Kristen and Trish were about to go shopping for some more things for the baby that Kristen was going to have when Amy came over crying. "Amy what's wrong?" asked Trish curiously. "Matt and I had a fight." replied Amy as she wiped her eyes with her hands. What were you and Matt fighting about?" asked Kristen as she handed Amy a kleenex so she could wipe her eyes. "We were fighting about having a baby." replied Amy as she cried harder. "What?" asked Kristen and Trish both at the same time.
"Matt doesn't want a baby right now and I do." replied Amy who was wiping her face with the kleenex that Kristen handed her a few minutes ago. "Don't get so upset about it Amy, he'll come around and when it's time then you will have a baby." said Trish as she was comforting Amy by hugging her. "You could be in my sister's situation." said Trish as she looked over towards Kristen. "I guess you're right." said Amy as she wiped her tears from her eyes for the last time.

"Kristen does the father know?" asked Amy curiously. "No, I never told him because it was just a one night thing, he had a huge fight with his girlfriend and one thing lead to other." replied Kristen. "What's the guy's name?" asked Amy. "The baby's father is Adam." replied Kristen. "Adam, Adam Copeland?" asked Amy who was shocked that Adam was the baby's father and he doesn't even know about it yet. "I was going to tell him but I figured that Adam and his girlfriend were going to patch things up between them." said Kristen.

"Adam has a right to know about the baby Kristen." said Amy "I know but I'm just afraid that he will just tell me that it can't be his baby because we did it only once together and that was almost nine months ago, plus I haven't seen him since that night." said Kristen.
"Kristen, he wouldn't say that I know he wouldn't." said Trish "Adam would want to be there for his child because he wouldn't want his child to go through what he did." said Amy. "Adam didn't know his dad at all, do you want your child to grow up not knowing it's father?" asked Amy who was looking at Kristen sympathetically.

"I guess you're right, but I'm scared." replied Kristen as she looked over at Trish who was now sitting on the couch. "I know you're scared but you need to tell him soon." said Amy. "Do you know where he is?" asked Trish curiously looking at Amy. "Yeah, Adam is here in this hotel that we're staying at, he checked in last night." replied Amy as she took Kristen's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze to reasure her that telling Adam now is the best and the right thing to do.