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Eight years earlier:

"What do you mean you're staying with them?" Seto asked, he couldn't believe what she was saying.

"You heard me Seto, I'm not going to waste my life in a orphanage because of that demon."

Seto couldn't believe it, first his mother had to die giving birth to Mokuba, then their father died three years later and now his own sister would rather go leave with their uncle then to stay with them. He knew his uncle didn't care about any single one of them, all he wanted was the heritage their father left them.

On normal term he would have stayed with him, it was better then the orphanage, but his uncle loved his mother to a point were he was dangerous; of course she hated him, and his uncle never took the fact that she married his brother. That's the reason why they almost never saw him, only when his grandmother would invite them over, but she died a year ago.

Of course Seto had no trust in his uncle but it wasn't the reason why he refused to go, his uncle was totally obsessed by his mother so how do you think he felt toward Mokuba, after all she died giving birth to him. His uncle said that he would accept to take him and his sister but not Mokuba. As soon as he heard about that he made his choice, he would stay with Mokuba.

His sister however didn't had the same opinion about Mokuba, for her he was responsible for their mother's death and she hated him since the day he was born, she never even called him by his name or accepted him as family.

"There's no way I'm going to let that brat ruin my life again." Seto could sense Mokuba tightening his hold on his hand, he knew how much his sister hated him, he loved her but she never even gave him a chance. "It's already enough that he took our mother, I'm not going to lose the opportunity of a life because of him, I don't understand why you want to stay with him."

"Because he's our brother." Seto said

"He's not, if he truly was then he wouldn't have killed our mother. Father should have get rid of him the first d-"

"Shut-up!" Seto slapped her, he didn't moved for a few second and turned toward Mokuba. "Come on Mokie, it's obvious she doesn't want to be part of our family, we'll just have to live without her." Seto then leaved with Mokuba still holding his hand.

When they were out of view Seto kneeled down in front of Mokuba. "Why isn't big sister coming with us?" Mokuba asked.

Seto took his little brother in his arm, he knew how much Mokuba loved his sister but he knew she would never accept him and he didn't wanted him to suffer all his life because of her. "Because she doesn't like us, she doesn't want to be part of our family anymore, just forget about her, she's gone now and never coming back."

And just as Seto said, as day passed by Mokuba's young mind forgot more about her until nothing remained and he totally forgot he had a sister.

Chapter one: Hide n seek.

"Come on Mokuba I know you're in there." Joey shouted as he entered another room.

"Come one Joey you said those exact same words each time you entered a room for the last 15 minutes." Yugi said.

"Yeah but this time I'm right, that's the only room we haven't checked yet."

"Joey give it up already, there's no way you are going to find him, it's his house after all, just admit it he beat you…again." Tristan said.

"Ok I give." Joey said once he finished checking the room. "Hey Mokuba, you can come out now you won." He yelled.

"Hey guys." The little black haired kid appeared out of nowhere.

"Where in the world were you hiding, we looked everywhere." Joey said.

Mokuba just laughed, it wasn't often that his friends could come over, especially not Yugi and the other, but this was a good side Mokuba found when his brother was away. Kaiba was gone on a busyness trip for a week so Mokuba kept inviting friends behind his brother's back…of course Kaiba was sure Mokuba was doing things like this but did as if he didn't knew about it.

"I was in the attic."

"The attic, how in the world did you expected me to find you in there?"

"Sorry Joey, it's just that I accidentally found the door to the attic and since it took you so long I got bored and I decided to check it, I guess I just lost track of time."

"What could be so interesting in the attic?" Joey asked.

"Nothing really, I just found some old things that I thought Gozaburo would have burned."

"Things like what?"

"Mostly toys and a few pictures, I'm sure Seto would be really happy when I'll tell him they are all here."

"I say we all go check it out." Joey said.

"And what do you think Kaiba will do if you go around and look trough his things?" Tea asked.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him Tea. Come on I'm sure your old man hides tones of valuable things in there."

Mokuba could have complained but he wanted to go back in the attic anyway so he led the way. Joey being curious and wanting to find something to use as blackmail against Kaiba was looking in every single box. He finally found a picture with two people on it, one was a tall guy with short brown hair and he was holding a young woman with long black hair by her waist.

"Hey I didn't know your brother had a girlfriend." Joey said.

Mokuba walked closer to him to take a look at the picture, sure enough the man looked a lot like Kaiba but Mokuba knew better. "That's my father."

Joey took a good look at the picture. "Really, it's no wonder you look so much like a girl then."

"Not the girl, moron, him." Mokuba pointed at the man in the picture.

By now all the others were looking at the picture over Mokuba's shoulder. "That's your father?" Yugi asked.

Mokuba nodded. "That's him."

"I can see the family resemblance between him and Kaiba." Tea said.

"Gee they look so much like each other it's scary." Joey said. "So who's the girl with him?"

