Chapter 26 Do You Have Any Idea How Many Pages of Utter Nonsense You Just Completed?

Kiaba released a large flare of light on the other side of the dragon's head, not even realizing the poets were helping cause havoc in the other eye of the beast.

Roaring and flapping enormous wings, the dragon took to the air in a great burst of speed to escape the terror before it. Terror and yet…something familiar. But the presence of the poets were not what it felt a connection to at all, and so the Old-Eyes Off-White Dragon flapped away in confusion, one eye blinded by light and maybe…fondness. But the other eye had reality, enabling its escape.

Smirking, Kiaba turned toward Princess Tranquility where she was raging behind him, staring at the dragon vanishing in the sky.

"Now you won't tame the dragon. It's a wild creature, deserving to be free."

Not tame the dragon?

Let it be free!

Tranquility was infuriated.

"You're telling me that you agreed to come on this quest long ago, knowing how you were going to act the entire time? You were always planning on making the dragon fly away somewhere I'd never find it?"

Kiaba smirked.


From where the rest of the group had raced towards them, Muggy whipped his head around, black tendrils flying. "What? My brother Kiaba never has any spare time. He's always busy doing something for an experiment or something! That's why my lessons are so hard to fit it."

The princess groaned loudly and marched off into the nearest woods that looked haunted. She needed an adventure to keep her mind off all the memories of what had just transpired. Or rather, what hadn't transpired.

Huffily, Blaydelot marched off into the darkness, hoping that here was a chance for a way to make the fairy tales news. The others merely watched before turning towards de Vlin and Tanner, demanding what happened. Their story of a woman who had been a tree caused quite a few raised eyebrows. But no one bothered protesting.

"Now can we finally get back to showing others how to preserve and conserve the natural ecosystems?" Put'oh asked.

Kiaba was still smirking and didn't respond, but it was obvious that Muggy still desired to seek out adventure.

"Didn't you have just a tiny bit of fun, brother Put'oh?"


"An ounce?"



"NO." Put'oh put a hand on Muggy to make the boy walk, ignoring any other protestations.

Sama-san-dono, Kun, Tanner, de Vlin, and Barleyo exchanged glances.

"Back to the palace?" Kun asked.

"For what reason?" Barleyo, or rather, Egomaniac, said bitterly, "The key to the royal treasure just walked into the Forest of Hungry Souls."

The witch nodded. "I wouldn't go back without proof the princess was never going to return…and I know the monarchs. Axel, hon, won't you go get her so you can drop her off far, far away where she'll never make it back to her parents again?"

"Me?" Axel gaped. "But I'm not a knight, I can't adventure. Send the djinni!"

"I am required to save the world only."

Lemonade was gazing in the forest, wondering if she had the courage to follow her mistress. She didn't. Instead, she whimpered at Sama-san-dono and Kun, begging them to go after the princess and bring her back. Kun might have, but even his courage failed him at the sound of the moaning spirits.

"Are you teleporting us back to your tower?" Put'oh asked his twin.

The sorcerer still did not reply; he was staring at the forest.

But who should come out of the trees immediately after the princess had entered them but Fabecca.

Fabecca laughing and holding up photos of the group carousing in the woods with the stallion and winged horse. Big prints. Posters. Billboard-sized. And, well, things had been added. Oh, yes, this was after cameras and computers able to digitally monitor photos because of something known as magic. And she shouted out to them that she was going to bring these pictures to the next town and show them off before passing them along everywhere, including the monarchs.

"Show…those?" Put'oh's face went white. "But, my good name will be tarnished! People will blame me for animal abuse!"

"My hair is a bit mussed! No one can see those!" The witch stared in shock.

The djinni also gasped. "Saving the world is important, but…those pictures can't be seen by anyone!" He jogged after the little girl, his real self following. Lemonade and the others were soon to follow.

"What if our beloved Calmity is within? Not to go would be a sin!"

The entire group followed the giggling Fabecca, some raging and muttering curses while the others just panted for breath to follow her form under the reaching, clutching trees. Even Put'oh was in pursuit with an excited Muggy next to him. Kiaba…whatever he did is quite debatable. But the rest were still following, even the knight-turned-prince unable to adventure and the witch and her tub in tow.

Into the Forest of Hungry Souls…

And thus they lived, for a little while at least, in search of high excitement and quests.

The End.

Come on, this is a parody. You knew it had to be anticlimactic and end in the middle.

Huh? I forgot something?

Out with it, then!

Oh, yes, I see…hmm, I did.

The clones.

Well, Kiaba was just doing experiments in his laboratory and eventually came up with how to clone others. Now are you finally done asking about that? It's not the least bit intriguing.