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Chapter 7- Bend and Break

It was down pouring like no tomorrow, the streets were flooding, It was hailing the size of golfballs, the wind was swaying their car, and Lucas knew that he and Brooke really shouldn't have been driving. But these were extending circumstances like no other. Lucas was gunning the gas pedal as fast as humanly possible, and he was headed toward his Mom's house. They had tried calling Nathan's apartment, but there had been no answer. They had tried calling his Mom's house, but it seemed as if the phone lines were down. Still, last time Lucas saw Haley was at the house, so that had to be their best bet to find at least one of them. Lucas prayed that Haley was still there, and that Nathan was maybe there with her. But he didn't think that was very likely since things weren't very good between them, at least yet. "Just wait till I get to you, then you guys will know who was really responsible for tearing apart your marriage", Lucas played through his head repeatedly. They needed to know everything, and Lucas couldn't even bear to think about what Deb and Dan have done again, and how to even go about breaking the news to them. As much as it would hurt them, and as much as Lucas wanted to shield them from anymore pain, he needed to tell them, and NOW. Lucas wasn't naive enough to think it would magically erase all the damage that was inflicted on Nathan and Haley's marriage, but it would at least open their eyes to the truth, and they can take it from there, on their own terms. The more Lucas thought about what Dan and Deb did to them, the more he wished he never found out. Because the truth of the situation was sad, and disturbing, and it was something that made Lucas's stomach twist into knots. When Deb had told him and Brooke about her involvement in Dan's plan, Lucas had to hold back all of his anger, but he couldn't as much as he forced himself, because when he looked at Deb, it was Brooke who had to hold him back from practically strangling her. "You guys have to be there", Lucas told himself once again. A half a smile appeared on his face, because in light of how truly disturbing the truth was, he knew this much: they would finally be free of Dan and Deb forev-

"She's still not answering", Brooke then said, cutting the silence like knife, a panicked look nestled in her eyes.

Lucas glanced at Brooke, while still trying to pay close attention to the water slicked roads, his hands placed firmly on the steering wheel. Brooke had wanting to check up on Peyton, since she hadn't been doing so well lately since Jake left. She had started doing drugs again, Lucas sadly reminded himself.

"Wait- did you try her cell?"

Brooke nodded. "Yeah, like five times. She's not picking up. This isn't good Lucas. First her phone line is busy, and now she's not picking up her cell?"

Lucas was truly concerned about Peyton, but he really didn't think she was in any trouble. The phone lines were probably down because of the storm, and she was most likely sleeping or listening to music really loud and didn't hear her cell phone.

"She's probably just sleeping Brooke. We'll check up on her later", Lucas told Brooke.

"I guess", Brooke mumbled as she slouched down in her seat. "I just worry about her."

"I know. I do to. It's hard to see her struggling like this----it is", Lucas stated gently. "But--------we have to find Nathan and Haley", Lucas said firmly, staring intently at the road. The rain was pounding down so heavy, he could barely see out the window.

"I know", Brooke shook her head, and then started dialing her cell phone.

"What are you doing?" Lucas asked.

"Trying your Mom's again", Brooke whispered.

Less than a minute, Brooke shook her head out of frustration as she tossed down her cellphone in her lap. "The phone lines are still down", she sighed.

"Figured as much. Doesn't look like this storm isn't going to let up anytime soon", Lucas said as he glanced up at the dark gray sky. "But don't worry, we'll be there soon", he added.

A few minutes of silence passed by them, well that was except for the pounding of the rain and hail on the car, and the sounds of booming lightening and thunder.

"Lucas- how are we going to tell them?"

Lucas gulped, and realized that he had no idea how to answer that. What in the world was he supposed to say Nathan and Haley? How do you tell someone that your own parents are responsible for that level of destruction to their lives?

"I can honestly say, I have no clue. I mean, how do you go about telling someone what we know---Brooke?" Lucas asked, his eyes glazing over.

Brooke frowned. "Sorry guys, but Nathan---your Dad thought up an elaborate scheme, and paid Chris and a tour manager to make Haley an insta mega star, all so you guys can you know----break up. And oh yeah. Deb was involved too!" Brooke said sarcastically.

Lucas let out a small laugh. But none of it was in the least bit funny. It was just the complete ridicioulsness of the situation. He could feel his stomach's rapidly turning to knots again."If only it were that simple".

Brooke nodded, and Lucas noticed tears sliding down her cheek.

"Hey, what is it?" Lucas asked, trying to glance at the flooded road and at Brooke's eyes at the same time.

Brooke took a deep breath. "Everything. I mean- what's happening with Nathan and Haley. And then Peyton. I just don't know how it's all going to turn out. I mean I used to think my life was so bad. I mean compared to what's going on, it seems pretty petty doesn't it? A marriage may be over, and my best friend is falling further and further away from reality. Remember a few months ago, when Nathan and Haley first got married and when you, me and Peyton threw that awesome wedding party for them? Things were so simple and so good back then. How could that feel so far away? What happened?"

Lucas could feel his answer in his very bones. "Dan...and Deb...That's what happened".

Brooke was quiet.

"But that's all going to change, Brooke. Nathan and Haley will finally know the truth---- and Peyton is going to be fine. Everything is going to be-

"LUCAS WATCH OUT!" Brooke cried out.