"Well duh it's my mother." Mokuba said as if it was obvious, in fact it was quite obvious actually.

"Really?" Joey started to look at the picture and at Mokuba with intense concentration, trying to find some resemblance, like it wasn't evident.

All of them sighed. "He's impossible."

They once again started to look around the boxes when Tea found something strange. "Is that your brother?" She showed Mokuba a picture with a little smiling kid on it, he had blue eyes and brown hair.

Mokuba looked at it. "Yea it's him." That's when Mokuba noticed the other person with him on the picture: it was a girl about the same age as the Kaiba on the picture, they were around five years old, she too had blue eyes and brown hair, she was behind Kaiba with her arm around his neck and hey chin resting on his shoulder, the two of them were smiling.

"Do you have any idea who the girl is?" Tea asked.

"I have no idea, I never saw her before." Mokuba turned the picture around and looked at the date. "I wasn't born yet when this picture was taken."

Joey then took the picture from Mokuba's hand. "Whoever she is the two of them were really close, do you think she could be a childhood crush?"

"Joey can't you think of anything else, my brother was five when this picture was taken," It was around a month before I was born, he looked so happy back then.

Mokuba was still looking at the picture when they heard the door open, they hadn't heard anyone knocking and the employees were taking the back door, that could only mean one thing, he's brother was back…and Yugi and his friends were still in the house.

"I thought you said your brother wouldn't be back another two days." Joey said, of everyone he was the last one who wanted Kaiba to find him here.

"Well that was the plan, I guess things went well and he came back earlier."

"We're better think of something before he finds us here."


(A little bit sooner.)

Seto Kaiba exited his limo and entered the Kaiba Corp. building, just as always people were greeting him and just as always he didn't paid any attention to them. He was currently in a terrible mood, his business trip went bad and he didn't get the contract, it wasn't the fact that he didn't got it that made him mad, in fact that contract wouldn't had give him anything, he was mad because it had been a complete lost of time.

He sat down in his office but because he wasn't supposed to be back before another two days all his work was done so instead he decided to go back to his mansion, his work was done for the next two days and he didn't had any meeting, he would rest today and take some time with his little brother tomorrow.


Kaiba opened the door of his mansion, all he wanted was a hot shower and his bed, but as he stepped into the entrance hall he felt something was odd, and it didn't took him long to discover what. There was coats and shoes that he recognised too well.

"Just great." He said through his teeth but before he could think of anything a big mess of black hair made contact with him.

"Big brother!"

Kaiba was a little shocked by the impact but he hugged his brother back. "Hey kiddo."

"What are you doing here?"

Kaiba gave him a strange look. "Since when am I not welcome into my own house?"

"That must be the only place where you are welcome." Joey whispered to himself before everyone hushed him up.

Of course Kaiba wasn't blind or deaf; he had heard the voice and recognised it, even if he hadn't caught what the mutt said but right now all he wanted was to rest and pass some good time with his little brother so he was going let it go…for now.

"Come on, you know that's not what I meant, I thought you weren't supposed to come back before two days."

"Well this meeting ended up sooner than expected, it was a complete lost of time." Kaiba said, fully aware that while he was facing his little brother Yugi and the others were getting their coats and shoes back, he was also sure they were going to escape by the service door.

Kaiba walked past his little brother and into the living room were he sat on a coach. "So, how have you been."


"And how was school?" Just as Kaiba expected his little brother's smile faded. Exactly what he thought, as soon as Mokuba started school, after Gozaburo's death, it became evident that he was a genius just like him and Kaiba knew all too well what happened when you have a gift like that one.

Kaiba just sighed, he really wanted his brother to be happy but the poor kid ended up just like him, all alone because he was a genius, except for Yugi and the others, that was one of the reason why he made as if he didn't knew they were here. Speaking of the devil Kaiba heard the service door closing, which told him they were gone.

"Mokuba." The little kid looked up at his little brother. "What did I told you about inviting friends over when I'm not there?"

Mokuba looked down, he was convinced that he was going to get grounded. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I knew about it for a long time kid." Mokuba looked up and saw his brother was smiling, he was teasing him.

"Why didn't you ever said anything?"

Kaiba looked down at him. "Because you need friend, that's something I never had, and I didn't wanted you to stop playing with them because we don't get along. Next time just tell me so I make sure not to come home before they are gone." He added with a smile.

Mokuba laughed. "You know, you should give them a chance."

Kaiba sighed. "We already talked about this Mokuba."

"I know."

"Beside I let you invite them over for the past four month without saying a thing, you think I would had let you do it if I didn't trusted them to keep you safe?"


Kaiba smiled. "Well since I'm back earlier I have two free days in front of me and I intend to spend every minutes of them with my unique little brother, what do you say?"

Mokuba's eyes widened. "Really?"

Kaiba nodded. "Let me take a shower first and after that we'll do anything you want."


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