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Chapter 11 Running from you.

Sango walked along the path of one of the various gardens that surrounded the palace.

She watched as Kirara ran on ahead of her and smiled.

Kirara mewed and sped off into a grove of trees, Sango sighed and followed her "Kirara? Where did you go?" she called softly as she searched through the trees.

She heard sniffling and stopped "who's there?"

She heard the sniffling stop and a quick movement; rustling leaves; then the trees around her fell silent.

She crept to the spot where she had heard the noise; Kirara sat on the ground mewling up at a large tree in the center of the grove.

Sango walked calmly up to the tree and spotted a flash of bright silver "Inuyasha?" She was confused; Inuyasha was with Kagome wasn't he?

A clearly feminine voice called down to her "Do I look like a boy to you lady?"

Sango raised a brow "How can I tell? I can't see you."

A lithe form leaped to the ground and straightened, looking Sango in the eyes.

Deep brown met brilliant aqua-blue eyes.

Sango took a slight step back "Who are you? I haven't seen you around here before."

The girl that stood before the Tajiya smiled sadly and shook her head "No normally people don't...I kind of ran away from home a while back...so I was hiding here...I'm sorry If I scared you." She smiled, and moved her long silver hair away from her angelic face, her lips were tinted pink and she wore a deep blue dress that reached mid-thigh. Ankle high boots adorned her feet and gold bracelets jingled softly on her wrists.

Sango sighed slightly "Why are you running away? And from who or what?" she watched the sad girl for a moment.

The girl frowned "I am running away from my Family...and...I-I don't really know why either...I just... I was tired of it all...there was just too much pressure."

Sango cocked her head slightly "Pressure? What kind of Pressure would cause you to leave your home?"

The silver haired girl smiled sadly "I guess you could say I'm coward... I have a duty to my family and...I didn't want to do it...I was being pushed to be something I don't want to be. I just...I want to..." she shook her head and sighed, leaning back against the tree "I'm such a coward."

Sango walked over to her and leaned against the tree as well "I know what that feels like...I was trained to kill demon's at a very young age. All I wanted to do was play...but I had to uphold the duty to my family so I did."

The girl looked quizzically at the woman beside her "Mines a little...umm...different."

Miroku wandered about the castle, awaiting Kagome's return so that they could continue or rather, properly start her and Inuyasha's Training.
He found himself wandering into the throne room and found Lord Enahi and two black haired men talking heatedly.

Miroku watched from his place by the doorway.

Lord Enahi looked like he was trying to reason to one of the men, this man was wearing all black with red trim and a crimson colored cloak. He seemed very angry about something. The man beside him, dressed in the same outfit only it was deep blue trim and a Royal blue cloak with a gold dragon insignia on the back of it, was also trying to reason with the man in red

"Damian! We can't just go tearing up Lord Enahi's Castle because we want to find her!" the man in blue shouted at his companion.

Damian growled at the man in blue "You told ME it was urgent that we find her!"

"I know its urgent, but that doesn't give us reason to ruin this mans home you twit!"

Enahi sighed and looked away from them for a moment, noticing Miroku standing there "Ah Lord Miroku, would mind coming over here for a moment?" Enahi was pleased to see the monk; maybe he could talk some sense into Damian.

Miroku smiled and walked over to them, his staff jingled as he walked; even though he did not where his robes his still carried his staff with him at all times.

The man in blue looked over at the approaching monk and Miroku could have sworn his saw the mans eyes glow but when he blinked they were in their original state; bright aqua-blue.

The blue-eyed man smiled knowingly "Greetings Monk. I've never seen your kind here before." the man put emphasis on the fact that he somehow knew that Miroku was not from this world.

The man smiled again at the monks confusion "yes I know, I know who you are and I know what has been done to you." he said shifting his gaze to the cursed hand.

Miroku shifted uneasily under the mans bright eyes "How do you know...about that?"

The man laughed, "I know a lot of things Miroku, it's my job."

Enahi laughed at Miroku's plight "Don't mind High Prince Kadrin, Miroku, he's a little out of our league so to say."

Miroku looked at the man called Kadrin "What is a High Prince, if I may ask?"

Kadrin smiled "Something like a king I guess, it's just the terms that my people use. They are different from the Human terms."

The man called Damian turned to the monk "How in the hell did a Monk get here anyway?" This mans eyes were much like Kadrin's but they seemed darker...more...foreboding. The blue in this mans eyes were interrupted by a ring of crimson near his pupils.

Miroku shuddered involuntarily as Damian watched him.

Damian's attention was suddenly averted as he let out a yelp; he turned and glared at his assailant.

