Author's Note: This chapter is mostly credited to Shelby Cloyster, the creator of Trevor and his pokemon. In other words: he wrote out practically all the chapter, I just edited and modified. While Trevor is involved in this story, he'll be involved in the writing process.

Explosions and Death:

It was a nice, warm, sunny afternoon with perfect walking conditions, yet Chris had spent the past half-hour sitting motionless on a rock. He didn't move, and nobody seemed capable of grabbing his attention. Sanja was about to hit him across the face when Kani, who had been napping in the sunlight woke up. Upon observing the situation quickly, she mentally called out to Sanja, (Don't bother, Sanja. He's psychically communicating with somebody else right now. Looks like he's also reorganizing his mental barrier as well…)

Sanja blinked, and said in surprise, "I thought you could only communicate with us by bouncing it off Chris." She looked confused, obviously not understanding how Kani could manage that feat without Chris's conscious aid in the matter. Kani, if she had been human, would have shrugged. Instead, she just lazily blinked, and replied, (True, but just because he's focusing his mind right now doesn't mean I can't exploit it.) She paused, cocking her head for a moment, before adding on, (I can't tell who he's talking to, but they're far away enough that the communication requires a lot of Chris' concentration, but close enough that it doesn't give him a headache for multitasking.) As soon as Kani finished her telepathic explanation, Chris opened his eyes, rubbed them, stretched for a moment, and then slowly stood, his joints cracking softly in complaint about being motionless and on a hard surface.

"What was that all about?" asked Ash. He'd been scratching his head for quite some time when Chris didn't jump after Pikachu fired a Thunderbolt two feet from the psychic, though Pikachu had been oddly careful with his aim – usually, the only people Pikachu was careful not to accidentally zap were the people who had recently given him ketchup, and his mother… when she had been alive.

Chris rolled his head, causing a very soft series of popping sounds as vertebrae were reset. After his eyes re-focused from the moment of 'disconnection' that such an action occasionally caused, he replied, "I've been having a conversation about three plots: one to kidnap me and two to kill me. Both of my killers are – or would be – inquisitors, but I'll give you three guesses as to who wants to kidnap me." His tone was rather sardonic, giving the perceptive members of the group within earshot a bad feeling, while Kani had her equivalent of a disapproving look on her face.

Misty, looking a bit hesitant, ventured, "Rockets?" She knew about their interest with him… after all, he did have a reward on him, most people in Kanto knew about the price on his head, with a few self-proclaimed bounty hunters supposedly looking for him. Chris shook his head silently, causing Mathrara to scowl at Anekiro, apparently, they'd bet on who it was.

"The inquisitors?" Ash guessed meekly. Chris once again shook his head, and Anekiro sighed – they'd bet on one or the other, so neither of them won the bet. Teskara gave them a curious look, but didn't ask; she got the feeling it was a guy thing.

Sanja, a somewhat knowing smirk on her face, said, "That crazy kid from the Fuchsia Gym." Chris replied to her guess with a sarcastic-looking smile, and a nod. Brock, curious about why a passing trainer (even one as misguided as him) would be interested in Chris, asked, "So why does he want to kidnap you? Money?" The bounty/reward was obviously his line of thought.

Chris replied in a somewhat distant tone, "Not really… he's not in it for the money. I was talking with that Lunatone of his, apparently, an inquisitor chose to attack them. She was supposed to kill him, and then off us, but she made a mistake about which Pokémon she used." With a shake of his head, and a wry smile, he continued, "She'd captured our old Houndoom…friend…and it was her first time using him in battle. End result was he ripped out her throat."

