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Chapter 1: Mystery's in Moonlight

It was another starry night in the feudal era, the trees swayed gently in the soft summer breeze. Crickets chirped as the grass swayed under the light of the waxing moon.

Kagome sighed contently, she was always so at peace here, even when they were fighting demons and chasing Naraku. She looked into the fire that her friends and she had built, Miroku and Sango were already asleep and so was little Shippo while Inuyasha…Inuyasha was hiding somewhere again. She brought her knees up and wrapped her arms around her bare legs, why did he always act so indifferent towards her? It irritated her to no end! She stood up and walked away from the fire, towards the nearby river.

She looked up into the trees as she walked I wonder if Inuyasha is hiding up there watching me? She sighed again and decide to stop searching for him "he'll show up when he feels like it I guess…" she walked down to the rivers bank and discovered Inuyasha standing in the cold water, still fully dressed in his Haori, looking up at the moon.

Kagome stopped and watched him

His hair shone like silver in the moonlight, his eyes were closed and he seemed to be bathing himself in the moonlight; but why in the world was he standing in the middle of the river?

Kagome took a step back to leave and broke a twig under foot Oh crap… She looked over at Inuyasha as he looked over at her, his gold eyes catching her off guard; they seemed so much…softer right now. Kagome smiled sheepishly "I-I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep so I thought I would come and sit down here…" Inuyasha smirked slightly "Heh." He walked out of the river and walked past her. She watched him walk past her, he was acting…different

"Inuyasha you ok?"

Inuyasha frumped and 'feh'd at her

She nodded, yeah he was fine.

Inuyasha looked back at her, his eyes hard as usual. "Are you coming' Kagome?"

She nodded "yeah, I'll be there in a few minutes…I just wanted a little alone time."

Inuyasha grumbled and walked off "Suit yourself" he walked back to the camp, but unbeknownst to the little miko he leaped into a tree and headed back to the river and hid in a nearby tree, keeping a watchful eye on her.

Kagome walked to the river edge and sat down; she watched the water and began to day dream.

Inuyasha watched her, the moonlight shined off of her raven black hair. He sighed lightly Gods…how do you stand me Kagome? Thinks and growls Damn woman, she gets me all confused sometimes…

A rustle in the woods across the river brought Inuyasha from his thoughts what the hell was that?

Kagome heard it as well and stood up; taking a step back I hope that's not a demon…

A woman leaped from the woods and landed in the river, she looked up and saw Kagome standing there "?" her gold eyes watched her then she turned and watched the forest for a moment, she turned back to Kagome "Stupid girl! Get out of here!" the woman made a move to leave but a large creature exploded from the forest behind her and she cursed.

Inuyasha burst from the tree and stood before Kagome to protect her.

Kagome was frozen in place "Oh god…this won't be very good…"

The woman with gold eyes growled, she turned to Inuyasha "Get your woman out of here, Dog!" she threw balls of fire at the beast that had just leaped onto a large form of rocks on the other side of river.

Inuyasha would have remarked to the woman's so called claim that Kagome was his 'woman' but decide against it and drew the petrified Kagome into his arms "Hold on Kagome!"

Kagome nodded slightly and Inuyasha ran back to the camp, Miroku and Sango were awake and already grabbing their weapons "Inuyasha!" Miroku called out to the Hanyou and ran forward and placed Kagome on her feet.

Sango looked at Kagome "Is Kagome ok, Inuyasha?"

He nodded "I'm sure she'll be fine, right now we have another problem."

Miroku nodded to Inuyasha, he turned to Sango "Sango, you should stay here and protect Kagome and Shippo"

She nodded and walked over to the still stunned Kagome, Shippo was also trying to snap Kagome out of her daze.

Inuyasha and Miroku ran back into the forest and found the woman in the claws of what looked like a deformed Dragon, It was furred and walked on all fours like a dog demon, but its neck was long and it had a scaled underbelly, with a spike tipped tail.

The woman struggled and shouted "You bastard! Release me!"

Inuyasha leaped up and slashed at the demon with his tetsuaiga "WIND SCAR!"

The Dragon-beast released the woman and turned its attention to the half-demon

Inuyasha growled the wind scar had no effect on it!

