Of Snake and Eagle

Chapter one: Weapon

Harry James Potter was a wreck. And that was putting it nicely. Raven hair flying everywhere helplessly around his face in mattered curls and dirt ridden. Tear streaks blemished his face pouring in all directions from his emerald eyes. His clothes dirty and frayed, wet in most spots from tears and vomit. His room was in no better condition then himself, his bed laid turned over while his dresser and wardrobe where wrenched open with clothes and other things laid in mayhem. A golden bird cage lay open on his wardrobe, empty has it had been for a week now. Hedwig being held at the Head quarters under Dumbledore's orders, along with his best friends. It seemed with in the past week everything about his life revolved around "Dumbledore says.." Or "Dumbledore's orders." And he hated it. More then he hated the Dursley's who had taken a liking to locking him in his room more so then they had in previous years.

But of all the things that had changed about Harry's life one thing stood out above all else. The famed emerald green eyes that had once held love and caring in them had frozen over. Cold and hard, void of any emotion they stared. Forever staring no matter what else the boy was doing they stared. Free of the wired rim glasses that had once dawned his face, which where shattered in pieces in his room. Hoping, praying that what he was looking at would suddenly fade to black and he would wake up from the horrible dream that had concealed him for so long within its brick walls of pain and hurt. So where he would wake up in a world free of voldemort and Dumbledore alike where he was free to like his own life. He didn't want his parents or Sirius back, no he couldn't bring himself to live through seeing them again. He just wanted to be free, or at least strong enough to free himself from the hold of others. People that would try to control his life to mold to theirs and their own selfish needs.

But that's all he was right? A weapon. Something people used has a tool to grain victory over someone or use it to craft something into their own liking. Even his name meant Solider. So why shouldn't he be treated has one he often pondered to himself, which is what he was doing now. His body slumped up against his corner, one hand held lightly to a broken piece of his glasses, with its tip dripping with crimson liquid. His left arm revealed dripping heavily with his own blood leaking from the harsh and curt slashes in it.

Smirking to himself he prayed with everything in his being that he would fade away into nothing. To be free from the world that had imprisoned him within himself. Still smirking with a pained expression he looked down at his arm, still blurry reading what was sloppily craved into his arm.

"Weapon." And with that word everything around him and all that he knew exploded in a bright flash that seemed to consume him. 'Finally' He thought to himself has his body was sucked into a void, he was free.

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