Chapter 1: Haldir's Here

"Legolas, you smell like a thousand orc droppings! Open your door and come take a bath before Haldir arrives!" King Thranduil yelled, willing to knock down his son's door if he did not come out. And Legolas was not coming out.

"You cannot make me!" Legolas sneered. Legolas was Thranduil's youngest child and he was very arrogant and troublesome. Legolas would turn eleven (mortally speaking) in almost one week, or, six days as Legolas kept reminding everyone who said it was a week away.

"Oh yes I can Legolas. If you do not open that door immediately I will break it down!" Thranduil did not want Haldir to arrive to be greeted by a reeking young elf, even if Legolas did not really smell like a thousand orc droppings... More like nine hundred and ninety-nine.

March Warden Haldir of Lorien had met Legolas when he was a little elfling, and ever since, Legolas had been attached to Haldir. But it had been almost five years since Haldir had seen Legolas, so Thranduil decided to get Haldir to watch Legolas when he had to leave to Rivendell to attend a meeting. Haldir had gladly agreed to come, and he also agreed to watch Thranduil's grandson, Nenmir, for Thranduil's second born son Cield was also leaving with his wife and daughter to Lorien.

Thranduil's eldest son Tonus would be staying, but he no longer lived with his father and siblings at the palace, for Tonus now had a family of his own, a wife and a son named Florien, so Tonus' hands where quite full. Thranduil's only daughter, Illiendal, would be staying as well but she was not of age.

Illiendal had been wishing to learn how to use a bow, like her brothers, but Thranduil had never allowed it, so now that the march warden would be coming Thranduil had requested that he taught her a few things whilst he was in Mirkwood, and he had agreed to that also. So Thranduil, once he was done with Legolas, would go to his daughter and make sure she was ready for his arrival.

A few minutes had gone by and Legolas still ha not opened the door. Thranduil sighed.

"Step away from the door Legolas, I am going to break it down." Thranduil said. Thranduil heard Legolas laugh.

"You would not destroy your own door-

Legolas screamed when his father ran into the door. Legolas jumped away when his father ran into the door again. The third time the door broke. Legolas screamed again and tried his best to get out of his father's reach. Thranduil chased his youngest around the messy chamber, occasionally stepping on an already broken arrow or a mistreated pillow.

Thranduil cornered his youngest son and grabbed him, throwing Legolas over his shoulder. Legolas kicked and punched and just like an elfling he whined about not wanting a bath.

Illiendal saw his brother and father and tried to muffle her giggles.

"Illiendal I need you to get ready to greet Haldir for me, he could arrive any minute… No, never mind that, I will greet Haldir, here, get your brother in a bath." Thranduil brought Legolas and Illiendal into the bathing chamber and shut the door behind him.

"Illiendal, I am not a baby, I can bathe myself." Legolas said as Illiendal locked the door.

"If you are not an elfling then tell me why ada was carrying you like he was, and why you where whining like you where. I don't want to bathe you any more than you want to be bathed but if you stopped putting up such a fight maybe I would not have to." Illiendal smiled when Legolas sighed in defeat as his sister made his bath into a bubble bath.

"So? Tell me why you acted like a baby."

"Because… I am an elfling." Legolas muttered, pulling off his tunic as his sister poured water into the tub.

"Yes, you are an elfling." Illiendal smiled as she dipped her fingers into the bathwater.

"Get your fingers out of my bath!" Legolas complained.

"I'm just checking to make sure the water is not too hot for my teeny baby brother." Illiendal ruffled Legolas' already messy blonde hair. Legolas cursed under his breathe, and ordered his sister to turn around as he pulled his leggings down and stepped into the tub.

"I'm in the bath, you can leave." Legolas said, whining as his sister sat down near the tub and took a cloth.

"If I leave, I do not doubt that you will try to leave your bath. I refuse to leave until you are clean." Legolas grabbed the cloth from his sister's hand and scrubbed his dirty legs.

"You know, I don't like you seeing me nude." Legolas mumbled as he used the cloth to wash his chest.

"I have seen you naked plenty of times Legolas, and I am your sister. Besides, the bubbles are covering your body " Illiendal said. "And knowing that this makes you uncomfortable, I would leave, but you must bathe, and you are so stubborn some times." Legolas sighed and nodded in agreement.

"Will you stay here all the time that Haldir is here?" Legolas asked curiously as he picked up a rubber ducky from the floor and fiddled with it in his hands.