Kadrin stood smiling beside Damian, his elbow slightly raised "Do not scare the monk Damian, he may indeed help us in our quest."

Enahi smiled "that he might, he has spiritual powers so he may be able to locate her."

Lord Enahi looked hopefully at Miroku, the monk smiled "And who, may I ask, are we looking for?"

Kadrin's usual smile faltered and he shifted his feet nervously "My...Daughter. She went missing two weeks ago."

Miroku almost fell over "Two weeks? Are you sure she's ok?"

Kadrin nodded "Yes I am positive she is ok. I would know if she were hurt."

Damian sighed and glared at Kadrin "She's just damn good at playing "hide from Daddy and the palace guards" Gee I wonder where she got THAT from." he watched Kadrin squirm under his watchful eye.

Kadrin lost his composure "I was YOUNG! Damn it all, I didn't WANT to be High Prince! GAH!" he stalked away "I need fresh air and getting away from Damian's stuffy aura will help." he stated as he walked out the side door and into the palace gardens.

Damian huffed "HEY! HEY! DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME! I AM NOT STUFFY DAMMIT!" he ran after Kadrin "TAKE IT BACK!"

"NOT EVEN IF LAYDIN ASKED ME TO WOULD I TAKE IT BACK YOU STUFFY BASTARD!"(Kadrin first and then this switches between him and Damian just didn't want you people to be confused)







Silence met Lord Enahi and Miroku's Abused ears "I wonder-" he was cut off by more yelling

"OH! SO NOW YOU THANK THEM? YOU WEREN'T THANKING THEM BEFORE!" Damian yelled at the top of his lungs as they re-entered the throne room, Kadrin stalked before him, trying to ignore his tirade.

"OH what? You going to ignore me now? Is that it? Your going to Fucking IGNORE ME?"

Kadrin turned and glared at him, his eyes flashing dangerously "Need I remind you that I Brought you here to this existence and I can just as easily take you out of it, or would you prefer that I NOT take you out of it and instead erase your memory and call you 'Kadrin #2"? Hmm? Would that life suit you better?"

Damian swung at Kadrin and the High Prince easily sidestepped the sloppy maneuver

The man stopped his assault and glared coldly at Kadrin "that was the lowest thing- I- How could you-" he was at a loss for words, Kadrin had never insulted him like that before and it was hard to admit, but it hurt.

Kadrin glared back at him, his eyes burning "Now, I will take it back, if you stop your pissy SHIT and help me find Angela."

Damian just nodded and walked away from him.

Miroku looked at Enahi "Are they always like that?"

Lord Enahi just nodded and watched the two men, who were so much alike; yet not glare at each other.

Sango watched the silver haired girl and smiled Sadly "You know...the reason doesn't really matter, I'm sure that if you talked to your family they would understand and try to help you. They are your family you know...you should respect your them."

The girl nodded solemnly "I suppose so...Oh!" she turned to Sango and smiled "I haven't introduced myself, how rude of Me." she held out a slender hand to Sango in greeting "I'm Angela Stryph"

Sango took the girls hand in her own "I am Sango, the demon slayer."

Angela smiled "Its a pleasure to meet you Sango." she released the woman's hand and sighed "They are looking for me I know it...I can feel them here." she shook her head sadly.

Sango looked at her confused "Who's here?"

Angela looked at the woman her blue eyes clouded over with panic " My Father...and My Uncle...Damian." she shuddered at the last name she spoke.

Sango patted her shoulder softly "I'm sure everything will be fine dear, maybe you should seek them out yourself...and go back willingly. It will probably ease the tension and make it easier for you."

Angela nodded "I suppose that would work...maybe they wouldn't be as mad at me..."

The older woman nodded "See that's the spirit, come on, lets go find your Father."

Angela nodded and they both left the grove of trees, Kirara following closely behind them.

Enahi and Miroku watched the two continue to glare at each other.

Kadrin huffed slightly "We need to find Angela..." he turned to Enahi "She is concealing herself from all kinds of magical means including aura searching...we need someone who can literally track her down."

They all thought for a moment when Miroku let out a muttered 'ah-ha!' he looked up at the men, his violet eyes shining in mirth

"I know just the person! Let me go find her and then we shall continue on the search." he ran out of the throne room and left the three men wondering what had just happened and who he was talking about.

Sango, Angela and Kirara walked quietly back towards the palace.

Kirara watched the two girls solemnly when she mewed and transformed into her larger cat form.

Angela jumped back in surprise "W-what- a Nekomata?" she watched Kirara, smiling slightly

"I had no idea she was a Nekomata."

Sango smiled "My loyal Friend and Comrade, Kirara."

The sad silvered haired girl smiled and watched Kirara as the walked.

