Title: Pre-Date Rituals

Author: PassionteDarkness

A/n: Small little thing that just came to me. Enjoy the fluffy friend ness and review.

"Niblet, you know I love you but I can't do this," Spike stated, moving to get up from her bed. She stood in front of him; her lips pursed in a very adorable pout that not once in the five years he had known her had he been able to resist.

"Spike! Please, I need your help…"Her voice was pleading, soft yet determined in a way it always was. She wore a bathrobe the color of her blue bedspread wrapped around her body, her hair tugged up in a towel and her face glistening with the water from her shower.

"Fine. Your little red number, the skirt and the flimsy off the shoulder top." He sighed, leaning back on the mountain of pillows.

"Thank you!" She grabbed the outfit from her closet, running behind the black screen on the opposite side of the room.

"So what's this bloke like?" He asked, watching the small television with little interest.

"Nice, sweet, cute, smart, adorable," Dawn laughed, tugging her skirt with a little bit of difficulty. Spike snorted at the audible sound of her stumbling into the make up table.

"He know how to keep his pants zipped?" His question caused Dawn to grin, loving that he cared enough to be so blunt. She pulled her shirt on, adjusting it to her liking before toweling off her hair.

"He better." She giggled, starting the agonizing process of scrunching it.

"Are you done yet?" Spike groaned, fiddling with the remote.

"Almost," Dawn assured him, smothering her lips with her lip-gloss. "How do I look?"

The skirt was red, reaching about two inches above her knee. She wore strappy girl sandals on her long legs, and a cross about her neck. The hemline of her black off the shoulders shirt just brushed the antique protection. Her hair was a mass of dark curls, surrounding her barely made up face. He smiled, taking her hand in his. He played with the ring on her middle finger.

"Gorgeous as always," He whispered, pulling her down next to him on the bed. She linked her hands around his waist as he gently snuggled her. "I love you, platelet,"

"I love you too, Spike. You now I'm not going away forever right? It's just a date. I'm not getting married,"

"I know…but still. I remember you sneaking into my crypt with your pigtails and pink butterfly backpack. You're growing up to fast,"

"Thank you for staying with me for so long," She breathed, inhaling his scent.

"I'm always here," He said as she carefully got up. She walked to the door, looking back at him over her bare shoulder.

"I know," He allowed himself to grin, pulling himself off the bed to make sure the prat his baby was out with didn't pull anything funny.