This is a series of "snapshots" from three points of view - Dracula, Van Helsing & Carl's. I wanted to play with possible motivations within these three characters


Dracula looked from his place in the shadows. He watched Van Helsing as he stopped for a moment to talk to Carl before turning in for the night. He could see the way Gabriel's hand reached out and almost touched Carl's hair before being pulled back and slipped into his pocket. He listened to the playful banter and the teasing insults and felt a knot twist in his stomach. He knew how much this pale little friar meant to Gabriel. He could see it in the careful way Gabriel didn't touch him yet always stood so close. He could see it in the hopeless look in Gabriel's eyes when the other could not see. Oh yes, he knew what lurked in Gabriel's heart.

He watched Carl after Van Helsing left and a mocking smile tainted his lips. He could see the temptation this one held.

"I know why you do this, Gabriel" Dracula murmured to himself. "I know what draws you to this man of God. You think that his innocence can redeem you. You think that if you can earn his love, that it will release you from the sins of the past. But you are too far gone, Gabriel. All you can do is destroy the very thing that draws you in. And he will hate you for what you make him. For what you will take from him"

He looked one last time on Carl, who was too focused on his work to sense his watcher. "You are sweet, little friar but you will never be able to hold him. I alone am able to feed the hunger that burns within him. And feed it I will for Gabriel is mine" With a savage smile, he melted deeper into the shadows and disappeared from the room. It was only a matter of timeā€¦