The various members of the group reacted in different ways. Mathrara and Anekiro, experienced with the way things were in the wild, were indifferent, though they seemed a bit smug about the death. Kani had shut her eyes and sneezed, Teskara was looking off into the distance, and Pikachu had a resigned look on his face. The humans were somewhat along the same lines, Ash was resigned, Misty looked disturbed, Brock was seemingly untouched by the words, Sanja was smiling gleefully, and Chris had a blank look on his face. Misty summed up her feelings with an expression of, "Ugh,"

Chris nodded, a faint smile twitching on the right side of his face. He was experienced with the darker side of life, he'd lived in the slums after all, you learned to ignore violence unless you were somehow dragged into it, and he was personally acquainted with death. He thought for a moment, and continued, "It gets worse. In the event that she failed, a backup inquisitor was sent out to finish off the primary target… you guessed it, me. To make things worse, they've updated their psychic blockers so now they can completely nullify psychic powers and even cause psychics pain." The various psychics and psychic pokemon made expressions of disgust at that, including Mathrara, since he could now use psychic attacks. A blocker wouldn't do anything worse than give him a small headache, but a headache was not something he wanted.

Chris gathered his thoughts, and explained, "Trevor's trying to kidnap me not for the money, but for information about why the inquisitors are so… insane, and what-not. Apparently, he isn't from this region, he has no clue about the church."

Mathrara summed up the situation with a comment of (Lucky bastard. Should have stayed in his region, or gone to the other one.)

Chris chuckled, and said, "Not really. He ran from his home in Jhoto for some reason or another, but I'm not really sure about the specifics. He'd headed to Hoenn, and then came here by mistake after that. Anyway, that Lunatone of his promised that they'd try and help get rid of the next assassin…" Ash interrupted with a surprising comment of, "Oh, crap!"

"Oh, crap indeed," added the tall, muscular gentleman standing nearby (well, he can't exactly be described as gentle, as he had a rather large and menacing-looking pistol pointed at the group). Dressed in full inquisitor regalia, he suddenly flicked a switch from 'stealth' to 'on' for of the devices at his side, and Chris, Sanja, and Kani all fell from a sudden onset of major migraines, while Mathrara winced from a headache ripping through his mind. Pointing his gun at Sanja, he said to Chris, "I'll kill you last, witch, so you suffer from the emotional pain of watching the deaths of all your friends, starting with your girlfriend…"

Ash and the other two were frozen while Mathrara was fighting to overcome the headache to use Faint Attack to steal the gun and get rid of it when a voice interrupted, "I don't know what's worse, the fact that your planning to shoot a girl, or that you're planning to shoot her when she's down," came a rather familiar high-pitched voice from a nearby tree. A black-and-green blur flashed above the inquisitor, who shouted gleefully, "There you are, you little brat! There's nowhere to run now!" The unexpected answer came from another tree on the inquisitor's right: "Really? I could have sworn there was." The black-and-green blur flashed to another tree, this one somewhere behind the group, and the voice cried out, "But even if there isn't, I plan to stand and fight!"

The inquisitor looked from the end destination of the blur to the tree on his right, and finally muttered, "Pain in the ass punks." He released two pokemon, a Cacturne and a Swampert, which appeared at his side. Another black-and-green blur flashed to the rock where Chris had been sitting a minute ago, but this time with a somewhat-familiar face sitting on it. Trevor's blue eyes had suddenly changed brown, and he was wearing glasses and different clothes, but otherwise it was the exact same kid that had somewhat betrayed the gang to Tssyalo back at Fuchsia Gym. He was grinning as he retorted, "A Swampert? I thought you guys generally use Dark-Type Pokémon."

"A guy's gotta cover his bases," replied the inquisitor, a mix of professional pride and sarcasm in his voice. He then ordered quickly, "Cacturne, hop on Swampert's back and charge up a Focus Punch! Swampert, while he's doing that, use Earthquake!"

The Houndoom watched the scene unfold before him. He believed he could easily take out that Cacturne with a good Flamethrower, then hop from the Swampert's back to the madman and kill him. As he jumped into the void, he mused about the words 'Focus Punch'. It didn't sound like a human order for a natural move… maybe it was some sort of weird combination that he'd never heard of before.
The Cacturne, as per his master's orders, hopped onto the Swampert's back and began focusing in on the trainer as his right fist started to glow blue. The Swampert immediately jumped into the air and hit the ground extremely hard, creating an earthquake that knocked Trevor off his rock and knocked Teskara and Pikachu off of their feet, while Mathrara winced and was winded by the attack, not being able to jump into the void in time, though it drove off his headache. Anekiro was unaffected thanks to the fact that he was floating, and Kani wasn't affected simply because she was too far away, and on the ground anyway, hissing in pain, throwing out psychic waves that normally would cause pain to anything remotely sensitive, but did nothing within the nullifier's area of affect. With a burst of darkness, the Houndoom who had been following Chris and the gang (prior to his capture) leapt out of the void and, unfortunately, right into the path of the Cacturne's Focus Punch. The Houndoom managed to get off a rushed Flamethrower before the cactus pokemon connected, and sent the Houndoom flying, unconscious from the super-effective blow. The Cacturne winced, reeling from the pain, and moved in to strike the Houndoom again when his master shouted, "Enough, it's fainted already!" Trevor looked worried, but the inquisitor grinned sickeningly and turned towards him, commenting, "Now, my little young annoyance, where are your other Pokémon?"

