Summary: AU Season 7. After suffering a series of attacks, The Charmed Ones and Leo need to know if the future has changed for the best or not. When they summon Adult Wyatt from the future, they discover that something even worse is about to happen, and they have absolute no lead to follow.

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Title: Forgotten

Chapter 1

"Piper, are you sure you want to do this," a nervous Leo asked her, while she moved from one side to the other in the old Halliwell's attic.

"Yes, Leo, I'm sure. You stopped Gideon and all, but see, every week seems to have another treat trying to turn Wyatt. I don't want this to happen, Leo. I can't bear to think that my baby is fated to turn to the dark side after all, and that all his brother did was in vain." She stopped suddenly. She couldn't breath. Everytime she thought about adult Chris she felt the same. An unbearable pain. Looking into her husband's eyes, she could see the same pain there. Sighing, she continued, "it has to be done, Leo. We have to know for sure. We need to know that the future is changed and they are happy, both of them."

"Will you bring both of them?" There was something in Leo's voice, Piper wondered. She knew what it was. He was afraid, he was afraid of seeing adult Chris and finding out that the boy still hated him, that he was not able to change their relationship. The Elder spoke again, his voice barely a whisper. "I'm not sure I can face him now, Piper. Even if this is a different Chris, it is still him. I can't."

Piper had finished drawing a Triquera on the floor, and surrounded it with candles and crystals. Blue candles to bring her two boys. Looking at her husband, she took a decision. "Okay, let's do this way. We bring Wyatt. Then we ask about Chris and after you know that he is okay, we can bring him as well. What do you say?"

Leo smiled grateful at the oldest Charmed One. "Sounds like a plan." At that moment a baby cry reached their ears. "I'll go get him" Leo announced and orbed to Chris's nursery.

At the very same moment, Phoebe and Paige orbed into the attic. The two sisters were in the kitchen preparing some potions – just in case, you know, something goes wrong. Piper looks at the bottles in her sisters' hands and shook her head. She wasn't going to argue. She was tired and worried so she just let them go with their alternate plan.

"Ready?" Paige was on her overcheerful state, which meant she was just as nervous as Piper was. The three sisters nodded and holding hands began to chant their spell.

Bright blue lights filled the room and blinded the Charmed Ones for almost a minute. When the light faded, a blond young man was standing in front of the three witches, looking slightly confused and dazed. His eyes wandered around until they met the familiar faces. Stepping towards his mother, he was surprised by the magical barrier keeping him inside the circle. "What's happening?" were the first words that came from his lips.

Piper was looking at her oldest son in a daze. He looked absolutely like Leo. His blond curls almost meeting his shoulders made her smile. So Chris was not the only one not really fond of cutting his hair, huh? "Sorry, sweetie," the brunette began to explain, "it's just that after all Chris told us, we had to be careful, you know, just in case." Wyatt cocked his head to the side, analyzing the situation. He was obviously not in his time, his mother and aunts were way younger. Remembering how paranoid his mom acts sometimes, he decided to let go.

Since the boy said nothing more, Phoebe, always so anxious, stepped in. "So, are you good?" The twice blessed witch had to laugh at that. What kind of question was that, anyway?

"Of course, I'm good, Aunt Phoebe! What else did you expect from a son of a Charmed One and an Elder?" Piper and Paige stood in silence for a moment, waiting for Phoebe to read him. After concentrating a little, she slowly nodded. "He is telling the truth."

Relief washed all faces and Paige took off one of the crystals, allowing Wyatt to get close to his family. Piper was blushing a little for putting her son in that situation, but he told her gently that she didn't need to apologize. She was always careful, sometimes over careful, to tell the truth.

They were engaged in a small talk, waiting for Leo to return. Piper didn't want to ask about Chris without Leo being present. As soon as the Elder orbed into the attic, with little Wyatt holding his hand and baby Chris in his arms, she was ready to ask the question that was panging in her heart. But she never had the chance. Instead, it was Wyatt who asked, totally confused, staring and pointing at the baby in his father's arms.

"Who is this?"

To be continued