Title: Dai-chan in Wonderland Book 2 (Part 3)
DN Angel
Daisuke/Satoshi – hinted Dark/Krad
Chapter: (4) Big Gamble
If I owned DN Angel, the characters wouldn't annoy me so much. Thank gods for Satoshi. Copyright to Yukiru Sugisaki-san.
Chapter...this one: Date scene shared between Daisuke and Satoshi in the second book rather than it being Risa after her selfish desire to see Dark. Well...err, Satoshi does most of the same thing, but I'll let the public read and find out...

"Oh! Look over there! It's commissioner Hiwatari!"

A tall man with black hair and glasses stepped into the dining hall. His handsome looks attracted all the ladies in the room, which in turn called the attention their husbands, boyfriends, or other men. He strode through the room smiling at everyone. Although he had been fashionably late, his attention commanded respect.

"But he never attends these events in person!" Cried one woman who was staring wistfully at the man.

"Are you complaining?"

"Does this mean he's losing confidence in his son?" The people gossiped.

The commissioner strode over to his son, Satoshi Hiwatari. Sure he had adopted Satoshi, but ...

"I haven't seen you for so long, I think I missed you." He said to Satoshi.

Maybe, if you actually cared. Satoshi though.

Satoshi didn't respond and soon his father was whisked away by some bearded man in a wheelchair. He remarked upon Satoshi's good looks and the commissioner expressed how proud he was of Satoshi. He claimed that they were the best of friends.

You lie ...

Just what exactly was the commissioner here for? Satoshi had a feeling it was to discuss his recent failures in his attempts to lock Dark up. But the commissioner had to put up a good front when he mingled with the people he normally chose to stay away from when presented with an invitation to these functions.

How good the commissioner was to help Satoshi out. Top of the class at univ, but no family support, so the commissioner had adopted him. But the father didn't give him a lot of real support, just claimed to whenever the subject of Satoshi was brought up among his peers.

"Oh yes, Satoshi is very gifted ..." He would say, "He's my favorite person!" would be something just to throw in there to keep the crowd unsuspecting.

But soon, the commissioner claimed that he must speak to Satoshi alone for just a moment. He led Satoshi into a security room and closed the door. Pressing a few buttons he showed the portrait of Euphelia's Nightscape on a monitor.

"You know how much I appreciate true artwork ..."

Satoshi said nothing, but stared at the picture, taking the hint. It's a fake!

"Euphelia's Nightscape, one of only a few that escaped the cultural reformation. It's so important. It's in the room next door ..."

There was some silence in the room. Satoshi was debating with himself whether or not Dark would actually come after this fake. There was no way, but the phantom thief had no idea ...

The commissioner said, "I know you enjoy these little games with the phantom thief, but your playtime is over. You're a Hiwatari, not a Hikari anymore. My family doesn't fool around."

Outside the room Satoshi could hear some security guards lining up; it was almost time for Dark to arrive. Satoshi himself ran out of the room.


Satoshi called to his father over his shoulder, "He won't go after that painting! Trust me."

Officers were scrambling around trying to get into positions. No one really noticed Satoshi flying down halls to try and find the painting. He carefully avoided officers falling over one another in their own stupidity claiming to have seen Dark, and everyone was scrambling to that position.

/"It's almost too easy,"/ Yes, there was just one more step to complete and the phantom thief would be free to take the painting.

'State your name.'

/"Satoshi Hiwatari, Special commander of the Azumano police force."/

ERROR, No entry.


"The computer won't let the same person through when he's already on the other side." Came a voice.

/"Satoshi, eh? Got here first?"/ Dark and Satoshi had another stare down. There was the real Satoshi standing before him. Dark ripped off his disguise. /"We're on,"/

Satoshi ran towards Dark. There was a beeping sound and all the lights went out around him. He heard a door open in the distance; Satoshi sped up. The idiot, that door took him outside. Did he already steal the painting?

Dark was about to fly off the ledge when Satoshi pounced on top of him. Dark yelled, but somehow managed to have Satoshi falling off the ledge instead of himself. Dark caught Satoshi just before he slipped out of reach.

/"There, that's thanks for earlier,"/ Dark pulled the boy back onto the roof. /"As for the bet, I won. You have to be nice to Daisuke now. Stop harassing him about me."/

Satoshi glared, but said nothing. Dark flew away. Satoshi spent the remainder of the night directing officers and avoiding his father, and all the happy feeling fighting of burst out of his chest, but if that ever happened things would get nasty.

/"Congrats Dai-chan! You got yourself a boyfriend."/

I'm too overwhelmed to think right now ...

"Suit yourself, but you had better thank me by morning."/

The two of them flew back to Daisuke's home without saying anything. The a thought struck Dark.

/"Hey Dai-chan?"/

Ehh? Daisuke sounded half-asleep.

/"You know, it didn't seem like Satoshi was making much of an effort you know, maybe he does like you ..."/

But Daisuke was not listening, already he was fast asleep.