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Chapter 23: It's nice to have a family.

"Ready to go outside and get attacked by a crowd of scandals hungry reporters?" Kaiba asked once he was sure his uncle was out of the building, he would never come back and Kaiba wasn't going to let him influence his or his sister's life for even another second.

"Just great, the great Seto Kaiba have a sister and all the world will stop running because of that." She sighed.

"That remind me." Kaiba held out the contract Meyli signed while he was sick, now that their uncle was gone it came back to him mind. "I don't know how you managed that but you actually got even better that what I was supposed to."

Meyli was flabbergasted. "Your serious?"

"Actually I was worried he would try some dirty trick as soon as he would see it wasn't me." Kaiba was gathering his thing slowly, so was Meyli.

"He did try, but did you really expected me to not see the catch?"


"I can't believe they wrote such things about you." Mokuba was flaming as he kept reading the article that some other reporter wrote.

"Calm down Mokuba, those are only the stupid thought of a stupid reporter working for a stupid fourth rate newspaper, she only want to get attention. You of all people should know all those stupidity they can put out."

"You should listen to him Mokuba, actually they aren't as bad as I thought they would."

"But they're saying that you are out to steal the company and all the money, that you aren't really his sister and that you already did the same trick to a good number of other rich people."

"As she said, that isn't so bad, you do remember how they kept telling how I brutally murdered Gozaburo with a kitchen knife before pushing him out the window, or when they said that you and me were in a 'relationship'"

Meyli burst out laughing at the thought of the two brother going out with each other, it was ridiculous. She couldn't believe someone could be so stupid. However she brutally stopped when he mind tried to get to more….should I say….nasty and highly disturbing stuff. "But I did heard about this story of you killing your stepfather, how did that really happened?"

"He jumped out." Both brother replied simultaneously, not really paying attention to the question, Gozaburo wasn't really something they liked to talk about.

"When I took over the company he jumped out saying that was what happened to loser." (an: That's what happened in the manga, maybe not the exact same words but who cares, I'm 700km from home, I can't go check)

"I suppose I'm getting out of this fairly well." Meyli stated, sensing the brothers didn't really liked the subject.

"Yea, until they decide to find out where you came from and where you were all those years." Mokuba stated as if it was nothing, after all, he knew nothing of her life.

Meyli chocked on her food when Mokuba said those words, she glanced up at her brother with a pleading look.

"Don't worry, I already took care of that, everything concerning your past cannot be tell by anyone unless I personally give authorisation."


At school however, things changed for the worst, adding money and a popular name to the fact that she was a really gorgeous girl, she had suddenly became extremely popular amongst guys, well even more popular now that she wasn't Kaiba's property. As we all know, Meyli wasn't one to like having attention from guys and having so much guys around her arguing about who she was going to go out with as if her opinion didn't matter, was making her quite uneasy.

Trying to find a way out of this mess she saw a head she knew well and kinda trusted. "Joey." She quickly dodged all the boy who watched her curiously as she took Joey by the arm in a manner that pretty much meant I'm with him so get lost. All the other boys were glaring at Joey while he had a confused look on his face.

Once they were out of view Meyli thanked him with a big smile that made the blond boy blush "What was that all about? You hate being around guys but you don't care being that close to me?"

"Well…yea, something like that." Meyli blushed a little.

Joey glanced over her shoulder slightly. "They're coming this way." He said as he took her arm again and started walking in the direction of her locker.

Meyli looked over he shoulder as best as she could but she couldn't see anyone behind them. "What are you talking about? I don't see them anywhere." That's when everything clicked. "Why you little…" She glared at Joey who was grinning from ear to ear before starting to laugh a little.

"So, how do you like the life as a Kaiba?" Joey asked ;once she stopped laughing. "You're making a lot of girl jealous by taking the attention of all the boys of the school."

"Well they can take them back, I hate having boys around me like that. Other than that there is those journalist who keep saying that I only want my brother's money, but they both said that they were actually nice."

"No one even believe them." They passed in front of a bunch of girl who sent her really nasty glares. "Well, no one safe the fangirl."

"They should get a life, Seto's not going to go out with them, heck I wonder if he'll ever go out with someone." They both stopped in front of her locker. "Hum Joey? Would you mind giving me my arm back?"

Joey looked down at his arm and sure enough he was still holding hers. He blushed deeply as he let her go. "Sorry about that."

Meyli just smiled as she started to look through her things. "I don't mind."

"Can I ask you something?" Joey asked.

"I don't see why not."

"Why don't you mind me?"

Meyli looked back at him with mild confusion on her face.

"I mean, I know you can't stand being anywhere near a boy alone so why don't you mind being with me?"

Meyli faked to think for a few second. "I don't know, maybe you have a big feminine side."

Joey's face fell, he sure wasn't expecting that one. "I can't believe you are related to Kaiba, can't you be serious please?"

