The Millennium Armor

By Silvain Star

Last chapter:

"Y-you don't like me?" Jonouchi asked.

"Well… actually…" Seto mumbled.

Chapter 3

Seto's Confession

"I…uh…kinda do…" Seto mumbled.

"Really?" Jonouchi said.

"Well…yeah," Seto mumbled.

Mokuba walked out of the house, Bakura and Marik behind him.

"Seto! More visitors!" Mokuba yelled across the huge yard. He brought them over to his brother, walking around where Seto and the others had been digging.

"Bakura, Marik, what are you doing here?" Yugi said.

"We wanted to see the new Item," Ryu Bakura said.

"Basically, his ring dragged us here," Marik commented.

"Jonouchi, are you done with the Armor?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah, why?" Jonouchi said.

"It's my turn," Yugi said. He put the armor on, which shrank to fit him.

I want to be taller… Yugi thought. And just as he thought that, he grew to Jonouchi's height. He took the armor off, and laid it on the ground.

"OK, my turn," Ryu Bakura said. Just as he started to walk towards the Armor, his ring began to glow.

"Me first," Yami Bakura said. He put the Armor on, quite confident.

I want a separate body from my host, he thought. Instantly, Ryu Bakura was standing beside him.

"Here. It's your turn now," Yami Bakura said. He handed Ryu the armor.