When will it ever end? I can't stand living anymore. My body aches from head to toe. Every breath I take is a breath of anguish, hopeing that each one is the last one, but it never is. Each minute that goes by, it seems like hours. The smell of rotten flesh is unbearable and reeks the whole dungen. Will anyone come? Will anyone save me?

"Out of the way.The work of your God. Is this how he answers your prayers?"

"See if there's still any alive"

Arthur, Lancelot and some of the other knights entered that main part of the dungen. "Who are these defilers of the lords temple?" said a crazy monk. Lancelot shoved the monk "Out of the way." Then he stoped a looked around in disgust. " The work of your God. Is this how he answers your prayers?" he said turning to Arthur, who was also looking around in disgust. "See if there's still any alive."

The knight were opening cells, but all they could find were rotting bodies. Dagonet opens a cell but turned away because of the ungodly smell.

One of the monks grabed Lancelot "How dare you set foot in this holpe place!" But Lancelot took MAriushe sword and stab the obnoxious monk. the other monk in the dungen looked down at his fellow brother. "That was a man of God." Lancelot said with anger "Not my god!"

Dagonet opened an other cell "This one's dead"

Gawain looked around "By the smell, they are all dead." Then he turn to the monk. "And you. You even move, you join him." he said pointing to the dead monk.

Dagonet open another cell and found a small boy. "Arthur" he said loudly as he lifts the boy out of the cell. The he pointed his fingure at the boy "You must not fear me."

Gawain knelt down at one of the cells. There he saw a young women wraped in rages, her face was covered in dirt and dry blood. He hair was all tangled up. He eyes were filled with sorrow. He cut the metal chains and opened the cell and picked her up.

Arthur on the other side on the dungen, knelt down at another cage and saw a women wraped in rage just like the first. Lancelot knelt beside him. Arthur gave Lancelot the torch and the cut the chain just like Gawain had done. He picked her up and went back outside.

"Water! Give me some water." said Arthur as he layed the women down. Gawain did the same with the women he was carrying.

Ganis runs to bring them all water. While they were all getting a drink of water, Tristian noticed " There both Woads"

Marius apporches Arthur " Stop what you are doing!" Arthur got up and hasten towards the large man "What is this maddness?" Marius said "They are all Pagans here!" Galahad sitting on his horse replied "So are we" Marius continued "They refuse to do the task God has set for them! They must die as an example."

Arthur was outraged and yelled "You mean they refuse to be your serfs." Marius looked at the Commander "You are a Roman. You understand. And you are a Christian!" then looking at his wife, who was with one of the prisoners. "You! You kept them alive!" Then he slaped her.

Arthur then punched him, knocking him to the ground. Then he grab his sword and points it at Marius' neck. His Mercemaries start to come to his rescue but he stoped them. Looking at Arthur he said. "When er get to the wall, you will be punished for the heresy." Arthur grab him around his collar " Perhaps I should kill you now and seal my fate."

Gawain strayed away from the comotion and looked down at the girl that he had rescued. He could tell that she hasn't seen light for some time because she was blinking a whole bunch. Gawain could tell that this women was beautiful under all the dirt and blood. She had a big gash over her brow. She wasn't sure what was going on, she looking around confused. Gawain knelt down beside her and said "Don't worry we won't let anything happen to you. Your in good hands." She looked at him and gave him a small smile.

The three that were found, were in a carrage. Dagonet and Fulcinia, Marius wife, were tendin the boy, who was named Lucan. "Arthur" said Dagonet said as his Roman friend entered the caravan. "How is he?" asked Arthur. Dagonet replyed, looking at the boy, "He burns. Brave boy."

Arthur walked passed them and saw Gawain with the women he had rescued. "How is she?" he asked. Gawain looked up, "I don't know, she was hurt really bad. I'm sure that she will make it. She's brused from head to toe." Arthur looked at the sleeping girl. Then patted Gawain on the back. "She be fine. Whenn she wakes up, get her name." Arthur then turn to the other woad and attended to her needs.

"Some of your fingures are out of place. I have to push them back. If I don't do this, there's a chance you may never use them again." he said to her as he looked at her hands. Arthur begins to push her fingures in place, the woad woman was screaming in pain. Once Arthur was done, he turn to walk away;but the woad stopped him by grabing his shirt.

"He tortured us. With machines. He made me tell him things I didn't know to begin with. And then I heard you voice in the dark. I'm Guinevere. You're Arthur, of the knight from the great wall." said the woman. Arthur looked down at her, "I am." Guinevere spoke again, " The Famous Brition who kills his own people." Arthur look at the other woad, trying to get off the topic. "Who is she?" Guinevere look over at her friend. "Her name is Angharad, my dearest friend."