Anekiro, rather irritated with the church, inquisitors, and humanity's dark side altogether, launched a Hyper Beam. Simultaneously, Mathrara fired a Flamethrower, Teskara launched a Razor Leaf (she lacked the endurance to use Solarbeam more than once, and didn't have enough time to charge up), and Pikachu fired a Thunderbolt. The inquisitor cried "Protect!" and both his Pokémon created yellow barriers with their hands that absorbed the four attacks (the Swampert absorbing the Hyper Beam and parrying the Razor Leafs, the Cacturne stopping the Flamethrower and Thunderbolt). As Anekiro slumped to the ground, tired as heck because of the Hyper Beam, the inquisitor commanded, "Now Swampert, hit them all with Blizzard!" (Oh, crap!) exclaimed Anekiro and Mathrara in unison, as the Swampert launched an enormous blue snowstorm from its mouth. Teskara, who was weak to that attack, reacted on instinct, and generated a Protect barrier to deflect the blue snowstorm from her. Ash's quick cry of "Protect" did the same for Pikachu, while Mathrara stood in front of Anekiro with a Protect of his own, attempting to shield him from the attack. The shield absorbed about half the energy of the incoming attack, but then shattered. Anekiro, still recovering, gambled as well, and created a Protect barrier of his own, which deflected the remainder of the attack, but exhausted the Dragonair. "Now, Sludge Bomb!" Everybody (except Trevor) acted with surprise at the attack orders, and once again all four of Ash's and Chris' Pokémon attempted to generate Protect barriers; only Pikachu's however, had enough power behind it to actually nullify the force of the Sludge Bomb, but was caught off guard by a surprise Earthquake from the Swampert (apparently, the inquisitor had whispered the orders to the Swampert so nobody would have time to react). Anekiro, Teskara, Mathrara, and Pikachu all collapsed on the ground, either unable or unwilling to fight anymore. At the sight of the exhausted Pokémon, the inquisitor laughed, but Trevor just yawned. "Are you done yet?"

The inquisitor, annoyed and tired of Trevor's commentary, snapped, "Insolent fool! You shall not disrespect me again! Swampert, Hydro Pump! Cacturne, Needle Arm!" Both of the inquisitor's Pokémon charged up their respective attacks, but Trevor just snapped his fingers with a smug look on his face. Pikachu, finding the strength to stand and fight again looked ready to intervene, but Ash called softly, "Pikachu", and the electric mouse backed off. Ash had noticed that Trevor had a glint in his eye that he'd seen too often, meaning the little pest had a plan. Chris's other pokemon either obeyed Ash, were too tired, or just didn't mind the idea of Trevor dying (it was hard to say), they didn't intervene either.

Almost immediately after the inquisitor's shout, Gecko the Sceptile leapt from the shadows, Leaf Blades extended and positioned around the Swampert's neck in such a way that any movement on either party's part would result in a nasty gash on the Swampert's neck, at the very least. Coldly, the Sceptile said, (Fire that Hydro Pump, or any other attack for that matter, and it will be the last move you ever make, you pathetic mud fish. And I wouldn't try to retaliate from the comment, either; these Leaf Blades are powerful enough to make you faint on touch, provided I don't decide to lop off your head first.)

Hearing the Sceptile's words, the Swampert swallowed the water in his mouth, looking stunned that he'd just been defeated so quickly. The inquisitor reacted by ordering, "Cacturne, forget Needle Arm, take out that reptilian pest with Sludge Bomb!"