Kirara stopped walked and nudged Sango slightly, purring loudly.

Sango laughed, "It seems she would like some company." the demon slayer hoisted herself onto the two-tails back and motioned for Angela to do the same.

The silver haired girl got on the Nekomata with ease and both girls smiled as Kirara padded along with her two passengers.

Miroku suddenly turned the corner and almost ran headlong into Kirara's furry chest "Oh my!" he looked up at Sango and noticed the woman behind her "Oh Sango...who is your lovely companion?"

Sango smiled darkly, a little irritated by the monk's slack jawed expression. "This is Angela Stryph." she glared at the monk for a moment "Lay a hand on her and you'll be dealing with my Hiraikotsu."

Miroku raised his hands in defense "Lady Sango! You read me wrong! I mean neither of you lovely ladies any ill!"

Sango sighed exasperatedly "Its not ill I was worried about. It was that damn hand of yours."

Miroku quickly changed the conversation "Lady Angela, was it?"

The silver haired girl nodded, watching the strange monk closely.

Miroku smiled "Well it looks like we didn't have to look very far for you at all now did we?"

Sango quirked an eyebrow at him "We?"

Kadrin came running out of the throne room doors and sprinted down the path till he found Miroku "A-Angela!" he saw his daughter gasp and leap of Kirara's back, she stood watching him "Papa."

Kadrin smiled "you ready to come home now?"

Angela looked up at Sango for a moment, the brown haired woman smiled and nodded. Angela smiled back then ran to her father, seemingly floating almost for she made no sound when she ran.

Kadrin swept her up in his arms and smiled "I was worried about you!"

Damian came walking up behind them "how sweet. You guys make me sick..."

Angela pouted at him then smiled lovingly "I missed you too uncle Damian."

Damian scowled at her, secretly smiling at her from inside "yeah whatever."

Angela grinned.

Sango and Miroku watched them talk quietly for a moment when she felt a hand wander to her backside from beside her.

She glared down at the monk; he had placed his hand on Kirara's back and slowly moved to her backside, she growled threateningly "Monk..."

Miroku looked up at her innocently "yes my lovely Sango?"

Kadrin and Damian watched the two for a moment, wondering why she looked so angry. Angela was also confused by Sango's anger.

Sango growled louder "remove the hand or I break your skull."

Miroku grinned at her "I have no idea what you speak of Sango!"

Brown eyes narrowed dangerously as she reached her fist back "HENTAI!" she screamed at him then hit him in the head as hard as she possibly could.

Miroku fell to the ground in a heap; he fell so fast that he hit the ground before his staff did.

Kadrin's eyes popped open "oh my..."

Damian scowled "He's not very smart is he?"

Sango shook her head "Its not brains that's the problem...though maybe me hitting him in the head doesn't help in that department."

Miroku stood rubbing his head as Sango bade farewell to Angela and her family.

Kadrin gave his thanks, as did Damian.

Angela's Uncle led his niece out the doors and to their waiting carriage

Kadrin turned to Sango and smiled "you were a great help Lady Sango." he touched her hand with his and he stopped suddenly, his eyes flashing.

Sango looked at the strange man "Lord? What is wrong?"

The blue eyed man looked up at her and frowned "Watch out for you friends, the one who wields destruction and the one who is treasured, they will need you and your friendship soon." his eyes cleared of their fog and he frowned "Sorry about that...it...ah...happens sometimes. Forgive me."

Sango shook her head "Do not be sorry, I know exactly whom you spoke of and I will do as you say."

Kadrin nodded and turned to leave "Good... oh and Sango?" he smiled at her.

"Yes?" she watched the strange man closely.

Kadrin grinned slightly "Beware of wandering hands." and with that he walked away, the last sound he heard was that of a very loud slap and a shouted "CAUGHT YOU!"

The High Prince paused in his walk towards the carriage and looked up into one of the castle windows, smiling slightly to himself, then continued on his way.

He smiled to himself as he sat in the carriage, led by dragons, with his family "that was entertaining wasn't it?"

Angela smiled "I suppose father, but was that really necessary?"

Her Father shrugged "I suppose not...but it's partially your fault for running off in the first place."

His silver haired daughter growled at him "That's not what I meant!" she sighed exasperatedly "I was talking about the little prophetic thing you did there."

Damian eyeballed his counterpart "yeah what was that about?"

The high prince shrugged again as the carriage lifted off and headed for the castle in the clouds.

"I had to help somehow without getting in trouble with Laydin again...Being a Demi-God is SO hard sometimes."

"Oh yes. The pain...oh the pain." Damian said sarcastically.

Angela laughed and they continued their playful bantering all the way home.

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