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Obi-Wan had told Bant about all the love letters mentioning a picture. Bant decided to investigate. She went to visit one of her younger friends, an eighteen-year-old padawan. She entered the girl's room and found another girl there as well. The girl looked to be about sixteen. "Hi, Chlara."

"Hi, Bant. This is my friend, Trini."

Trini looked at Bant excitedly. "Your Obi-Wan's best friend, aren't you?"

Bant hesitated a bit. "Yes."

"Oh, wow! What is it like to have such a gorgeous best friend? You are so lucky!"

"Well, I really don't see him that way. He's like a brother to me."

Trini pulled a holodisk out of her cloak pocket and turned it on. She gazed dreamily at the projection. "How could a man built like this be only a brother to you?"

Bant looked wide-eyed at the projection. Sure enough, it was from the Room of a Thousand Fountains. There he was, dripping wet, in nothing but his swimming shorts. Oh, boy.

Chlara sighed dreamily beside her. "Yeah. He's beautiful! I keep mine under my pillow."

Bant looked at the two girls. "This infatuation isn't right. You're Jedi."

Chlara rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, Bant. It's just a harmless picture! It doesn't hurt to look, does it?" She grinned wickedly.

"Do your masters know about this?"

"No way! We knew after the lectures we got while Obi-Wan was away on his trip that we'd better be more…subtle this time."

Trini added with a grin. "Besides, I wouldn't doubt it if some female knights and masters were buying the picture on the sly!"


Anakin walked into his classroom a bit early. He noticed a group of girls congregated around something. When they saw him, they quickly separated and put something into their pockets. This was happening quite a bit, lately. He decided that he was going to find out what was going on.

Before his next class, Anakin sneaked down the hallway towards another group of girls. He hid himself in a doorway and watched closely. He could hear them giggling. One girl said, "Oh, he's so gorgeous!" Another said, "I could just stare at him all day." Another said, "Who would have thought that under all those robes and tunics, he'd look that good?" Another girl piped up, "Hey, as gorgeous as his face is, I knew that he'd probably have a body to match."

Anakin got onto his tiptoes, trying to see what they were looking at. Finally, two girls separated enough so he could see multiple projections. They were each looking at a holopic of…his master! And he was in nothing but his swimming shorts! He slammed himself back against the wall of the doorway. A flood of emotions flowed through him – anger that they would treat his master that way, mortification on behalf of his poor master, and…jealousy.


Obi-Wan made his way back to his apartment after midday meal. He had eaten with Bant, who'd confirmed his worst nightmare. The picture now in possession of every young female at the Temple was indeed of him in his swimming shorts. As he walked down the Temple hallways, he couldn't help but feel that the females all around him were undressing him with their eyes. He'd never felt so exposed in his life.

Obi-Wan looked down as he walked into the apartment. Sure enough, there were a few more envelopes. He picked them up and put them in his drawer without reading them. They all said the same things anyway. He sat down on the sofa, wondering what he should do. Should he go to the Council with this or wait for an explosion? He could always hope that this would all die away without the Council even being aware of it. But he couldn't count on that. How often had things gone as he'd hoped since returning from Naboo?

Obi-Wan picked up the datapad sitting on the end table. He had a class to prepare for. As of today, he was again the teacher of Padawn Lightsaber 1. Maybe he could quickly come down with the Thesian Flu. I really am pathetic. I'm going to have to face them one of these days. He went ahead and prepared the day's lesson.


Obi-Wan was heading to his apartment for what he hoped would be a relaxing and quiet evening. His class had been painful. All of the boys had tried not to stare at him worshipfully, but failed. All of the girls had tried not to stare at him, envisioning him as he was in the holopic, and failed. He felt like he was better equipped to handle it this time, but it was still really uncomfortable.

Mace Windu came up to him as he neared his door. Obi-Wan bowed to him. "Master Windu."

"Obi-Wan, may I come in for a moment? There's something I'd like to discuss with you."

"Of course, Master." Obi-Wan tried not to feel panicky. What if there were love letters waiting inside? Obi-Wan punched in the code to the door. Please, don't let there be any…The door opened to reveal a small pile of envelopes.

Mace Windu looked at the pile with a raised eyebrow. "What are those, Obi-Wan?"

"Well…it's really nothing…" Obi-Wan could feel his treacherous skin turning pink.

Mace eyed the young knight's rose-colored skin. "Uh huh." He leaned down to pick up an envelope. He pulled out the folded durasheet and started to read it. When he was done, he turned to the crimson knight. "To what picture is she referring?"

"Um…well…I just found out that…ah…"

"Obi-Wan." Mace spoke in a warning tone. "Spill it!"

Obi-Wan cleared his throat nervously. "Well, it turns out that one of the girls from the Room of a Thousand Fountains incident had a holocam."

"Please tell me you're joking."

"BELIEVE me, Master, I wish I were!" Obi-Wan went over to the sofa and threw himself onto it.

Mace walked over and sat down in the chair. "So, this picture of you in your swimming attire is how well spread?"