The Cacturne was about to fire the purple goop from his mouth when he was blasted from behind by an Ice Beam fired by Ice Ball, Trevor's infamous (in some areas) Glalie. The Cacturne swallowed the goop in surprise, poisoning himself. Trevor laughed and said with a somewhat evil smile, "This is almost too easy, you pathetic twit!"

Ash, getting the feeling that Trevor was about to kill someone (and not wanting blood on his hands by association), said, "Thanks, Trevor, but we'll take it from here before you kill somebody. Ready, Brock, Pikachu?"

Brock nodded towards Ash as Pikachu let his cheeks spark warningly, but when he attempted to open the Pokéball containing his Ludicolo, nothing happened. Brock, stunned and annoyed at the same time, groaned, "Not that thing again. Isn't Team Rocket's use of that machine enough!" The trio, a fair time ago, had encountered a device acquired by Team Rocket (the idiot trio) that generated a signal to prevent Pokéballs from working, either releasing their contents, or returning them inside. Team Rocket still had been blasted off (it did have a relatively short range, a hot air balloon wasn't the best idea to use it in), but it had been one of their more close counts.

The inquisitor smirked, and commented in a somewhat amused tone, "So, they use this device as well… pity theirs pales in comparison to ours. Now Swampert, Focus Punch! Cacturne, get in front of Swampert and prepare to use Protect!" The inquisitor's Pokémon obeyed his commands, as Gecko had long since gotten out of the way, and the inquisitor chuckled, "Say goodbye to that Glalie of yours, kid!" Pikachu looked toward Ash, who shook his head with a mouthing of 'wait'. Misty, catching Ash's gesture, gave him a curious look, but Ash shook his head silently, obviously not willing to reveal what he knew.

Trevor smirked, and shouted, "Only if you say goodbye to your Swampert! Now, guys!"

Just beyond easy sight of the battlefield, a confused Cloyster asked (Was that the signal?)

(I hope so,) was the Linoone's reply. (I don't know what else could be it…)

(Just shut up and throw me already Siggy,) was Bombshell's reply. The golden Forretress knew that he was the key to Trevor's plan, but he could only pull this off if these two idiots actually did their job. And that was also assuming that none of the still-awake Pokémon screwed it up.

(Wrong, Bombshell. Shelby throws you, I just spin you.) With that, Siggy hit one of Bombshell's cannon-like protrusions with a Tail Whip as Shelby fired an Ice Beam at the Forretress, creating an artificial forward-moving Rapid Spin and propelling the Forretress directly at the poor unsuspecting inquisitor and his Pokémon.

The Swampert was just about to fire the Focus Punch when both he and the Cacturne were knocked in the air by a flying Forretress that managed to trip them both up. He ricocheted off of a tree, skidding to a stop right under the Swampert and Cacturne, with an almost expected result.


"That trick never gets old," chuckled Trevor as he stood up. The frightened inquisitor looked at his fainted Pokémon and drew his second gun, just as Gecko flew over him and chopped it to pieces. The Sceptile landed behind the poor inquisitor and also cut up his equipment, and about six different machines fell to his sides, broken beyond repair. Unfortunately, the pin was pulled from the hand grenade attached to his belt in the process. Simultaneously, the inquisitor and the Sceptile mumbled the same thing. Those words were to be the inquisitor's last, as he would spend the five second following them attempting to remove the grenade from his belt, whereas the Sceptile chose the safer route and jumped out of range with Agility.

"Oh, crap." (Oh, crap.)

The blast decimated the area, and caused a somewhat amused/surprised Trevor to comment as he worked to move the still-fainted Houndoom out of the way (Kani and Teskara were moving Anekiro), "Well, that ended quite differently than I expected." Nobody (aside from the inquisitor) was dead, though a few of them wished they were from the pain they were slowly recovering from. Brock carefully tended to the fainted Houndoom while Ash and Misty did what they could for the exhausted Anekiro, Pikachu keeping a wary eye on Trevor, obviously not sure if he could trust him yet.

