The final side of the triangle - Carl weighs in


Carl watches Van Helsing as he tends to his weapons. He could see that the simple task was masking the restless state of a troubled soul. Van Helsing did this often – finding a physical task to occupy himself when the demons came calling – but Carl could see that this was no longer working to drive them back.

He only observed the Hunter when he thought he would not be noticed because it was the only hope he had of seeing what lurked in the dark of Van Helsing's soul. He worried for the man, worried that he would one day lose the battle and give into the darkness that seemed waiting to drag him down. Carl wanted to help Van Helsing find his way out of the shadows and see hope again in this world. He wanted the Hunter to believe he was worthy of God's love.

But sometimes Carl was unsure of what he saw when he looked at Van Helsing. He knew that there were times the Hunter withdrew from him yet even in that withdrawal, Carl could feel a pull that he could not explain. There is a need in Van Helsing that he could not identify and it had a hunger that almost frightened Carl. There were moments that Van Helsing almost touched him and it was then that he felt the hunger and despair the strongest - great waves radiating off the man. The hunger made him want to run away but the despair held him in his place. He could not decide what to do and that indecision was tearing them both apart.

Time was running out. Van Helsing was losing whatever battle was raging within him. If Carl did not find a way to turn the tide, Van Helsing would be lost forever.

These have been something I quickly wrote and did not allow myself to go back and edit. I was trying to get a stream of consciousness feel to them. I've been debating about a second round of similiar snapshots if people feel the idea has merit - Seadragon