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"Chapter 5: The New Arrivals Part 1"


The bachelorette party was up to a pretty slow start. The girls were only just finishing up their first beers while relaxing on the couch. They passed the time with chit-chat and small talk.

"So what are you going to college for again?" asked Bulma.

"I'm not really looking into a career," said Videl. "I'm just there for the learning experience. Gohan's the one with the career ahead of him."

"So if you not going into a career, what are you doing?" asked Bulma.

Videl shrugged. "Well, I figure it might be best to stay at home with the kids. It's not like money's an issue for me."

"A stay a home mom, huh? That's wonderful," said Chichi after finishing the second beer. It was already obvious that her tolerance to alcohol was low. "You'll make a great mommy." She then hugs Videl tightly, maybe a little too tightly.

"That's… that's great Chichi…Can't breathe…" said Videl has she struggled with Chichi's grip. "Please let go…"

"Oh…sorry…" said Chichi after letting go. "I'm just so excited." She then grabs another beer and begins to down it.

"Drinking a little much aren't we?" asked Bulma. "Never pictured you as an alcoholic."

Chichi finished the third beer, looking slightly embarrassed. "What? Am I drinking too fast? I thought I was supposed to."

"No, you can take you time if you want," said Bulma. "We have the whole night to ourselves. Oh yeah #18, does your body react well with alcohol?"

"My artificial liver can process alcohol at a rate far faster than a human liver," said #18. "In other words, I can easily drink all three of you under the table."

"Is that a challenge?" asked Bulma with a competitive look on her face. "You're on!" She then grabs a bottle of vodka and pours two shots. Both Bulma and #18 downed them, exhaling deeply after doing so.

"That's the stuff," said #18. "Give me another."

Videl raised an eyebrow. 'Haven't these girls ever heard of moderation?' Not wanting to be left out however, she too grabs a shot glass. "Count me in, too." Bulma nods and pour her a shot.

"Me too!" said Chichi as she grabs a shot glass.

"Are you sure?" asked Bulma.

After Chichi nodded, she was given a shot and all four girls raised their glasses in the air. "To a wonderful marriage!" said Bulma. They then knock glasses and drank up.

Upon swallowing, Videl struggled not to gag. "That's rough…"

Bulma pulled out a capsule from her purse and threw it on the ground. A large sound system appeared. Bulma stood up with her hands in the air. "Let's party!"

Elsewhere in the house, the sounds of crying, laughter, barking, and shouting could be heard from the game room.

"Now now, stop that kids! That's not nice!"

Mr. Satan was trying to stop Goten and Trunks, who were playing keep away with Marron's dolly. Buu was laughing while Bee ran around barking joyfully.

"Keep away!" yelled Trunks as he threw the doll towards Goten.

"Keep away!" yelled Goten as he threw it back.

"Stop it! Give my dolly back!" yelled Marron with tears in her eyes.

"That's right! Give it back!" yelled Mr. Satan.

Trunks rolled his eyes and held out the doll. "Okay. Here you go." Before Marron could grab it however, he pulled it back. "Psych!" He then threw it back a Goten.

Goten failed to catch it, looking confused. "I thought you were going to give it back?"

"It was a trick you moron! Grab it before she does!" yelled Trunks.

"Oh," said Goten as he picked it up just in time and threw it. Unfortunately, he threw it a little too hard…Okay he threw it way too hard. The doll flew through the window and out into space. Goten scratched the back of his head. "Oops…"

Marron looked at the broken window with despair. A river of tears soon followed as she mourned the loss of her doll.

Mr. Satan ran up to comfort her. "I'm sorry about that. Don't cry. I'll get you a new doll, I promise. Hey, why don't we go to the kitchen and serve you some ice cream?"

Marron cheered up a little and nodded. Buu also show some excitement. "Me too, Mr. Satan!"

"I just fed you Buu!" said Mr. Satan.

"Please?" asked Buu innocently.

"Fine…" said Mr. Satan in a defeated tone. He then looked at Goten and Trunks. "When we get back, you two better be ready to apologize."

"Sorry…" said the two boys.

After Mr. Satan and the other left, Trunks leaned toward Goten to whisper. "Hey Goten, You wanna look around this place?"

Goten was a little reluctant. "Shouldn't we stay here?"

"Come on," said Trunks. "A place this big, we could find all kinds of stuff."

Goten gave it some thought. "Alright…"

"Come on, follow me!" said Trunks as he ran out of the game room. Goten soon followed behind.


In the yard behind Bulma house, most of the Z Warriors were taking hits off an oversized joint. Goku was perhaps the least pleased of the group. "Come on guys! Did we have to roll the whole bag? Wasn't that smaller joint enough?"

"Hell no," said Yamcha as he took his hit. He sucked in a large amount of smoke, held it in his lungs as long as possible, his face turning bright red. His finally released, coughing away upon doing so.

"Gotta cough to get off!" said Krillian as he grabbed the joint and took a hit himself. He didn't hold it in as long, and when he released it he coughed only mildly. "That's the stuff…"

Vegeta snatched the joint from Krillian impatiently. "No parking on the grass!" He took his hit holding it longer then anyone.

It was then that a door swung open nearby, revealing an embarrassed and now fully dressed Sharpener. He noted the others standing outside and gave no heed. As far as he was concerned, he just wanted to leave and forget about the night.