Chris broke the working silence as he groaned, rubbed his head, and commented, "You can forget about kidnapping me now." Kani nodded in agreement as she telekinetically stole an antidote from Ash's pack and 'threw' it at Moonstone, who had been trying to heal the Cacturne telekinetically. The Lunatone rolled its eye, and then used its powers to inject the Cacturne with the liquid.

Trevor commented airily as he gestured toward the distance, obviously signaling his distant pokemon to join him, "Don't worry, it's already forgotten, provided you tell me what the hell is up with all these new people trying to kill me." He paused, and asked, "Any memories off him, Moonstone?"

Moonstone, who had finished with the Cacturne, commented, (No, the explosion obliterated him. I'm not even picking up a subconscious signal. Wherever he is, all of him is dead.)

Trevor snapped his fingers, and said, "Nuts, I was hoping for some answers."

Chris sighed, and rubbed his temples as Sanja started to curse, since she was torn between just abusing the whole fate thing to make herself instantly feel better, and displaying affection toward anyone near someone she so intensely disliked. Chris solved that with a hug and a kiss on her neck, both of them glowing softly as their various aches were undone.

As the sun was heading down, Trevor finished cooking dinner. Thanking Venac and Ash's Charizard for lending their tails for the fire, Trevor proceeded to serve fish to everybody, saying, "I hope that you guys aren't too upset that I gave Brock the night off from cooking. Dig in, everybody."

As everybody did so, Trevor started offering extra fish to any Pokémon that wanted it; mostly only the Water-Types accepted the offer, but a few others decided they wanted fish too. As Trevor offered some to a repulsed Kani (she decided not to accept the offer, she preferred raw fish), Chris commented, "Not bad, and I never liked seafood. What kinda fish is this?"

With a smirk on his face, Trevor replied, "Fresh fried filet of Magikarp." Almost instantly, most stopped chewing, though Kani seemed curious, and sniffed at the fish. She frowned, and when Ash, Brock, Misty, and Sanja spit out their fish, Chris didn't, instead commenting quietly, "Not funny."

Trevor looked at him suspiciously, suspecting Chris had read his mind, when Kani deliberately hissed, and commented, (That wasn't Magikarp. That fish tastes like crap, no matter what you do to it. And it smelled wrong.)

Trevor smiled, and laughed at the expression on the other's faces, even as Sanja gave Chris a glare, which caused him to chuckle weakly. With a cough of "whipped", Trevor stopped laughing, and said, "Well, it got most of you."

Mathrara, not exactly amused by that, launched a Fire Spin at Trevor. Moonstone, unprepared for the joke being taken so poorly, didn't react in time, and Trevor was covered in fire. A trio of Ice Beams put him out, and Trevor collapsed, covered in burns. Moonstone turned to Chris, and his eyes lit up, causing the psychic to start to tilt over as his mindwall was assaulted by a rather powerful mind that exceeded Sabrina's. Kani's outraged yowl was the last thing the psychic heard before he activated a final failsafe, and withdrew into his own mind in a way, protected by a shield that was not invincible, but if pressed, could be lethal to an attacker. Kani, still connected to him, shared her eyes with him, and the two watched as Chris's body mechanically stood over Trevor's collapsed form, his hands obviously channeling healing energy.

Mathrara, Anekiro, and Teskara didn't take that well, they were launching assaults on Moonstone, while Kani remained motionless and the Houndoom was still unconscious. Trevor's other pokemon intervened with Protects and retaliation attacks, leading out into a full blown war. Pikachu joined in the fray on Chris's side, but Ash, Brock, and Misty decided to take cover when an errant Ice Beam nearly froze Misty. Sanja did try to enter the fray, but she was covered by a warbling aura that shielded her from attack, and at the same time, prevented her from moving a body part at all.

About three minutes later, the invasion on the telepath's mind stopped, as Chris managed to shove Moonstone out of his mind, lashing out with a telepathic 'whip' that caused the Lunatone to fall to the ground, stunned. It was a short term effect, and only was really useable if the target was telepathic, and retreating from another's mind, when their defenses would be low. Sanja, freed from the strange aura, collapsed to the ground since she was caught in mid-jump, and hadn't expected it.

