The Millennium Armor

By Silvain Star

A/N: ok this is gonna be weird… it's about them finding a suit of armor with the power to change things about its wearer's appearance, gender, etc. and they can only change back if they're wearing the armor. WARNING: THIS MAY TURN SHONEN-AI! Or not, you never know, with me…

Chapter 1

Honda's Discovery

Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu, Seto, Mokuba, and Shizuka were all at Seto's house, in the backyard, digging. They had heard there was an important artifact buried somewhere nearby, so they were digging up the whole backyard.

"I found something!" Honda shouted after a clang sound was heard from his shovel. Everyone rushed over, and helped him dig it up.

"It's a Millennium Item… some sort of armor, I think," Jonouchi said.

"Nice observation, Sherlock. This must be the Millennium Armor we were looking for. So, does anyone know what it does?" Honda said.

"It lets its wearer change anything about themselves that they choose. And any change made is permanent, even once the armor is off them," Seto said, looking at Jonouchi, then Yugi, then Honda, then the armor.

"Can I wear it first? I have an idea," Jonouchi asked. Everyone agreed to let him wear it first. Jonouchi put the armor on.

I want to change… he thought.

A/N: Yay! Cliffy! I'm good at that. Yep, I'm a good writer. R & r, peoples!