Chapter 12: Tavel's Recovery

Tavel was seated in bed, with what was left of his legs hung over the bed. Tavel seemed to be in a very blank mood. Tavel did not seem concerned about the legs, but he did not seem like he was exactly happy. What was bothering the poor elf the most was the fact that Legolas had left, with Haldir and Nenmir, and left him alone to heal.

Healers watched in silence, stopping what they had been doing, to see the young elf and how he was doing. Tavel nearly died, and no one wanted to see him go after all he had been through.

Tavel looked up when he saw an elf was very near him, watching very move he made. Tonus was there, smiling at him. Tavel gave him a slight smile back; though he did not really wish to smile, he was too hurt.

"How do you feel? Are you in pain?"

"Not really."

"Are you hungry?"


"Do you want some water?"

"No thank-you."

"Are you upset?"


Tavel did not want to admit it, but he was. Tavel did not like pity, and he knew that now, because of this; he was going to be pitied by every elf in the palace that learnt of what had happened. Tonus sadly sighed and sat down on the bed beside the young injured elf.

"I know that you've been told of Legolas' departure, but don't worry, you do not have to leave the palace because he is gone. And besides, I have some news that you could say, is good news." Tonus rubbed Tavel's back gently, who sniffed slightly in sadness.

"What's this good news you speak of?" Tavel doubted anything could be good at this point; he had no legs and no friends.

"While you slept Tavel, I did a few… Tests… You slept a longer time than you normally would have because I did not want to risk you waking up, so I did drug you… But, after some tests, we've discovered a problem that you had, that, thank Valar, you have no longer." Tonus gave the younger elf a little smile.

"What was the problem?" Tavel asked, somewhat shyly and nervous to know what had been the matter with him, if anything could possibly be worse than what had already happened.

"Well... Tavel, it's very confusing but... Even I am not certain what went wrong, some healers working with me understood better and where who detected it... But you see Tavel; it was your legs... One of your legs carried a disease. It was only in your leg, and had we not amputated, it would have spread and... You would have died, never knowing of it." Tonus tried his best to explain what he couldn't.

"So you mean... This... Troll... Saved my life?" Tavel asked, somewhat dazed by what Tonus had said, not sure what to think of this news.

"Well... Yes, I suppose that is what has happened..." Tonus gave his brother's young friend a sweet smile, and Tavel returned a tiny one.

"I wanted to be dead but... I suppose this is for the better... Thank you, sir." Tavel looked down to the floor as he spoke shyly to his prince.

"It's not 'sir', Tavel, it's-

"I'm sorry my prince." Tavel quickly cut it, blushing with embarrassment.

"No! It's Tonus. Just Tonus. You don't go around saying prince Legolas, and you don't have to for me either." Tonus smiled, but Tavel seemed very uncomfortable with what Tonus told him.

"But... Your crowned prince... And Legolas is my friend..."

"But you are my brother's friend, and I like you. You are a good friend to him, so I will let you call me by my name." Tonus wouldn't hear anymore from Tavel's arguing. Quickly Tonus stood up to avoid an argument.

"Now, you need food. You can't eat anything. What would you like me to have brought here for you?" Tonus asked. Tavel was reluctant to have someone bring him the food, or someone to even prepare it... But he did admit to some hunger.

"Well... Uumm... I don't know... What is there?" Tavel's question made Tonus laugh lightly.

"What don't we have! It has been some time since you slept over-

"When I slept over Legolas would raid the kitchens with me. I did not have to order food, just, eat what I found!" Tavel grinned.

"Well fine then. What do you feel like eating? Because I can get you nearly any food!"

"Just... Just something simple. Surprise me." Tavel smiled. Tonus nodded his head.

"I will prepare it myself, you can be sure it will taste right." Tonus smiled and turned to leave. As he walked out the door, Tavel murmured "You mean, make sure it is burned black and tastes down right awful."

Tonus heard him and spun around, grinning at the young elf. "If that is what you want... Alright, that can be arranged." Tonus smirked. Tavel looked shocked that the prince had heard, and was about to chase after him.

Tavel leapt off the bed... But he had expected to land on his feet. Tavel had absent-mindedly forgotten of his recent amputation, the drugs he had been given had cleared all of the pain, but now it flooded back to him as the side of his face, along with his entire torso and what was left of his legs, collided with the cold marble floor.

Tonus saw the young elf's foolish accident and rushed to Tavel's side, pulling him into his arms and back on the bed. Tavel looked sore, but smiled slightly as he blushed because of his mistake, but Tonus looked completely apprehensive about the fall.

"Are you alright Tavel?" Tonus brushed away the hair in Tavel's face and looked at Tavel thoughtfully, as if Tavel was his own injured son. Tavel somehow liked the concern he was getting from the older elf, he had not had parents around since he was much younger, when his father and mother both sailed west and left him in Arda with no parents. The concern brought back memories of having parents.

"My face hurts..." Tavel admitted, not too loudly. Tonus fished around in a drawer for something to help the elf.

"It will be fine... I don't want to have anymore injections or drugs..." Tavel murmured as Tonus continued searching. Finally, Tonus came back with some herbs.

"I just said..."

"These are herbs. They are safe and they will make your face feel better, they wont make you sleepy or numb you so don't worry about that. Please, just take a bit." Tonus was able to convince the elf to eat a bit of the herbs he offered.

"Don't burn my food Tonus..." Tavel said quietly as he swallowed some of the tonic Tonus quickly mixed the herbs into.

"I was only jesting, little one. I will come back with the perfect meal for a healing little elf like you." Tonus said as he left the room to get a meal for Tavel.

To Be Continued...

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