Galahad was standing in the front, he was wearing a royal blue tunic with black chaps, he was almost jumping up and down with nervousness. He looked to the right and saw Bors with Vanora, who was with child again, among the guests. Their other children swamed around them. To the left was his dear friend Gawain, his arms were around a beautiful briton women with fair hair, just like Gawain's. Beside Gawain and his love, was Guinevere hold the tiny child, Roparzh. He smiled at the beautiful child. Then his eyes made way to the center of the path way. His jaw drop at the sight of his bride.

Angharad was dressed in a creamy white, satin, gown. It had v-neckline, boarded with a gold trim and the arms were a bell style. Her hair was pinned up with ringletts falling aimlesly. A gold trimed vail flowed behind her and well as a long train attached to the dress. Escorting her to the front was her dear brothe, King Arthur. He offered her his arm and she tooked without delay. They started walking towards Galahad, who was in a daze looking has his to be wife. His face glowed with a huge smiled and Angharad was also smiling to her love.

When they reached Galahad, Angharad face Arthur and took his hand and held it tightly. Arthur leaned in a kissed her on the fore head. Arther then took Galahad's hand and brought it to Angharad's. Galahad nodded his head to Arthur, who backed up to and stood beside his wife. Angharad and Galahad faced each other. Merlin stood in front of them. "Princess Angahard, do you take this knight, to be your husband, to love and to hold, in good times and bad, in sickness and in heath, from this day forward." Still looking at Galahad, Angharad answered "I do!" Merlin then turned to Galahad. "Sir Galahad, do you take this Princess, sister of the king, to be your wife, to love and to hold, in good times and bed, in sickness and in heath, from this day forward." Galahad smiled at his love "I do!."

Merlin smiled at the to and went to grab the goblet. He first handed it to Angharad, who took it and took at drink from the goblet. She handed it to Galahad and he aswell took a drink from the goblet and gave it back to Merlin. The two faced the man in front of them, "Angharad, Galahad, you two, are now one in each other." Anghard turned to face Galahad, who did the same. They leaned in a kissed passinately. Before turning back to their guest Angharad whisped into Galahad's ear "Thank you for saving me." Galahad looked at he confused but then turn to the other, who were cheer loudly.

Angharad looked at Arthur, his grin on his face was bright and cheerful. He nodded his head tohis sister and walked up to her and gave her a hug and shook Galahad's hand. "Congradulation!" Then turning to the people "Lets everyone in Briton know, that if anything would ever happen to Guinevere or I. Angharad and Galahad will take the rule. For Angharad, is my sister and is next in line for the throne. She would rule you as I do." Angharad looked at Arthur with a suprised look on her face, but had a smile. "To Angharad and Galahad." Shouted Arthur. The crowd shout back in reply and all cheered.

Angharad and Galahad lived a happy life, and had many children, but only half of what Bors had. The words Angharad had said to Galahad "Thank you for 'saving me'" where true, for Galahad had saved her. But he did much more than that, he, as well as her brother, completed her heart. For there was no longer an empty space. She was completely happy, with her husband to her right and brother to the left and her children surounding them.