Hey there.

Okay, this is a new fic of mine that is going to be a Teen Titan based Phantom of the Opera. If you do not like either the musical or the movie, I highly recommend that you do not read this. Anyone sending me flames for this fic will be very sorry they did. And no, that is not a threat.

This fic is also going to have the same songs and some of the same lines from the musical/movie. Here is a list of who are going to be the people in the normal Phantom of the Opera:

Phantom- Red X

Christine- Starfire (Kori)

Roul- Robin (Richard)

Madame Giry- Raven

Andre- Cyborg (Victor)

Firmin- Beast Boy (Gar)

Carlotta- Blackfire (Kiona)

Meg- Jinx (Jinny)

Bouquet- Mammoth (Mark)

Piangi- Speedy (Steven)

Reyer- Hotspot (Henry)

Attillio- Aqualad (Alan)

And, in case you were wondering, Jinx is, in a sense, good in this fic. Since it takes place in high school and it isn't the same Titans universe, I see no reason why they can't get along just this once. Besides, I couldn't find anyone else who could be Meg; she just seemed to fit the part better than Bumblebee, in my opinion.

I don't know if anyone will like this fic, since I usually don't do the whole "high school drama" deal. I usually think it has been done enough. But, with this, I hope some people will like it. Well, enjoy!