Chris, drawing on his gifted one abilities, said quietly, "Enough." The pokemon stopped their attacks or diverted them, as Chris looked toward the now-recovered Moonstone, and said crossly, "That was annoying, you know. You could have just asked." To Sanja, he added, (We'll talk after I clear this up.) Sanja looked cross, but nodded slightly, it wasn't like she could really argue.

(With a mental barrier that good, I figured you were hiding something. I only did that now because I figured you wouldn't want to use your healing powers on Trevor yourself, and with it, I could gain temporary control of your powers. I didn't want him to die of third degree burns. Gifted ones don't have to take care of humans, after all), the Lunatone pointed out.

Chris shut his eyes, and sagged slightly, not speaking aloud, but asking, (Did you see my past?)

Moonstone seemed to hesitate, but finally replied, (My best friend's son, a Beldum, was captured by the Rockets in that explosion. I keep in contact with him, so I've promised to try and find his son. Thanks to you, I now have a lead.) After pausing for a moment, Moonstone added, (I'm sorry about your mother, and for invading your privacy. But I had to know.)

Chris frowned, before sighing. Damned if he didn't… (Apology accepted, just don't do that again. Just keep it to yourself… especially about the lake. No human can find out about that except for another gifted one, and Trevor isn't.)

Moonstone replied, (True…although he does care about us, he by no means is gifted one material. Of course, I give my word I won't tell a soul about any of it, although Trevor's not really the power-hungry, evil tyrannical maniac you think he is. But there is something else I need to talk to Trevor about…)

A quick look at the Lunatone's eyes, Chris knew that he was sincerely sorry and had no plans to reveal what he had seen. Chris nodded, and said, "Go ahead. For some reason, I'm not hungry any more…"

Trevor looked up and interjected, "That wasn't really Magikarp meat. It's just regular old codfish."

Chris said with a shrug, "Sometimes playing a joke can have a huge price. Mathrara's the expert on that."

Mathrara, panting from the regular use of Flamethrowers, commented wryly, (I resent and resemble that remark.)

Trevor just replied, "Somehow, I don't think I want to know what he said."

Trevor awoke suddenly. After all the excitement of the evening, everybody had agreed to just go straight to bed. Kani, predicting a rainstorm, had told everyone to pitch their tents, and Trevor had offered his for extra space…provided he was allowed to stay in the camp for the night. Unfortunately, his tent was very small, and when told that he'd be sharing it with Brock…Trevor immediately decided to take his chances with the weather. He had no problems with Brock himself, but two people fitting in a one-person tent would be kinda cramped. Trevor just wasn't fond of the idea. Sanja had enough room in her tent, but that would just be plain stupid to put anyone in with her besides Chris, and for some reason, the two didn't seem as… close… as they usually were.

Trevor had just awoken from a nightmare, and right in the nick of time, too. He needed to talk to Chris. He heard a muffled noise coming from Ash's tent, but decided immediately he didn't want to know and headed for Chris' tent.

"You'd better have a damn good reason for waking me up at 1 o' clock in the morning," Chris muttered, as he rubbed his eyes. He'd spent a lot of time up late last night talking with Kani and Sanja to figure out what had happened that made Sanja freeze. Eventually, Kani had ventured that it might have been a bond of some sort that hadn't fully formed acting up. Normally, it would mean Sanja would get a boost, but since it wasn't fully formed, somehow, the reverse had applied, and she had been frozen, though protected. It was the best explanation she could come up with. They had also talked about the strange Houndoom, but he had disappeared sometime after they ate again.

"I do," replied Trevor, his voice a bit scratchy from lack of sleep himself. "Moonstone has aura vision, and he said that when he used it on you earlier, your life aura was sorta…wonky."

Chris arched an eyebrow, and asked in a mixture of sleepiness and confusion, "Wonky?"

Trevor clarified, "Wonky; you know, messed up. He said that because he thought you might've died once, and his trip into your memory seems to have proved that."

Chris's eyes immediately hardened, and he asked harshly, "Did he tell you anything?" One look into Trevor's eyes provided the answer; Trevor looked confused beyond belief about his sudden awake state and cold tone. "Nevermind. You were saying?"

