to his drawer and took out his first aid kit and sat beside her "let me see" pulling her hand from the forming lump on her head "it feels like I'm holding a girls hand"

Hinata pulled her hand from his and put it on his lap "his hand is so warm"

"What were you doing down there anyway?"

"I saw a note. Somebody must have slipped it there and I was about to pick it up when you hit me"

"You should have left it alone"

"It maybe important"

"It's not because it came from the girls" he said clearly annoyed

"Careful!" she said as he dabbed some ointment and it stung. Then he put up the dressing to finish it up.

She looked at him and said "thanks"

Sasuke noticed the tears and unconsciously wiped it away with his finger. Hinata was stunned by his gentle act.

"What am I doing?" he asked himself and immediately stood up putting a distance between them. Hinata dashed out of the room in a thrice. She ran until she notices that she's at the school church already. She sat down and touched the corner of her eye he had touched with the hand he had held a while ago and smiled. She looked at the glass paned window and it reflected her blushing cheeks.

When Naruto saw the lump and asked about it, she said she had hit her head on the door and asked her to be careful next time. Hinata couldn't seem to forget that incident but little does she know, the next will be the more memorable one.

Hinata was running away - form her fan girls that had become annoying – looking for a place to hide. She saw a bush on the corner of the church and made a run for it when Sasuke came running from the other end. They nearly bumped on each other

"Go away! I saw it first" he hissed

"I saw it first Uchiha. Now move" she snapped

They both froze when "Sasssukeee-kuuunnnnn!!!!!!" "Haaaaruuuuuu-kuuuunnnn!"

The two grabbed each other and hide in the bushes. They held their breaths when footsteps were nearing them when…

"Hey guys let's go! I've received a text that the head mistress is coming back to the school in 15 minutes!"

"Oh no!!!"

"We have to move fast!"

"We'll catch Sasuke-kun and Haru-kun next time" the two hidden figures both grimaced.

They gave a sigh of relief when the girls seemed to disappear. They both looked at each other and stopped. Their faces were awfully close and both turned away to stand up dusting themselves.

As Sasuke tried to move past her, he slipped "?!" and fell on top of Hinata who groaned when her body hit the ground "damn!" their eyes' met and they froze, for the second time, their faces were really, really close.

Sasuke was about to say something when something heavy fell on top of his head and his lips crashes into hers. Their eyes' widened in shock that they were practically kissing and they haven't moved at all. Hinata pushed Sasuke off of her and stood up blushing madly. Sasuke on the other hand came out of his shock when a sound was heard.

The two turned to see a cat mewling at them, and…is the cat staring at them smugly?! They both looked at each other and Hinata, who felt like suffocating, runs away.

Sasuke – in a dazed state – walked away from that place still unbelieving at what had transpired. He never noticed that he's at the soccer field already; he wants to shake off the feeling that the kiss had felt good. In anger, he kicked the solitary ball he saw, in the wrong direction and it bounces back slamming onto his face. He got a nosebleed in return.

"Am I gay?" he asked himself, horrified at the mere thought of the possibility "no way!!!"

Then he heard it again, the mewling of a cat. He glared at it as it stares back at him, smirking. Is that right? He closes his eyes for a moment and opened them again and sees the same "What the hell…?" and stared at the cat stupidly as it stood up, walked gracefully before glancing at him again, smirking, as it ran away from him.

"It's those fan girls fault!!!!"

Hinata couldn't face Sasuke that night so she asked Naruto if she could sleep with him. Sasuke on the other hand is grateful that Haru left the room, ythat way his disturbing thoughts will disappear.

But try as they might, they cannot forget that kiss.

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