Black as Midnight

Seeing only buildings around me, there is a small alley a few feet away. Standing in the middle of the sidewalk, alone, or at least thinking I am, I try to think why I'm here. Before I can come to a conclusion, I see a flash of black dart across my path. Without even thinking I run after it, hoping it will take me to a new place that none has ever seen. My feet carrying me as fast as they can, stop at yet another small alley not far away. Beyond a couple of lights on the other side, I could make out light coming through the alley of two buildings and silhouetting the outside. With my hand outreached, I take a step forward, not sure what I was reaching out to or why. There is a flood of white light that starts to dim so I would be able to see what was before me.

I awoke abruptly to a high pitched bark in my ear. My eyes flew open immediately to meet some just like mine. The ice blue eyes I am staring into are Sasha's. She comes up to my elbow in height. Her fur coat is as black as my hair, blending into the midnight sky with a few lights on the cars going by. People even say that her personality also matches mine. Sasha is always alert, ready for anything, and if somebody gives her trouble, she'll give them trouble right back. She also has an attitude that people have to watch out for. Sasha is my loyal companion and my best friend. Having a wolf as a best friend, humans find it strikingly odd. As for us demons, it is only natural.

The world we live in today is a world with very high technology. We have computers that can make 3D graphics making them feel, look and sound real. There are also cars that fly driving up to 150 stories. Wolves, and us wolf demons work for a secret network that has us do missions that are very dangerous. I am one of the people that are capable to actually go in and retrieve the item that was assigned. I am the only one that can deliver the item to the top of the sky scraper that the boss' office is held in, since I'm the only one that can be fully trusted.

With her paws on my bed she says, "Come on, Mya, It's time to get up. Everyone else is waiting." Sasha grabs the sleeve of my nightgown and pulls on me to get up. I glanced at the alarm clock, and it read 3:17 am. Great I was late once again. Sasha and the other wolves don't actually open their mouths and talk like humans do, they speak through our minds. After pulling on my black pants, shirt, jacket, gloves and my shoes, Sasha led me out of my room. I lived on the top floor of a 150 story skyscraper. By the way, the planet that we are on is not earth, or you would get a nosebleed on a 200 story. Its on the other side of the galaxy, a planet called Utaka. All of the windows and walls of my apartment are made of pure glass. You don't have to worry about anybody seeing you, because the top floor is high up. I could already hear the early morning cars go by the building.

I grabbed a concealed bottle of frappuchino, a black backpack, pushed a button to open the window on the far side of the room, took a running jump, and exited through the window. This was my favorite part of the day, being able to jump out of a tall building, feeling free, and knowing nothing is going to happen to you. After falling at least 50 stories, Sasha jumps from a lower building to catch me. She waits there for me every morning after she wakes me up. Sasha rebounds from the other buildings to get where she needs to go. We ended up at our work building, on the lower level of the boss' office.

Sasha and I walked into the room with everybody turning to see who had just entered. The computer geek that gives us our assignments says, "Well, if it isn't Mya. A little late this morning are we? And Sasha looking lovely." He gets really annoying if you have to see him five days a week, and sometimes on the weekends. He has really short black hair, glasses, and always wears headphones. Every morning he looks like he just got out of bed. He most likely falls a sleep at his computer after doing research for missions.

"Rosco, shut up, I'm tired of hearing your little welcoming phrases. Plus, you said that one yesterday. Think of a new one." I snapped back at him, sitting on a desk leaning up against a wall with Sasha close by. "Can you just give me my assignment so that I could get going?"

"All right, all ready. You have to retrieve a computer data chip from the Second District Copying Facility." Rosco read from his computer.

Everybody in the room gasped when one of my close friends, Gata, said, "You can't make her steal a data chip from SDCF. That's like a suicide mission. What's the boss thinking?" Gata is a very ugly and built man, but he has a kind heart and always takes care of everybody if they are in danger.

"She's the only one capable of doing it, or do you want to take this assignment?" Rosco said quickly, so that Gata couldn't say anymore about the boss.

I stood up, with Sasha at my heels. "It's okay. I like the suicide missions, you get to dive off of tall buildings for no reason at all. I've got this one, Rosco, so mark it as a complete and send me another one in five hours."

I walked towards the knife case that was a few feet away and entered a code. I took a couple of leg straps to hold knives in place, and wrapped them around my thighs and calves. I took two small daggers, twirling them around in my fingers then sliding them into the sheaths on my left leg. I took a fairly larger one and slid it into its case on my right leg. I took a belt full of poison darts and metal tips and took another belt full of various items Rosco put together in order to do this mission. I strapped the belts vertically on my hips, then grabbed an arm dagger while closing the case and locking it back up.

I turn around while strapping the dagger to my arm. Everybody is just staring at me in confusion. "Why do you use so many knives instead of using guns?" Rosco asked while I was still fighting with the buckle on the strap.

"Because knives are more fun, and I can move a lot faster with them and my movement isn't limited. And it feels good cutting through an enemy. Gata, throw me a map, earpiece, and a voice box along with my chip player so that I can listen to music while I'm falling." He does as I say and I shove them all into their correct pockets on my belt, and put the earpiece in my ear. Just as I was adjusting everything, John walks in the door along with his wolf , Dusk. I throw a smirk at Rosco and he nods. "Rosco, I want a new stock of everything and a new knife before I get back or our dinner is canceled tonight got it?"

"Sure thing. Think about me." Rosco says glancing at John to see his reaction. He does look a little irritated by the conversation. John gets angry, thinking I really like a geek that never talks about anything besides computers, but that isn't the case. My heart is with a totally different figure.

I lean down and call Dusk to me. "Come here, Dusk. Oh, you're so pretty. I just love you so much. Now give me a kiss." He licks my face all over and when he's done, I give him a kiss on the nose and forehead.

I got up and was ready about to leave when I felt a tug on my sleeve. It was Dusk. "Mya, I know that you have the SDCF assignment today, and I just want you to be careful and promise to come back."

I kneel down to him and he puts his head in my lap. "Yes, Dusk. I will be careful and I promise to come back and when I do, we'll go diving together, okay?" I felt him nod.

"It's okay, Dusk. I'll bring her back safe. Come on, Mya, we have to get going." Sasha said already half way out the door. I left with everybody saying goodbye, and then I jumped off of the building after Sasha.

John looks at Dusk laying in Mya's spot whining. He walks over to him and tries to cheer him up, but it doesn't work.

Dusk is still lying in Mya's spot, imagining her diving off of this very building with the wind blowing in her hair, on her way to the SDCF building.