"Yes, why?"

"I am not that excited that he is coming, to be honest." Legolas said, starting to wash his hair.

"Why not? Even I am excited to meet him!" Illiendal smiled. Legolas shrugged.

"I'm just not. I'd much rather have ada be around for my begetting day." Legolas said quietly.

"You where upset about that, weren't you?"

"Yes, I still am." Legolas said, grabbing a towel and standing up, wrapping the towel around his waist.

"There, you are done. That was not too hard, was it?"

Legolas mumbled and unlocked the door, heading to his room. Illiendal went down to the throne room, were her father, brother and nephew where.

"Ah, Illiendal, go fetch your bow and head out to the archery field so that you are ready for Lord Haldir. Once I leave and he greets Legolas, he will be seeing you." Thranduil said. Illiendal nodded and went up to her father's throne. Thranduil kissed her on her brow and Illiendal embraced her father tightly.

"Keep an eye on Legolas. I know how devastated he seemed when he found out I would not be around on the day of his birth. Be careful and don't go deep into the forest alone. Don't let Haldir allow Legolas in the forest alone either, and help Haldir out with Legolas." Thranduil whispered.

"Yes adar. I will miss you, a lot. I love you." Illiendal said. "I love you too, sweetheart." Thranduil whispered, smiling as he watched his daughter leave to do as she was told.

"Sire, how long will you be gone?" Florien, Thranduil's grandson he had only found out about recently, asked.

"Ten days, Florien." Thranduil said. Florien turned and looked at his father.

"You are not leaving, are you?" Florien asked.

"No ion-nin, I am not. I would have told you if I was going to." Florien smiled at his father's words.

"I am glad." Florien said. A guard came into the throne room.

"Haldir's Here, sir, shall I let him in?" The guard asked. Thranduil nodded. The guard left and returned with Haldir. Haldir had not changed much. Tonus smiled when he saw Haldir.

"Greetings, Lord Thranduil, prince Tonus." Haldir bowed.

"It has been a while, Haldir." Tonus said. Haldir nodded in agreement.

"Legolas should be changing in his room. Florien, would you get him for me please?" Thranduil asked. Florien obeyed his sire and left down the hall to Legolas' bedroom.

"He is eleven now, correct sir?" Haldir asked.

"In six days he turns eleven. He is rather upset that I will not be there." Thranduil said. Haldir mumbled a quiet agreement.

Florien returned a few minutes later with Legolas, who was brushing his hair.

"Legolas, put away that brush and greet our guest." Thranduil ordered. Legolas grumbled and dropped his brush on the floor.

"Hello Haldir." Legolas muttered.

"I am glad you remember me." Haldir smiled. Legolas nodded his head.

"Now, whilst I am I ask that you write me a log of what happen. Knowing Legolas, I am certain it will be… Interesting." Thranduil handed Haldir an empty book.

"Yes sir." Haldir said. Legolas snorted at Haldir's obedience.

"Legolas, I have not left yet and you are already being unruly." Thranduil said, standing up.

"Tonus will be sovereign of Mirkwood during my absence so you may also see him if anything is wrong." Thranduil said. Thranduil took his cloak and kissed Tonus on his cheek, then Florien.

"Cield!" Thranduil called for his son. Cield came running, with one elfling clinging to his leg and another one on his shoulders.

"Yes adar?" Cield asked.

"I am leaving now. If I am correct, you will be leaving in two days to head to Lorien with your wife and daughter, correct?" Thranduil asked. Cield mumbled a yes.

"Goodbye father. I love you." Cield kissed his father's cheek. Thranduil bent down to kiss Nenmir, the elfling who was clinging to Cield's leg, and then he kissed Malfinniel who sat on Cield's shoulders.

"Bye!" Both of Cield's children giggled happily. Thranduil put on his cloak and pulled Legolas into an embrace.

"I am so sorry I cannot be with you on your begetting day, but please behave for Haldir, please. I love you so much and I will miss you." Thranduil kissed Legolas on his brow.

"I will miss you too, ada. Bye." Legolas whispered, watching his father leave. Legolas turned to face Haldir once his father was out of sight, and smiled mischievously. This would be something to remember. It might just have been Legolas' imagination. But Haldir seemed as if he still thought he was the sweet little elfling that he used to be. Oh poor Haldir!

To be continued…

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