Dai-chan in Wonderland

Disclaimer: YES! The title has no significant…standing in what this story is actually about except that it all mixed up. Let's just say Daisuke's DNA only reacts to Satoshi and Dark…well, I'll think about him later. And it's cuter because Daisuke doesn't know that his DNA only reacts to Satoshi. Because really, poor Daisuke's always being used by Risa. I want to turn into Dark and slap her senses back in (wherever they went).

Things to remember:

Italics Daisuke's thoughts (obviously)Dark can hear these

((text)) Dark talking to Daisuke

/text/ Dark talking out loud

Chapter 1: 14th Birthday

"Happy birthday Daisuke!"

"Yeah man, happy b-day to ya!"

"Are you getting cake when you get home?"

"Um, I think so…err, thanks!" Daisuke Niwa said to his friends surrounding him. It was his fourteenth birthday. The bell rang and everyone was starting to walk home. He did the same. Just about everyone he knew was wishing him a happy birthday, all except one.

Sure, he didn't know him very well, but Satoshi Hiwatari hadn't said anything to him. He was hard-put to find a time when Satoshi had even greeted him in the morning with a simple 'hello'.

Daisuke stared at him for a little while, until Satoshi caught his eye. They stared at each other for a few awkward minutes. Daisuke could feel the heat rushing to his cheeks. He turned and ran.

I looked like such an idiot! Stupid, stupid…he must think I'm a complete idiot now…Daisuke thought to himself blushing and still running.

He got home and avoided all the traps set by his mother, Emiko Niwa.

"Congratulations Dai! You made it to the front door!"

Daisuke sighed.

"Now, there is nothing more we can teach you," His grandfather said to him.

Daisuke's mother was now hugging him to the point where he was going to explode. "Err, mom…I'm not in the mood right now…"


"I just want to go to my room…" And he left his mom and grandpa alone in the hallway.

Daisuke entered his room and closed the door behind him. Why did he feel so bad? It was so weird. All his thoughts lingered back to Satoshi.

Why did I have to run like an idiot?

Daisuke thought about Satoshi's icy glare and blushed.

He's so cool, but he must think I'm totally stupid now…

Previous stareds and positions made by Satoshi filled his head. Daisuke was now a deep crimson.

It wasn't until his friends voices filled his head that it finally hit him, "You know I could just take a bunch of pictures of him and you can put them all over your wall."

"Shut up! You're so insensitive Takeshi…"

They voices trailed off in a flicker of light around Daisuke…he was changing. He knew it. He closed his eyes for a minutes and then…


"What is it Dai-chan?"

"What happened to me?" Daisuke asked his mother running down the stairs. His hair was purple and long, his body…muscular and tall. More pronounce thumps were issued from where he flew down the stairs.

"You've changing into the Phantom Thief Dark." Emiko said when she saw her son at the bottom of the stairs.

"Our family has always changed into the phantom thief when we turn fourteen…."

And Jill figures blah, blah, blah…the story….we all change….you have to steal this statue for me….BLAH! YOU ALL READ IT!

…Oh, and here's Wiz.

Daisuke was flying over the museum with Wiz. There were reporters, news cameras, police officers, and spectators everywhere. All crowded around the museum. One lucky reported looked up just as Daisuke was flying across the moon and screamed to his fellows.

"Look! There he is!" They all gasped and looked up. Reporters were screaming at each other and talking into their microphones.

Daisuke chanced one worried look down at them all and flew around another side of the building.

"How am I going to get in there? There are so many guards…"

Ahh, I know!

"Detective Saehara! The statue has already been stolen!" Cried one anxious purple-haired guard.


"SIR!" They all cried in unison.

"Eh?" Detective Saehara turned around to the purple-haired guard, "What are you still doing standing around?"

He looked a little scared for a second as if he was about to get caught, "Me? Oh, err…I, umm, uh, I'm standing watch!"

The detective appraised the guard for a second before saying, "Good thinking!"

As Detective Saehara left, Daisuke sighed…Was Takeshi's dad really that easy to fool?

"That was easier than I thought…" Daisuke said aloud.

"Yes, so you thought…" Came a voice.

"W-who…?" Daisuke began, but then he thought of his mother and thought that maybe asking 'who are you' in a very scared and anxious voice was not how a thief was supposed to act.

Satoshi Hiwatari stepped out of the shadows.

"I've finally found you," He said.

And as we all know Satoshi practically lunges for Dark at about this point and looks like he is about to kiss him.

What? I can't move…

Daisuke blushed. Why was Satoshi so…so close?

"I've devoted my life to…capturing you…" Satoshi said quietly.

I can't move…what am I going to do? Where's Wiz?

((Good job Daisuke, I'll take over from here.)) Said voice inside of him.

Satoshi saw the body of Dark Mousy practically split in two and he was no longer on top of him.

/"Now which one of us, is the real Dark?"/

Satoshi smiled a little in spite of himself.

Dark! What did you do?

