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Stingy wasn't really a sweet tooth. But watching Ziggy eat candy day in and day out, every single second of the day made him jealous. Of the candy or of Ziggy he didn't really know.

The candy got all the attention. But Ziggy got all the candy. Stingy decided he'd rather have the attention.



Stingy tried again. Poke.



"Can't ya see I'm eating?" The other boy said with a mouth full of taffy.

"I'm more fun than candy! Play with me!" Ziggy chewed and Stingy pouted. "Quit it!"

"Quit what?"

"Quit ignoring me! Pay attention to me!" Stingy leaned over and put his mouth over Ziggy's, trying to take the taffy away from him.

Ziggy, caught off guard, fell backwards off the short wall and landed on his backside, swallowing the taffy in the process. "You kissed me!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Then what were you doing?"

"Trying to get that stupid taffy away from you!" Stingy jumped from the wall and grabbed Ziggy's hand, pulling him up off the ground.

"Yeah... By kissing me!"

"That wasn't a kiss! This is a kiss!" Stingy proceeded to give an example by leaning over again to peck the other on the lips. Ziggy stuttered incoherently while Stingy ran the opposite way, laughing. "Tag! You're it!"

Ziggy shook his head, then chased after the other boy; for once, his attention completely focused on something other than candy.

Stingy got what he wanted. Stingy: One, Candy: Zero.