The next morning Trish came over with Jeff to visit Kristen, Adam and Paige.
Kristen let Trish and Jeff in and told them that Adam and herself were going to have some coffee or tea if they want to come into the kitchen and join them for some.

Adam and Jeff were talking together in the kitchen while the two sisters went upstairs to check on Paige. Trish and Kristen talked about the guys downstairs. Trish told Kristen that her and Jeff were going to be getting married in about six months. Kristen looked at Trish with a shocked looked on her face.

Mean while downstairs Jeff and Adam were working on the crib and talking to each other. Adam told Jeff that he was going to marry Kristen really soon because he loved her and plus he had a baby with her too. Jeff told Adam that Trish and him were getting married too in six months.

Adam came up with an idea about having a double wedding. Jeff thought that would be great, it would be easier to plan a wedding together then by yourself.

Trish and Kristen were still talking about things. Kristen told Trish that Adam and her were going to get married too but didn't know when exactly. Trish mentioned about having a double wedding and Kristen was all for it.Kristen and Trish went back downstairs with Paige.

"Adam since we were talking about getting married and all and since Trish and Jeff were getting married soon in six months why don't we have a double wedding?" asked Kristen. Adam looked at Kristen then to Jeff then back to Kristen, Adam laughed.
"What's so funny Adam?" asked Trish. "The double wedding thing." replied Adam.
Trish and Kristen looked at Adam because they were confused now. Jeff had to laugh too because the look on Kristen and Trish's faces.

"Adam and I were talking about our wedding." said Jeff. "I told Jeff that we should have a double wedding." said Adam as he laughed again. Everyone then started to crack up laughing. "Well I guess it's all set were all going to get married at the same time." said Trish as she continued to laugh. "Small problem here." said Kristen as she held up her hand showing to it off to everyone. "What's that?" asked Jeff. "I think us girls are missing something." replied Trish. "Well lets go and get a ring for you two lovely girls." said Adam.

"Can you possibly kiss any more ass today?" asked Trish as she laughed. "Yeah I could want to see?" asked Adam as he also laughed. "No." replied Kristen as she grabbed her coat and Paige's coat and put it on Paige, then her coat. Adam grabbed the car seat and his coat, Trish and Jeff grabbed theirs and they all left.