/"I took care of your gay crush,"/


/"Whatever, at least I got us out of their right?"/

Take what you said back!

/"No,"/ Daisuke's counterpart was having a little too much fun teasing him about the blue-haired weirdo kid as they flew back to the Niwa residence.

"Mom! I don't ever want to change into Dark again…it's took scary," Daisuke pleaded with his mother when he got home, but how he turned back into our lovable red-head…I do not know. (Yet…)

Emiko clearly wasn't listening to her son. She was kissing him all over and hugging him tightly. "I can't believe it! Well actually I can! You got the statue back all by yourself! Good job sweetie!"

"Mom, I never want to change again…"

Emiko freed her son from her hugging finally. She stared down at him, a bit of a sad expression on her face. "I'm sorry Dai, but you can't change back…" She whipped out a picture of Satoshi cleaning his glasses and showed it to Daisuke, who blushed. "As long as you keep liking this boy, who'll keep changing into Dark. Dark reacts to your love emotions and if you keep thinking about him, you'll change."

"Uh, mom, where did you get that picture?": Daisuke asked not completely taking in what his mother had said as it is very distracting knowing that you are as red as your hair.

"Oh this?" She looked at it, "Takeshi sent them to you, they arrived today."

Daisuke snatched the picture out of Emiko's hand thinking, I'm gonna kill him…kill him, oh yes I will…

It's getting warmer out so that means…


Dark narration:

((As much as he didn't want to admit it, Daisuke was looking forward to Satoshi being shirtless. So that way he could transform, and suddenly find himself below Satoshi aga))

SHUT UP DARK! Daisuke thought angrily as he blushed for the…fourth? Fifth? Time this story. He pulled off his shirt and socks and grabbed his towel as he headed outside. And besides…Satoshi never gets in the pool…

((Upset now are we? Well…you can just watch him in his brooding corner…or pretend to drow))


((Well, you are a little girly, so maybe if you put on a girl's uniform he'd give you a chance))


There was…Satoshi sitting alone in a corner…

traaaaaaaaaaan M!(end point)


Satoshi was looking up at him…Daisuke.

traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanssssssfo M!

Daisuke was blushing…again.

traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanssssssforrrrrrrr M!

Daisuke ran…again. And jumped into the pool. He needed to cool off. What was so special about Satoshi? He was a brooding teenager who…

((Is very, very, sexy to Dai-chan and fangirls?))



Back to the story:

Daisuke was done cooling off. Nothing like a refreshing Scardy-Cat Jump Into The Pool Because Of A Big Bad Mean Blue-Haired Commander Of the Police to get rid of the nerves…nope!

But what was so special about Daisuke. They had all…((Daisuke)) agreed that Emiko Niwa was just teasing him about Satoshi…

"Hey! Satoshi!" Takeshi called across the pool as Daisuke was shaking water out of his spiky hair and talking to Wiz, who was on the wire fence.

Satoshi looked up, but didn't say anything.

"Can you come over here for a second?"

Satoshi stared at Takeshi for a minute and then got up and began walking. Daisuke was walking towards him, not really looking where he was going and drying off his face.

"Hey! Daisuke you're too near the pool edge!"

"Dai-suuukeee! Look out for Satoshi!"

Daisuke took to towel off his face just in time to watch himself trip over air and fall over Satoshi and they both fell into the pool.

Something heavy was next to Daisuke in the water…but what...was it? He felt air leaving his lungs. He opened his eyes prepared to swim to the surface, but there was Satoshi next to him in the water boring his eyes into his. Daisuke blushed, even under water and too surprised to do anything more, he gasped. Big mistake because the next thing he saw was…black.

Daisuke was half-conscious…half….not. He opened his eyes a little bit to see a ton of wet bodies all around him and hear people talking. There as one face particularly close to his, but he couldn't distinguish a shadow from the occasional chlorine droplet. That fell on his face.



"Please be okay Daisuke…"

" I don't understand, he can swim really well!"

"Stupid, the shock of falling must have stunned him!"

Said all of the voices around him.

"Be quiet, he needs CPR." Said a cold voice.

There was instant silence and the close shadow moved even closer. Lips brushed near his, and then warmth. He could feel going through him.

((Your gay crush is kissing you, you know.))

Daisuke opened his eyes a little more. There was soft light blue hair in his face.


((Ready to transform?))


The lips were removed and then, placed back on…and who was talking to him…inside his head?

((I asked if you were ready to transform. Any minute now your DNA is going be in full love overload…so, do you want your cover blown?))

Daisuke popped his eyes open and people all around him gasped. Satoshi removed his lips from Daisuke's and stared at him.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a monotone voice.

Daisuke blushed in a very pretty shade of red, sprang up, pushed passed the gasping people and jumped into the pool again. Not to drown himself, but to save his cover from being blown.

Above water Takeshi Saehara was saying, "Yep, he's okay."

To be continued…. Argh, that was fun! Now for the next chapter! Sorry the beginning is so…bland, but I don't own the first book…unfortunately. I borrowed it. R&R