Obi-Wan leaned his head back on the cushion. "From what I hear, completely spread." He leaned forward to look Mace in the eye. "Bant did some investigating for me. From what she told me, the girl who took the picture is well on her way to saving for retirement."

Mace leaned back in the chair with a sigh. "Were you planning on telling the Council any of this?"

Obi-Wan gave Mace an ironic smile. "I was still debating on that."

"And how long have you been receiving this fan mail?"

"It started the night I got back."

"Obi-Wan Kenobi, what are we going to do with you? You may well go down in history as the greatest disruption ever to the Temple."

Obi-Wan grinned at Mace. "Well, if nothing else, at least I'll be remembered!"

Mace couldn't help but laugh. "Oh, you'll be remembered, alright. But now we must decide what we're going to do about this latest…issue."

"I will leave that to the wise auspices of the Council." Obi-Wan leaned forward and gestured to Mace. "However, if the Council comes back with a request that I undergo plastic surgery, I'm out of here!"

Mace laughed out loud. "No more requests. Our last one didn't seem to help much anyway." Mace got up. "I'm going to go talk to Yoda about this."

Obi-Wan got up as well. "Hey, Mace, what is it you originally came here to talk to me about?"

"Nothing that can't wait." Mace clapped Obi-Wan on the shoulder, shaking his head with a smile. "Goodbye, Obi-Wan."

"Goodbye, Master."


Yoda opened his door to find Mace staring down at him, an ironic smile tugging at his lips. "Obi-Wan has done it again!" Mace followed Yoda into his living area.

"Another commotion, hmm?"

"You might say that. Ever since his first night back from his trip, he's been getting love letters pushed under his door. There was a whole pile of them when we walked into his apartment this evening."

Yoda nodded, amusement shining in his eyes. "Ah."

"On top of that, it turns out that one of those gawking girls from the Room of a Thousand Fountains had a holocam."

Yoda's ears perked up at that.

"The picture of Obi-Wan in his swimming shorts is now the hottest selling item in the Temple." Mace couldn't even begin to hide his amusement.

"Our efforts to stamp out Obi-Wan's celebrity seem to have failed, eh?" Yoda chuckled quietly. "Underestimate Obi-Wan's allure again, we should not."

"But what are we going to do? Confiscate all the pictures? Order them to stop writing him love letters?"

"Present us, Obi-Wan does, with a challenge not seen before. No easy solution will there be."


The next morning, Yoda came to visit Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan made them some tea and they sat down in the living area.

Yoda shook his head at Obi-Wan. "Problem child you are starting to become."

Obi-Wan gave him a sardonic smile. "Yes, I know."

Yoda had a glint in his eye. "Since ruled out plastic surgery you have, at a loss the Council is."

Obi-Wan chuckled. "Yes, well, surely there's a less drastic solution to this." He shrugged his shoulders. "If we just leave this alone, don't you think that it will eventually die off?"

"Thought that at first I did. So sure anymore, I am not. Fueling this infatuation the pictures are. Talk to the masters of the girls again we must. Deal with the picture in his or her own way each master can. But notified they should be."

Obi-Wan sat back on his couch. "Those masters are going to be extremely tired of me after this."

"Your fault, this is not. Look too good in swimming shorts, you do!" Yoda chuckled.

"Thank you, Master," Obi-Wan said dryly.


The next evening, Obi-Wan was making some tea, ready for some quiet relaxation time. The masters of all the girls had been informed about the pictures the day before. Hopefully, life would finally be settling down.

The door chime rang and Obi-Wan went to answer it. Mace Windu was on the other side.

Obi-Wan bowed. "Master Windu. Come in, please."

Mace came into the apartment. "Do you have time to talk?"

"Yes, of course. Would you like some tea? I just made it."

"Yes, thank you." Mace kept his features neutral. He didn't want to let on to Obi-Wan that he was deliberately trying to keep him occupied. He worked to keep his voice casual. "Have you been in the Grand Entrance area today?"

Obi-Wan looked confused. "No, why?"

Mace tried not to look as relieved as he felt. "I'd heard that they have a new art display. I was just wondering if you'd seen it."

"Oh, no I haven't."

"Well, anyway, on to what I wanted to discuss with you the other night…" Mace determined that he would keep Obi-Wan occupied and in his apartment as long as possible.

Meanwhile, in the Grand Entrance area, Jedi from all over the Temple were coming by to see the new "art exhibit." Someone had created a Wall of Fame dedicated to one Obi-Wan Kenobi. His birthdate, his height, his weight and his service profile were on display for all to see. Small holopics surreptitiously taken of Obi-Wan were all over the place. But the sight that really had everyone's attention was the eight-foot tall infamous holopic of Obi-Wan in his swimming shorts.

Yoda stood back watching the master techs trying desperately to turn off the rigged projection. He sincerely hoped that Mace would be able to keep Obi-Wan occupied. In his eight-hundred and seventy years of life, he'd never before seen anything like this! Yoda surmised that this would be par for the course where Obi-Wan was concerned. He chuckled to himself as he looked at the projection of the young knight. Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Official Jedi Temple Disrupter.

The End