It growled and lunged at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha brought his sword and blocked the beast's powerful teeth "Damn!"

The woman recovered quickly and stood up "you're so dead!" she glowed violet and threw out a large blast of power, knocking the creature away and blew Inuyasha and Miroku back up the river bank.

The Woman laughed "You got one lucky shot and you think you can defeat me? You FOOL!" She muttered something under her breathe and let loose a more concentrated form of her power, straight into the dragon-beasts heart.

Inuyasha watched, completely stunned by the woman's power.

The beast keeled over and the woman dusted her hands off on her now wet pants "Damn filthily vermin..." she sighed and pulled a jewel from her pocket, the jewel glowed red and the beast disappeared.

She frowned "time to get going again…"

Inuyasha leaped in front of her "Who the hell are you?" she pointed tetsuaiga at her.

She growled at him "Look Mutt, I don't have time to play with you ok? I'm looking for someone important, so if you'll excuse me." She pushed Inuyasha's blade aside and walked away from him.

Inuyasha was extremely irritated "Who the hell do you think your calling MUTT woman?"

The woman turned around , her black hair whipping around and her gold eyes glaring daggers at him "Look Puppy, I don't have time to deal with you so just run along and go play with your woman. Leave me alone!" she stalked away from Inuyasha, grumbling about pesky half demons.


Inuyasha shouted to Miroku "That was Kagome!" He sprinted as quickly as possible back to the camp.

Inuyasha found Sango unconscious and Shippo was tied to a tree branch.

Kagome was trying to fend off a large scaled looking man-beast "Come to me little priestess!"

Kagome shrieked again and ran away from him "Get away from me!"

Inuyasha growled loudly and shouted "GET AWAY FROM KAGOME!" He lunged and shoved Tetsuaiga straight through man-beast, causing the monster to evaporate.

Inuyasha huffed angrily what the hell is up with all these weird demons? And who the hell was that woman?

Kagome ran to Inuyasha and threw her arms around his waist "Inuyasha!"

He looked down at the girl holding onto him that was…unexpected. He tentatively placed an arm around her shoulder "It's uh its ok Kagome."

She pulled away from him and frowned Why does he always act so cold to me?

She walked over and untied the little fox demon "Are you alright Shippo?"

The little fox nodded and hugged Kagome "I'm so glad your ok Kagome!" she patted the little fox demons head and smiled, walking back to the rest of her little group.

Sango had woken up and was being helped up by Miroku "thank you Mi-"



Sango stalked away from him "Why can't you keep your lecherous hands to yourself?"

Kagome sighed sadly Miroku is such an idiot sometimes…

Inuyasha sniffed the air "the smell of that strange woman is gone...hmmm…."

Kagome thought back to how wild her eyes had look when she saw her… "That woman….she seemed concerned for my safety didn't she?" she looked at Inuyasha who nodded "yeah…so I guess she's not evil….but who was she?"

Miroku rubbed the red hand mark on his face "Well, no use worrying about something we don't have any answers to….besides" he looked back at the forest "I don't doubt that we shall see her again."

Sango looked over "What makes you think something like that?" she was packing up the camp, since it was already morning.

Miroku shrugged "A hunch I guess." He walked over to Sango and began to help her pack up.

Inuyasha looked at the little miko standing beside him, he was so relieved she was ok, but that mysterious woman bothered him. Her gold eyes were like his…yet they weren't because she was definitely not a demon, she smelled differently.

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and sighed He's worrying about that woman…she seemed like a good person…She didn't scare me but…That odd creature…it had some odd affect over my body…I couldn't move…I'm lucky Inuyasha was nearby. She looked away from Inuyasha, why did he always make her feel like this? She had feelings for him, she knew that, but he was so dense…and he was probably still in love with Kikyo anyways…

Inuyasha watched Kagome for a moment then walked away from her "Well we better get looking for those jewel shards." He helped Miroku and Sango Finish up and Kagome helped as well.

And in the distance the golden eyed woman watched them Strange. A half demon and priestess, what would brother say if he saw this? She chuckled to herself and moved away from the odd group of travelers Oh well…we shall meet again. And with that she vanished, leaving no trace of her presence.

Kagome and company moved on after packing up, in search of the jewel shards and Naraku.