Even Angels Have Scars

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Dramatis Personae

Circus Gehlhaar is very large.

Trapeze (Sweden):

Nils and Sven Olsson: Brothers - Papa's cousins

Papa and Annika Olsson: Husband and Wife (lead coaches)

Lars and Petra Olsson: Children of Papa and Annika. (2nd cousins to Nils and Sven)

Freya: Annika's sister (appears only as a bit character in several early stories)

Tightrope (Romania):

Laurentiu Wolleck (patriarch)

Ivan Wolleck (son of Laurentiu)

There are about a dozen more unnamed Wollecks

Contortionists (Germany):

Gerhard Reichart (coach)

Gretchen Reichart : Contortionist, daughter of Gerhard

Fire Act (Maori New Zealand):

Tepene (Kiwi) Black (Patriarch)

Amiri Black (Tepene's son)

Feuer Langerhan (performer)

Kurt Wagner's relations and friends:

Kurt Wagner (Germany): Nightcrawler

Margali Szardos (German/Hungarian)

Amanda Szardos (German/Irish)

Stephani Szardos (German/Italian)

Hans Dietritch (German): Priest

Azazel (?)

Martruska Szardos (Hungaria): Margali's sister, gypsy sorceress

Additional Performers:

Big Kurt (Germany): Strongman

Lysette (France): equilibration and circus costume design

Wolfgang Wagner (Austrian): Circus Manager, writer, painter, jack of all trades

Maria Castellano (Italian): Wolfgang's girlfriend

James Brown (American): Composer, keyboards, band leader

Brianna Taggert (American): dance choreographer

Christian Alexander (American): Bicycle tricks

Character comes from the Marvel X-Men Universe