Meyli smiled. "Don't you have any idea? Since the day I first came here you were nice to me and not trying to look under my shirt."

Joey grinned. "That must me because of Tea, I did it once and boy did I regret it."

"Serves you right." Meyli said.

"Hey, you can blame me, I'm a boy after all."

"I suppose you are right, guys will be guys and guys are pigs." Meyli snorted, thinking about Jake and her uncle.

"Not all guys are pig you know." Joey said.

"And I suppose that by 'not all' you mean you don't you?" Meyli smiled.

Joey just grinned. "Well sorta, not that I'm the only one, Yugi's way too nice and Kaiba's classed as gay."

"Must I remind you that you are talking to my brother?"

"Well you have to admit that he is kinda stuck up when it comes down to girls."

"…Fine, you win on that one, but as far as I know you never had any girlfriend either." Meyli smirked. "What is telling me that you aren't?"

"How in the world do you know that I never had a girlfriend before?" Joey asked.

"Hey, I'm Seto Kaiba's sister, I have a lot of sources…namely Tea." Meyli smiled, remembering the little discussion she had with Tea a little while back.

"Is my mind playing tricks on me or are you blushing?" Tea said, teasingly.

"I am not!" Meyli replied, her cheek getting even redder.

"My god, you really are blushing, you have a crush on Joey."

"I do not." Meyli said, but her voice wasn't really that convincing.

"Sure you don't." Tea said. "In case you are wondering, he doesn't have a girlfriend, or ever had for that matter."

"I DO NOT LOVE HIM." Meyli shouted.

"Why am I not surprised that she told you that."

"You know her, and I'm still waiting for a proof that you aren't gay." Meyli smirked.

Joey next did something neither of them were expecting, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Meyli couldn't find any word to describe how she was feeling, she knew that she should be scare, but she just couldn't bring herself to fight him off. Unlike when he uncle was abusing her she didn't feel used, actually it felt right.

Surprising herself, she started to kiss him back, Joey's arm found there way around her waist and he pulled her closer to him as she moved her arm around his neck and started to play with his hair. Much to their disappointment they had to part of to prevent dying from lack of oxygen.

"I think that's proud enough." Meyli stated a little shocked and he cheek flushed.

"Joey was about to say something but he was interrupted by the bell, telling them they had to hurry or they would be late for class.


Later that week Joey and Meyli were both waking together in the park, they had been hanging out together all day going to various place. After the little kiss they had started to get along a little more, they started going out but they weren't exactly what you could call a couple yet. Meyli had told him why she was so afraid of boys, Joey was totally angered by what she had told him but now he knew he had to be careful with her. Safe for a few kiss on the lips and nothing more they hadn't kissed since that day, lucky for them no one saw them, no one actually knew they were going out together. For one, because Joey knew Kaiba hated him and two, because they didn't wanted to get the attention of all those reporters.

They both stayed silent for a little while, having nothing to tell the other, actually at this point there was no need of words. Joey cupped her cheek in his palm and raised he head to meet his and kissed her.


The next day, Kaiba came down from his room to get breakfast before going to school. He was greeted by a snickering Mokuba who was hiding something behind his back.

"Mokuba? What's so funny?"

"Nothing Seto." The little Kaiba said, laughing even louder.

Not believing one word his brother said, Kaiba stole what Mokuba was hiding behind his back before the kid could even react. He was surprised when he realised it was a newspaper. "What's is so funny about a newspaper." Mokuba was now rolling on the floor as Kaiba looked at the first page, he couldn't keep the small smile to appear on his lips. "I see."

"Good morning guys." Meyli entered the kitchen when she saw Mokuba rolling on the floor. "What is wrong with him?"

"You know, I would have thought your standards would have been much higher than this, but then again it's true than birds of a same feather flock together." Kaiba said.

"What in the world are you talking about?" Meyli asked.

"I did warned you that reporters were going to watch your every moves." Kaiba turned the newspaper toward her.

Meyli saw what was wrong with them, right on the first page there was a picture of her and Joey kissing in the park yesterday. She blushed slightly now that both her brothers knew but it all disappeared when Kaiba's word sunk in. "Are you calling me a mutt?"

Kaiba only smirked, after all he loved to tease his sister. Actually he didn't really minded whoever she decided to go out with, he was even glad that she was getting near a guy, even if he would have preferred someone else than Joey it was her life, and as long as he didn't have to be all friendly to him he didn't cared.

"Why you little." Meyli jumped on him and they both fell to the floor, getting in a 'friendly' fight.

Mokuba rolled his eyes, it was like that almost every morning, it was a normal thing for sibling of a close age to tease each other, in fact Mokuba counted himself lucky that they were only teasing and not fighting for real as were many siblings. "It's nice to have a family."


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