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Pairings: JxA, UxY, OxS

Chapter Title: Welcome

Point of View: Yumi

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We got the call early in the morning, sometime around 3:30 I think. Ulrich's had been from Jeremie telling him to get me and Odd and meet him at the Factory. In the back of my mind I realized what it meant, I just didn't fully understand the extent of it. Ulrich called as usual and I dressed quickly, slipping out the backdoor of the house so I didn't wake my parents. That would have been disastrous.

It was two days before school started, just beginning to turn into fall and the night was taking on a northern chill. I pulled the jacket I'd brought closer around me, waiting at the park for Ulrich and Odd to arrive. They were late as usual and by the time they got there I was pretty sure I had hypothermia. "What took you so long?" I asked.

"Odd," Ulrich answered. He looked more tired than usual and I made a mental note to ask him about it later. Maybe tomorrow morning when we all went into town.

Odd yawned loudly as he opened the manhole. "Not my fault...I had to have something to wake me up," he complained.

"But hot chocolate?" Ulrich asked. Odd shrugged and dropped down into the dark tunnel. "You next," he said to me. I nodded and let him help lower me down, then continued on. Odd had flicked on a flashlight and I stood next to him as we heard the clank of the cover closing and then Ulrich joined us a few minutes later.

We took the skateboards to the factory and I kept suppressing yawns. Odd may be a little crazy, but he was right about needing something to keep him awake. We arrived at the Factory and found Jeremie in the main room, the one we always swing down the ropes to the ground. He was pacing around and when he saw us he grinned. "What took you so long?" he asked.

"Odd," Ulrich answered. Odd just sighed and rolled his eyes skyward.

"Anyway...You guys, I'm sorry I had to wake you..." Jeremie said.

"What's wrong? Is it XANA?" I asked.

"No. No, the complete opposite." Jeremie actually looked nervous, Ulrich and I exchanged looks, smiling a little. "In fact," he paused and then grinned, "I materialized Aelita!"

"What? Where is she?" Odd demanded, looking around.

"Right here." We looked over at the voice and grinned when we saw her come out of a shadowed doorway. "It feels great to be alive," she said. She was wearing one of Jeremie's jackets and the outfit she'd worn here last time. We all ran to first her, then Jeremie, hugging them tightly.

"Yumi, what do we do about her? We need to find a place for her to sleep...think your parents will mind?" Jeremie asked.

"No. They should be alright," I replied. I smiled at them all. "The question is do we go back there? It's already close to 4:30 and we were planning on meeting this morning anyway..."

"How about we go into town and go to one of the all-night cafe's to get something for breakfast?" Ulrich asked.

"That sounds great," I answered. He nodded and I laughed when I heard Odd agree enthusiastically. "And I brought some money with me just incase," I added.

"Great," he replied.

Aelita looked between all of us. "What's a café?" she asked.

"It's a restaurant," Jeremie explained. We agreed on the café and walked to town, stopping in at one of the smaller ones at the edge of it. It was just opening and the people inside looked a little nervous serving five teenagers this early in the morning. We chose a booth at the back of the café and I sat in-between Ulrich and the wall, picking out what I wanted to eat even before I saw the menu. Ulrich glanced over at me.

"Your getting the pancakes?" he asked. I nodded and he smiled a little.

"Aww...You even know what she wants to order! See I told you that..." Odd trailed off at the look Ulrich sent him and I made another mental note to ask him what it meant. I yawned again and closed my eyes briefly.

When I opened them again it was because I'd felt something reach in front of me. I blushed realizing that I must have dozed off since our food and drinks were being placed in front of us. I started to sit up then realized another thing. I was leaning on Ulrich. My head on his shoulder and his arm around my waist, safely hidden from everyone else's eyes by the table. "Looks like Sleeping Beauty finally woke up," Odd said.

"Shut-up Odd," I mumbled, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. Ulrich removed his arm and I stared at the glass of orange juice and plate of pancakes in front of me. "Thanks," I told him. He nodded and we ate, I was a bit lost in the conversation so I stayed mostly quiet.

Aelita was enjoying her food. It was the second time she'd had breakfast food I believe. She kept grinning and taking in all the things around her. And when she tried the orange juice she choked then smiled. "Slightly...tangy," she said. We all laughed and she blushed. We chipped in for the food and then went around town, watching it begin to open up for the day.

"I think you need to get some more clothes," I told Aelita. So while the guys went to the electronics store, we went shopping for clothes. I helped her pick out some pants, a few skirts, a dress, and some tops. Along with a jacket. A warm jacket since the snow would be coming soon.

Around noon we met up with the guys again and went to another restaurant for lunch. Halfway through lunch Odd grinned, jumping up. "Sam! Sam over here!" he called. Sam walked over grinning.

"Hey guys," she said. She turned, looking at Aelita. "You finally made it here. Are you staying this time?" she asked. At our looks she smiled. "Don't worry, I know it all. Even the evil computer program thing. It's gone right?"

"Yeah," Jeremie answered. So Odd stuck with Sam, I never thought that would've happened, but I can definitely see why. She was cool. After lunch we did more shopping and then managed to cram ourselves into a photo booth to take pictures. The most amazing part was that we actually managed to get all of us into the picture. I ended up in Ulrich's lap and had no complaints. I wonder if he did.

It was close to six when we finally started on our way back. Aelita and I would take the next branch and head to my house, the boys would continue on to the school. "Did you have a nice day?" Ulrich asked me.

"Yeah, it was great. However, I think I'm officially tired. I'm going straight home, eating dinner, taking a shower, and then...I'm sleeping." He laughed and I leaned against him until we caught up with the others. Sam had left an hour earlier so it was just the five of us again.

"Sweet dreams girls!" Odd called.

"You to guys," I said. Aelita looked confused and I promised her that I'd explain later. I hugged Ulrich quickly, I don't know why, it just felt right, maybe I am more tired than I thought originally. He returned it and Aelita hugged first Jeremie, then Odd before we went our separate ways.

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