Trevor looked up at Chris with a look on his face that almost resembled fear. Softly, he asked, "Where do we go when we die?"

Chris sighed. He'd figured this was coming… "Paradise really. You see, while our bodies decay, our minds subconsciously travel to a place where they can reside for eternity. Think of it as a quasi-earth or something, I really can't explain the mechanics all that well, and I don't want to be able to either. I don't remember what it's like, and for good reason."

Trevor mused aloud, "You'd kill yourself out of great desire to go back, and suicide is for weak idiots."

Chris smirked slightly, and said, "Precisely."

The two sat quietly for awhile, Chris looking up at the moon while Trevor was lost in his thoughts. Kani was tied to a solar body in a way, and through her, Chris was as well, so he had changed slightly. His night-sight decayed slightly, and he had a mild dislike for the night, which was why he tended to wake up early. Trevor broke the silence with a question of up, "Can I travel with you guys?"

Chris looked at him, slightly confused. "Why?"

Trevor waved a hand, and said, "Multiple reasons. First, the police think of me as sort of a loner, so if I'm traveling in a group, they're less likely to suspect that I'm me."

Chris, somewhat suspiciously, asked, "And you're telling me this because?"

Trevor smirked. "Always good to get the ulterior motive out of the way first. Also, I'm getting lonely with just my Pokémon to keep me company. I've been traveling alone for the past two years, and even though I've had Dancer and Moonstone to translate for me…you remember Dancer, right?"

Chris thought for a moment, and hesitantly said, "Gardevoir?"

Trevor nodded, and continued, "Yeah…even with them translating for me, I still get pretty lonely."

Chris nodded. It was human nature, preprogrammed and all that loveliness… but still, he was suspicious. "Anything else?"

Trevor thought, and finally said, "Moonstone has his reasons, but he's not speaking to me about them. But that's it."

Trevor looked deep into Chris' eyes, trying to use a trick Moonstone had taught him. By looking directly at a person, you can give the misperception that you have nothing to hide. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on psychics, as Chris, suspicious about that, scanned Trevor's thoughts. The trick had only worked once against Chris, and he was a bit too wary to let that happen again. He was a bit paranoid at times, which was why he was a bit confused sometimes about why he was a gifted one. From what the Elders made it sound like, they were supposed to be 'goodie goodies'… apparently, there was some latitude.

Lazily, he commented, "You're not telling me everything. But I do accept your apology, and I suppose it wouldn't hurt if you traveled with us for some time. We'll have to see about the others, however… Sanja really wants to beat the crap out of you. Not exactly something I should condone and all that…"

Trevor asked in surprise, "Did you…just…"

A stern look from Chris gave the answer, and Trevor suddenly heard a voice in his mind, (Your point? Gifted ones, in Moonstone's words, don't exactly have to worry so much about humans as they do pokemon…) "Point taken. Can you just…please get out of my head? It's creeping me out."

(Tempting to dig up embarrassing memories… bah, forget it.)

Trevor gave Chris an evil eye, then laid down and closed his eyes. Chris was right, as Trevor had been hiding something big. It was naught but mere speculation, but if Chris had seen it…Trevor shuddered, and not because rain was starting to fall on him as Chris made his way back to the tent.

Moonstone awoke with a start. His defenses had been compromised…and there was only one psychic powerful enough to actually do that. Moonstone had no idea what Chris had seen or why he'd penetrated Trevor's mind, but it was obvious that the psychic rock would have to keep an eye on Chris Wolf.

A comment of (Turnabout's fair play.) made him blink, and glare suspiciously toward where the psychic 'voice' had emanated. He got the mental image of a face sticking its tongue out, and then the connection faded, replaced by a feeling of blankness. Not to be outdone, Moonstone immediately fired a blast of psychic energy at Chris' retreating mind, picking up on the trick the human psychic had used earlier that day before vaporizing Chris' mental shields. Content that he had proven his point, and taking note of how exponentially stronger Chris' shields had become, he called out in hopes that Chris would be listening, (Damn straight.)

There was a feeling of rolled eyes, but nothing else.