Lucas eyes widened with shock, as he swerved the steering wheel as hard as he could. There was an oncoming car, in the lane Lucas was turning into, and he missed it by a less than an inch. Lucas breathed a sigh of relief, but then his insides turned into a pile of jelly when he realized that the car was hydroplaning, and he didn't have any control over it. The car kept moving towards the side of the road, and when he realized that were heading headfirst into a ditch, he grabbed onto Brooke, with his arms, and held her tight. Lucas could hear the CRASH and the BANG. But anything after that, it was darkness.

Without knowing how much time passed by, Lucas came to, and he almost forgotten where he was and what had happened. Where was he? Lucas wiped his eyes, and then realized that he had lost control of the car, and crashed into the ditch. Lucas immediately sensed some pain in his right leg, and ribs. It took him a few minutes to see straight. He looked over next to him, and his heart almost dropped when he saw Brooke lying next to him, her eyes closed, and her forehead covered with blood.

"BROOKE!" Lucas screamed.

No response.

Lucas unbuckled himself from his seatbelt, and touched her arm and shook it gently. "BROOKE!"

Lucas could feel tears forming in his eyes, as he called her name once more. "BROOKE!" What if Brooke was—NO...Lucas could not even finish the thought. Then, in an instant, Lucas realized he hadn't checked for a pulse. He placed his finger on her neck, and he felt his heart rush full of relief, as he felt a pulse. She was alive, Lucas told himself with a smile. A few seconds later, Brooke opened her eyes.

"Where-----are we?" Brooke managed to say after a few girgiling noises.

"I lost control of the car. I'm so sorry. But----your okay now", Lucas told her gently as he stroked her hair.

Lucas helped Brooke from the car a few minutes later, and they went back to the side of the road. They were fully soaked within seconds as the sheets of rain drenched their entire body. Golf size hails balls were falling from the sky, and they could barely stand straight because of the force of the wind. Lucas quickly glanced back at his car, and it was beyond repair. They were so lucky to have even survived, especially with only a few minor injuries, Lucas reminded himself. Why had he not been paying more attention to the road? How had he not seen that car coming? He knew why. He was too preoccupied thinking about the damage that Dan and Deb had caused to everyone, and it had almost cost him and Brooke their lives.

Lucas then peered at Brooke, who was clutching her left arm.

"You okay?" Lucas asked, squinting his eyes, to see through the rain.

"My arms kinda hurts", he heard Brooke say.

"You may have broken it", Lucas told her. Lucas then looked around, and realized that there was no signs of life out here. Everyone was inside and waiting out the storm. Nobody would be foolish to be outside in this, he reminded himself.

"We have to get out of here!" Lucas shouted through the fierceness of the wind and rain."And we have to find Nathan and Haley!" But how was the question. They weren't that far, but it was so bad outside, he didn't know if they would make it by foot.

Brooke shook her head, and she put her arms around her self, as she started to shiver.

"Lucas! Wait, the cell phones!"

"Right!" Lucas shouted. He was going to go back down by the car, but he realized his saw his cellphone laying on the side of the road, broken in tiny pieces.

"Did you find yours!" Lucas shouted to Brooke, as he saw her come back up from the ditch.

"Yeah, it's okay!" He heard Brooke yell coming back toward him. A few seconds later, Brooke handed Lucas her cellphone, and he dialed 911. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Lucas looked at the phone, and realized their was no signal. Well, that was it. It looked like they had to make a break for it. It wouldn't be much smarter to just stand here and wait for a car to come by, which could most likely be never. They had to get out of the storm, get to Nathan and Haley, and it had to be now. It would be hard, but they would just have to make it somehow.

The wind seemed stronger then it had just a minute ago. It was getting worse out here by the mintue. He knew what this was. This was a hurricane. They couldn't wait any longer. They would worry about his car, and their injures later. They had to run. He turned to Brooke, who seemed to know exactly what he was thinking. "Are you going to be okay?"

Brooke glanced at Lucas for a second. "Let's go", she said.

Ten minutes later, Lucas and Brooke, breathing heavy, from running against the rain and the wind, turned the corner, and Lucas's house was in plain sight. Their clothes were so wet, that they felt like a second skin on their body, and Lucas felt as if he might collapse from exhaustion. He and Brooke held on to each other, as they ran quickly near his house.

"Lucas!" Brooke pointed ahead of them.

Lucas then squinted his eyes to see through the rain once again, and saw what Brooke had just saw. It made his heart nearly pop out of his chest.

The front door to his house was wide open, banging roughly back and forth against the house.

A minute later, they made it up to the door, and ran through it. It was dark inside. There was no power.

"MOM?" Lucas shouted, the hissing sound of the wind, was almost like an echo. The door kept banging BACK AND FORTH on it's hinges behind them.

No answer.

"MOM? HALEY?" Lucas shouted once again, frantically looking in the kitchen, and then in all the bedrooms.

"HALEY?" Brooke shouted as her and Lucas searched every inch of the house.

"MOM?" Lucas asked one last time.

It was no use. There was no one here. Lucas and Brooke stood in the kitchen next to one another in the dark. All they could do was look at each other. Lucas then closed his eyes and tried to block out the repeated banging of the door. But it was there, just like the many questions arising in his head. Where the hell was his Mom? Was Peyton okay? Would they ever find Nathan and Haley and tell them the truth about Dan and Deb? Would this storm ever be over?

Lucas's eyes remained closed. Lucas then felt Brooke's hand encircle his, and he knew he wasn't alone. He didn't have any answers, and he sure as hell didn't know what to do next. He just listened the to door banging BACK and FORTH, BACK and FORTH, and the BEND AND BREAK of his heart. Lucas's eyes popped open when he swore he heard a loud BANG outside. It was a car door slamming. Someone was here.

9:10 a.m