I was scared of what else I would have to go through when the time came. I quickly ran to another building trying to escape what I was becoming. I didn't know where I was going; my feet just carried me like they have a mind of their own.

I heard Dusk's voice call out to me in the distance, getting closer with each passing minute. "MYA!" he grabbed my arms and made me look at him.

"Mya, its all right! Just let it pass. I'm here for you Mya, use me if you need to. Let it out. If you don't it'll backfire on you!" He looked into my eyes with such passion and care.

"...Dusk...Don't leave me." After those few words, light shone all around me like a burst of energy. It was forcing all of my strength out of my body. Dusk was squeezing me tightly to his chest, getting hurt by my energy as well. It stopped and I collapsed.

"...ya...Mya...Mya..." I awoke weakly to Dusk's voice. I opened my eyes and saw his very concerned and worried face. He embraced me tightly. "You did it. I'm so proud of you, Mya. I know what its like to go through that."

"Well...I had you guiding me through it. You're hurt!" I pointed to a large slice on his arm.

"Oh, that, its nothing. Its just a scratch. What...what...are you doing? Uuhhhh!" he moaned and threw his head back as I licked the blood off of his wound. It wasn't deep, thank the moon.

I stopped and he just looked at me. He put his thumb on my bottom lip and opened my mouth. He stuck his finger in my mouth and said, "So you have a tail and fangs so far. Lets see if you can control them. Don't hurt me."

He slid his tongue in my mouth ever so slowly, and ran his tongue over my fangs. He stopped and pulled away. "Now its your turn." Dusk opened his mouth, and I dipped my tongue in ever so slowly. I knew, with me going so slowly, it was killing him. I could feel his heart racing, just wanting to devour me. I pulled back and said, "Go ahead." his eyes glistened in the moonlight, surprised of what I just said. We are locked in a battle of hot kisses, just eating at each other, then I rolled him over on his back. I nibbled on his neck with my fangs, and he just pulled me closer, not wanting me to stop. Its hard for us to completely control ourselves while basking in the full moonlight.

He looked up at me and smiled with his blue eyes showing much emotion. I sat up and stared at the moon, feeling drawn to it. After five minutes of staring at me, he asked me something that I found very shocking.

"Mya...be my mate." he said while sitting up.

"Dusk...I can't."

"Why not? Is there someone else? There is, isn't there?" he looked like he was ready about to cry.

"No, its not someone else. I'm not a full wolf, Dusk. You know its against the law."

"I'll wait for you, just like I have been for the past 5 yrs. Mya, I've been truthful to you, you told me to promise to wait for you. I won't be able to stand to see you with another wolf. Mya, I love you." I just started crying. He angrily said, "So what we did just now, didn't mean anything to you at all?"

"Dusk, you're taking it the wrong way. That meant everything to me. I will be your mate, so, take me as yours. I want everyone to know that I belong to you." I pulled my jacket collar away from my neck, waiting for him.

"Mya...my Mya...stay with me forever." he first came up and kissed my neck, he bit my neck, leaving the mark of his fangs in my shoulder muscle. He licked all the blood off, except some. Some ran down between my breasts, where he couldn't get, but it was hidden so it was okay.

We finally got to the boss' building on the top floor and we were let in through the window by one of his servants. Dusk and I stood in front of the boss' desk.

"Mya, do you have the chip?" he said in a low voice.

"Yes, I do." he stood up and walked towards me. He reached down my shirt, between my breasts, and pulled out the data chips. Boss saw Dusk clenching his fists when he was doing this.

"So, Dusk, find a mate yet? I'd let you have my little Mya, but she's not complete and I couldn't see her with anyone. Dusk, do you like Mya?" he turned me around to face Dusk.

"No, I only see her as a partner in our missions. I have no feelings for her whatsoever." Dusk said staring at the Boss.

"Good. So you don't mind if I do this?" he squeezed one of my breasts in his hand. "Or this?" he kissed my neck up and down and stopped at the bite mark Dusk had gave me. "Is this your mark, Dusk? Have you taken her as your mate?"

"No, I have not." I could see Dusk's blood boiling.

"Okay, then. That's good because I love touching her. She's so tender, especially down below." he grabbed my crotch and pressed as hard as he could. I threw my head back and gasped for air. It felt so good being touched there, but not by him.

"Take your shitty hands off of her, you low class demon." Dusk's temper finally blew.

"So she is your mate?" My step father asked.

"Yes she is, and there's nothing you can do about it." Dusk snapped quickly.

My step father pulled a gun out from his desk and aimed it at me. "I cant shoot Dusk, but I can shoot you. Dusk isn't worth losing over a mistake. It was a mistake that I ever adopted you and brought you into this company. You were good while it lasted." He was close to pulling the trigger when the window shattered. Sasha had smashed through the window in her demon form. Her outfit was like mine except she was bigger breasted and her top was open more than mine. She didn't fight with daggers, she fought with ninja stars that could transform into any size. Her bangs hid the right side of her face which made her look very pretty. Midnight black hair went down to the back of her knees in wavy strands.

Since the Boss was distracted by Sasha's entrance, I grabbed my largest dagger and stabbed him through the stomach. I didn't want to kill him, or I would have. A lot of my team depended on him to stay alive and I didn't want to ruin it for them. "The only mistake in this company is you; you never found me as a child, Dusk did and I remember that day very well.

All three of us dived out the window. We all went back to my apartment and lounged around thinking of what to do now. We were all sitting on the round about couch so we could see each other. "I think we should still do the missions, but for another company besides this one. I haven't got much of a work out, the security everywhere is too low. We all need a challenge." Sasha suggested.

"We could do that but we would have to wait for another full moon. Today is April 24th so we would have to wait until May 23rd to apply." said Dusk.

"Alright then, we'll do that." as I said that the sun came up and Sasha and Dusk turned back into their normal wolf forms. They fell asleep in my lap from the warm sun shooting in through the window. As did I.