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Chapter 4

Two days had passed and all Halliwell family was on the edge. All of them went to bed that night but knew they couldn't sleep. Next morning would be Wyatt's third birthday, the day that picture adult Wyatt carried with him was taken, and they didn't have a clue of what was going to happen – or when. All they knew was that Wyatt grew up without knowing he had a baby brother, which meant they somehow, managed to lose Chris.

When the adult Wyatt Halliwell finally managed to fall asleep, he was soon haunted by a dream. It was the same dream he had been having since he was brought to the past. In fact, Wyatt was almost sure it was in fact a memory but he couldn't quite figure what memory was or when it took place. When Wyatt woke up the following morning he was sure of one thing though.

"I think I met Chris," were Wyatt's first words as soon as he entered the kitchen in the morning of his birthday. His blue eyes seemed tired but yet holding something new, hope most probably, something that would help him find his of the on to be missing brother.

"What do you mean," his father asked. Leo Wyatt looked like, despite his Whitelighter/Elder status, he had aged ten years in the past few days. The thought of failing Chris again was eating him up inside and he didn't know how to deal with that. The youngest Halliwell child was under care twenty-five hours a day, he was never left alone. Piper was sure that by doing this she would guarantee her son's safety.

Wyatt kissed the top of his mother's head before sitting to explain. "I've been having this dream that I'm sure it is in fact a memory."

"And?" Paige motioned for him to continue, her attention leaving her toast half way to her mouth.

"I don't remember it when I wake up, just this feeling of dejà vu. But today I am sure I heard a name in my dream. Chris," Wyatt explained the best he could. "I think I met him. So, if I remember when it happened – or where – we would have a lead to follow."

"Well, it's a start. And it's the best we have right now." Leo offered, trying his best to be optimistic for the sake of his family.

"I think I can help," Phoebe said. She'd been trying to be useful since the fateful day she pissed her family with her unhappy comment.

"How, Aunt Phoebe?" Wyatt looked at her half curious, half annoyed.

"I think that if we work together, I may be able to reach this dream/memory of yours. If we find out where you met him we may be able to figure out what happened to him and avoid it." Phoebe spent the past few days trying to find a way to be useful and she was sure she finally had found a way.

All set of eyes focused on Piper, who was silently crying. Leo got up from his seat and enveloped his wife in his arms. "I'm a horrible mother," she cried on her husband's shoulder. "No, you're not, Piper. And we'll fix this." Leo placed his hand on his wife's chin and made her look into his eyes. "In the meantime, we should focus on this new information. First, we know that Chris is not dead, right?" The Elder turned to his family that nodded encouraging him. He then continued, now to his oldest son, "I think Phoebe's idea is worth trying. Do you at least remember what kind of situation was when you met Chris?" the implications of Leo's question were clear but no one wanted to think about it. Wyatt, however, was quick in solving at least that mystery.

"I don't think we were fighting so, he is good."

Whispers of "thank God" could be heard from all members of the family present there. The simple possibility of having her two sons fighting – again, or even killing each other was too much for Piper to bear.

The Halliwells were divided in groups for the day's errands. Phoebe and Wyatt were working on a spell to help the empath reach her nephew's memory; Paige was helping Leo and Piper decorate the house for the party and at the same time taking care of the babies.

Around lunchtime, they were all together but Phoebe and Wyatt, still intently focused on their task. Piper prepared some sandwiches and followed by the rest of the family went to the attic to feed her son and her middle sister. The moment they reached the door they were greeted by an over excited Phoebe.

"Hey, guys! I think we got it. We have the perfect spell."

"Will it work?" Leo was not really convinced but he knew that was their best shot to save Chris. And they had to save Chris.

"Of course it will work," Paige rushed in her sister defense trying to hide her own worries, "so let's get this show on the road, shall we?"

The room was quickly prepared; the sisters checked the spell again while Wyatt seemed lost in his own thoughts. In fact, he was trying to focus on the memory they needed.

"So, are you ready?" Paige asked her nephew, smiling lovingly at him. He arched his eyebrows like something had just crossed his mind. "Give me the baby."

Leo, who was holding his youngest son looked doubtful. "Why?"

"Dad, I just, I just think it's worth a try. I won't hurt Chris."

"You think your connection to your brother may help you locate the memory in your mind," Piper stated matter of factly. "It's worth a try."

The Charmed Ones positioned themselves in front of Wyatt Halliwell, who was sitting on the floor with his baby brother in his arms. Around them, a circle of crystals and candles. As soon as the three sisters finished reciting the spell, Piper and Paige stepped out of the circle while Phoebe sat in and took her oldest nephew's hand in hers.

The moment Phoebe Halliwell closed her eyes she was pulled into a psychedelic trip so to speak. The images were passing around her in high speed and she was trying hard not to feel sick. Suddenly, everything stopped and she found herself in a familiar place. As if she was watching a play from the stage she saw Wyatt following two women, two valkeries. She immediately realized they were in Valhalla and Phoebe thought that she was in the wrong memory. Following Wyatt, however, she witnessed when the Twice Blessed witch was introduced to a dark haired young man, his younger brother.