Chapter 2

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A masculine groan was heard throughout the dark room. The sound of an alarm announced that it was time to begin a new day. The alarm was quickly silenced by a sharp swipe of a hand.

" Dad. Dad, you need to get up or you're going to be late."

The lumped form on the bed groaned and pulled the bed sheets in closer. "Alright, alright…I'm up". He slowly moved into a sitting position on the bed. Ran a hand through his jet-black hair and began rubbing his eyes. The room filled with white light as Ishio opened the window.

" Come on Dad. I made you breakfast and uncle Kenny called and said not to be late to your 9:00 a.m. appointment"

" He called did he?" Aoshi was surprised that Kenshin called. I'm never late.

"I already ate, so you're the only one holding us up." He smiled. " Oh and I'm already ready and I'll be waiting downstairs"

Aoshi stood and slowly walked towards the bathroom and as if in an afterthought he turned around just as he was passing his son and ruffled his hair with a small grin on his face. "Thanks. What would I do without you?"

Ishio smiled "You'd probably always be late." With that said Aoshi proceeded to take his shower.

It's hard to believe that it has been 5 years now since she died. Ishio was just 5 then. Aoshi closed his eyes; water cascaded down his face and continued rolling down his body.

The anxiety of not knowing was what he remembered most about that night. His heart nearly stopped when he saw her big sad eyes approach him. His heart ached with the realization that his wife had not made it. No words needed to be said. He knew. She said it all with those eyes. That young doctor was too inexperienced. Her eyes. He only remembers her eyes full of sadness and most of all guilt.

Her guilt. Her inexperience killed her.

It had been a while since he thought about that night. He remembers those eyes and those eyes are always in his nightmares. Aoshi snapped out of his memories with the knocking on the bathroom door.

"Dad are you ready?"

"Yes." Aoshi opened the bathroom door ready for the day.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" The petite woman could not hold in her excitement. She briskly walked down the hospital halls with an enormous smile on her face that would not quit.

I can't believe they asked me to do this. This is a great. Sano is so going to flip.

Misao almost ran down the hall towards the elevator. I have to find Sano. She glanced at her watch on her wrist. He should be on his shift at this time.

She patiently waited for the elevator, if you can call almost dancing around in anticipation waiting patiently. The elevator doors opened, she stepped in and pressed the second button intent on heading on to her best friends workstation.

Finally, she neared Sano's workstation. She could already hear his voice and the lightheartedness of his conversation with what could be another nurse. She almost ran to get to him before bursting with her news.

"Hey there. What are you doing around my neck of the woods?" Sano asked when he caught sight of Misao. She was already slightly dancing around anxiously.

"Sano, are you on break, are you going on one soon or have you already had lunch?"

"Whoa, slow down a bit Misao. Hold on" He turned around and faced another nurse with a smile.

"Jayne could you cover me? It seems I need to take my break now or Dr. Makimachi here is going to burst. Will you keep an eye on Mr. Johnson in room 210 for me? He'll need his meds as soon as he's finished eating. I told him to buzz me. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Jayne was a young brunette with light brown eyes and a slender figure. She was obviously taken with Sano. She smiled and blushed. "Of course, Sano don't worry about a thing I'll cover for you".

"Thanks." He smiled and turned around to give Misao his full attention.

They both turned around in time to miss Jayne's sad expression as she watched them walk towards the elevator doors.

Misao rushed Sano outside the to hospitals garden area between it's two wings. It was a charming small garden equipped with benches in different locations and sidewalks with handicap accessibility. They found a bench and Misao plopped down on it.

"Okay, so tell me."

"Sano you will not believe what happened today at the hospital board of directors meeting. I was ready to be bored out of my mind, like always when they started talking about the additional wing they have been planning on adding. They said the wing would be designated for burn victims since the donations were made explicitly with that objective in mind. You know that, well, to make a long story short. They are ready to break ground and are having slight problems with what contracting company to go with. It seems both companies are great and their architects are really showing them what they want to see but they wanted a group of doctors to work with them and overlook some of the plans. "

"Wait a minute. You telling me your included in these group of doctors"

"YES! I can't believe it myself. But it seems they are really impressed with my work in handling the emergency room and thought that who better than to know what is required than the doctors themselves."

"That's great Misao, but don't they have specialist for this?"

"That's what I thought, but apparently this was one of the stipulations the donor made when donating the money to the hospital. Oh and he will also be very much involved with the development"

"Misao I don't want to sound like a stick in the mud, but why did they choose you. You have only been practicing for what, five years?"

"I know. This is why I am also kind of freaked out. But they said they wanted my input since I will be working closely with that department from now on"

"This is weird Misao."

"What? Am I such a bad selection?" Misao was starting to get really irritated with Sano. She expected excitement and happiness, not doubt.

"No, no Misao that's not it. It's just kind of weird when we have other physicians with much more experience than you. You're an awesome doctor, it's just odd."

Misao frowned "It's not like I'll be the only physician they will be consulting with. I am in the GROUP of physicians that were picked. Jeez." She crossed her arms and looked away from Sano.

Sano smiled and reached over to put his arm around her shoulders.

"Now honey, I didn't mean to rain on your parade. I'm really excited for you and proud of you for being considered for this. I didn't mean to upset you. God knows we don't need you walking around upset. There could be casualties."

Misao's eyes narrowed towards Sano.

"Sano, you would be the only one I would take this out on." She gritted her response through her teeth.

"Tell me about it." He laughed as he hugged her and stood up with a huge grin on his face.

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