Pairing: None

Chapter Title: Return

Point of View: Jeremie

Author's Note: Last chapter. An epilogue of sorts, it takes place a few months after the actual start of the series, think Holiday in the Fog-ish. Sorry for the last chapter, forgive me? Celebrate, no more updates, it's done! Do what you want with it.

Dedication: To everyone who has reviewed, and those of you who didn't.

Warnings: The end of it all...

From the start of the school year I can't help but think that something is wrong, something is off. It's not like I actually expected anything this year, certainly not making the friends I did this year. I'm still not sure why we all became friends but we did. And we're actually quite close.

"Hey, Jer, you gonna be okay here on your own without us?" Odd asks. He slings an arm around my shoulders and looks over my head at the computer screen. I roll my eyes.

"It's just winter vacation, I'll be fine." I've stayed at school on all winter and spring holidays and never had anyone worry about me. Besides my parents that is, but they always worry. Anyway, they can't afford to have me come home so soon.

"Who knows Odd, maybe Jer'll find himself a girlfriend," Ulrich jokes. He sits down on my other side and Yumi rolls her eyes as she sits on the ground.

"Like you have?" she teases. He blushes and I know they'll end up together by the end of the school year. It's really just a matter of time.

"I have no intention of finding myself "a girlfriend" Ulrich," I mutter. My ears are red, and I doubt I can blame the cold, but maybe… "I'm not like Odd."

"Hey, I've settled," he defends. "Sammie's the only one for me."

"Until the next comes along," Yumi grumbles. He either doesn't hear her or ignores her. I'm honestly not sure which one it is. "So what are your plans for the holiday Jeremie?"

Ah, Yumi, the sane one. I know why I became friends with her. I shrug and pull out a flier. "They're doing the Robot Wars you know? I need to fix up some of mine."

"Sounds…fascinating," Odd drawls.

"I think I'll head over to that old factory, the one beyond the canal? They probably have some scrap metal, what do you guys think?" Ulrich looks contemplative and Yumi wrinkles her nose.

"Eh, I'm not into the whole robot thing. But it should be good," Odd agrees. He kicks his foot and pulls at his scarf.

"Be careful, who knows if that thing is even safe," Yumi advises.

I turn to the other boy and raise an eyebrow. "Ulrich, your thoughts?" He seems to be snapping out of a reverie or something for the startled look he gives me.

"Huh, oh, yeah. I think you should. It sounds good." His voice sounds off but I shrug it off. Ulrich's usually "off" and distant, and just generally moody on the best of days. It's better not to question him too much.

Yumi stretches, standing. "Come on guys, four more hours and we're free for the holidays. I can't wait to get back to Japan."

I sit for a moment, thinking over my plans. It feels right to go to the factory. I'm sure it'll have the parts I need. I'm sure it'll have everything I need. Odd yells after me and I sigh, standing. Once they're gone I'll be able to search out the factory for all my materials. It'll be perfect.