Disclaimer: Not mine Rating: PG Set: During '33', right around the climax.
Notes: I may not have all of this right (and for the record, I ended up with place-holder names for a while. Jonstone was Solace and Jiana was Devon Adair), my brain is mush, and there are probably names I don't remember, but I'm not going to make myself watch 33 again. The timing is probably also off.

Friendly Card Turned
by ALC Punk!

The Olympic Carrier soared, executing a near-perfectly-plotted FTL jump. It reappeared in the blackness of space, the stars glittering so far away. This was nothing but a faint hope, that they would find the fleet, that they'd still be there. They'd had to stop for repairs, missing the concert jump by hours. There was no way in all the hells that the fleet would have waited for them. Not with the Cylons on their tails. And yet, Captain Jiana Dace still had hope as they reappeared in the blackness of space nearby to where the fleet should be.

For tense seconds, the entire bridge was silent while Ramirez ran a sensor sweep. Finally, he made an excited exclamation. "Captain!" Jiana turned to the man as he continued, "Captain, we've got confirmation. The fleet is ahead."

"Oh, thank the Lords of Kobol." She straightened, "Jonstone, get on the horn. Tell the Galactica our situation, and ask for any instructions."

Commander Adama would probably have a hell of a lot to say to her. None of it good, but she'd weather it out. She sat back in her chair, pondering the last five hours. Of watching the Cylons skirt around them but approach no further. Of the adrenaline and panic as they fixed their engines (for the second time).

An irritated and exasperated voice came from the doorway to the bridge, where the owner had been relegated hours before. "Captain, I simply MUST insist that you allow me to speak with the President."

Damn. She'd forgotten him. "Jonstone, inform the Galactica that we've also got the good doctor waiting on his meeting with the President."

"Yes, ma'am."

Minutes passed, messages were exchanged, the situation explained. And then something strange occured. Jonstone looked up from his console, voice strange, "Ma'am, the Raptor is sending us a message via signal-light."

Jiana closed her eyes. She had hoped they wouldn't be this paranoid, but it didn't matter. There was probably a jamming signal blocking them from sending any messages. She sighed. They could simply follow their instructions. "What are they saying?"

"To hold our position."

"Do as they say, Jonstone."

"I've tried, ma'am."

The panic in his voice made her stand and look towards his station. "What are you saying?"

Light flashed across the forward portals. "They've fired warning shots." Reported the sensor tech from his station.

"Stop the engines, Jonstone."

"I can't."

Captain Dace sighed to herself, "Get me Engineering. Tell them to stop the engines, even if it means damaging them."

"Ma'am," Jonstone looked at her, his face paling, golden skin turning sallow. "The Olympic Carrier has just sent out some sort of signal. I didn't send it."

"What was it?"

"Unknown, I "

"Ma'am!" Ramirez's voice sounded panicked as he broke in. "The Cylons have arrived. And the two escort vipers, they've pulled back from us, they're behind us."

Damn. Fear shivered up her spine and she tried not to fidget. "Try contacting them again. Tell them we're having trouble stopping. That we need time. That we need help." We're a civillian ship, her mind yammered. They can't really and truly believe we're a threat.

"Ma'am, the fleet is beginning to jump to FTL, and the Galactica " His voice choked off for a moment. "The vipers are firing at our engines."

A shudder went through her ship, and Jiana wondered, as sound overwhelmed her and the blackness of space swallowed whole the lives of over 1,300 souls, who would pay for this in the final reckoning.