Goku noticed the blond man and called out to him. "Hey cake guy! Come over here!"

Sharpener looked in their direction with plenty of suspicion. "No thanks. I'd rather not."

"Aw come on!" pleaded Goku. "Come over here and join us!"

After giving a reluctant sigh, Sharpener slowly walked up to the group. "What do you want?"

"Sorry about the whole cake thing," said Goku. "Myself and the others thought it would be a great gag to pull on my son."

"You're Gohan's father?" asked Sharpener with a little surprise.

"Yep! Names Goku," said Goku. "I take it that you know Gohan."

"We were classmates in high school. My name's Sharpener," said Sharpener as he noticed the activity that the other were participating in. "Mind if I take a hit?"

"No problem," said Goku as he grabbed the nearly finished joint and handed it to Sharpener.

The young blond took a couple of hits before handing it back to Goku. "How come Gohan's not out here with you guys?"

"He's too much of a momma boy that's why?" answered Vegeta, who finished off the joint. "And always will be…"

Goku frowned upon seeing the joint finished. "Aw man, that was supposed to last the whole night."

"Don't worry about it," said Yamcha. "One of us will get some more later."

Goku turned back to Sharpener. "Hey, why don't you join us? If you're a friend of Gohan's I'm sure it'll be cool with him."

"Don't we have enough people here?" asked Vegeta in an annoyed tone.

"Come on, Vegeta. It's the least we can do for embarrassing him," pleaded Goku. After Vegeta rolled his eyes and gave the go ahead, Goku turned to Sharpener. "How about it?"

"I should be going," said Sharpener as he began to walk to his car. "I'll give it some thought."

"Just walk in if you decide to join!" yelled Goku as the others began to walk back into the house. Goku followed them in.

Gohan had been sitting on the bar stool for twenty minutes, trying to comprehend what was transpiring right before him. 'I can't believe this is all happening.' His image of his long time friends and his father were quickly becoming shattered. It was then that he saw the others coming back in. He eyed them carefully, trying to discern the effects of marijuana from their faces. Everyone was obviously more relaxed, but Goku and Krillian were especially goofy looking.

"That stuff was pretty good," said Krillian.

"I've had better," said Vegeta.

"We all have, but you gotta make due," said Goku as he noticed his son giving them all strange looks. "What's up Gohan?"

Gohan was cautious with his words. "So…You guys smoked it all, huh?"

"Unfortunately," said Goku with a frown. "I wanted to save some for later."

"Okay…" said Gohan, still eyeing his father carefully.

Krillian snickered knowing that Gohan was creeped out by the fact that they were high. He crept up behind Gohan to scare him. "BOO!"

It was a bad idea on Krillian's part, because Gohan immediately freaked and swung his fist, decking the smaller man right across the face. Krillian was sent flying, but thanks to some quick action from Piccolo, he was caught before he collided into the wall. "Careful, Gohan!"

Vegeta was slightly pissed. "What the fuck are you doing! Are you trying to destroy my house!"

Gohan cringed in fear. "I'm sorry! Don't kill me!"

It was everyone else's turn to look at Gohan weirdly. Soon after, some snickers could be heard, followed by full blown laughter. Everyone was laughing except for Piccolo and Krillian, who was still in a daze. Gohan was doing a great job of embarrassing himself.

"Man…haha…Are you…haha…naïve…" said Goku before laughing his ass off again. Eventually the laughter died down, upon which Goku swung an arm around his son and smiled. "I love you, son."

"Yeah, thanks dad," said Gohan with a hint of sarcasm.

"Just what are they teaching you in school these days," asked Yamcha.

"Well, the say that marijuana is bad, and that it had all these terrible effect and…" said Gohan before he was interrupted.

"Don't believe everything you hear," said Yamcha. "If you ask me, alcohol is way worse than weed."

"I agree," said Goku as he chugged some beer down.

Gohan sighed deeply. "Sorry guys. This is all a little weird for me."

Krillian eventually shook off the punch and walked back to the bar. "God dammit! Do you saiyan ever try to react without your fists?"

"Sorry Krillian," said Gohan as he slumped his shoulders.

It was then that the front doors opened, revealing Sharpener. He took a deep breath as he walked in. "I decided to join. Alright with you guys?"

"Yeah, sure," said Goku. "Take a seat."

Gohan watched his former classmate walk up to a barstool next to him. The two of them were quiet for a minute, feeling a little awkward.

"So…nice to see ya Sharpener…" said Gohan.

"Yeah…same to you…" replied Sharpener.

"So…what are you doing in West City?" asked Gohan. "It's pretty far from Satan City."

"I go to college here," said Sharpener.

Gohan put two and two together. "Ah… I'm guessing that tuition's pretty expensive…which would explain your…job…"

"Yeah…" said Sharpener before changing the subject. "So what kind of party is this?"

"It's a bachelor party," answered Gohan.

"For who, you?" asked Sharpener.

Gohan nodded reluctantly. "Yep…" It was then that Gohan overhead the other guys talking.

"Enough about Gohan's sex life since it obviously doesn't exist," said Vegeta.

"Hey!" yelled Gohan. "Are you guys talking about me?"

"Nah," replied Goku. "We were just getting done." Goku then looked at Sharpener. "Hey I haven't introduced everyone to you let have I?" He then started pointing out everyone in the room. "He's Vegeta, that's Krillian, then we have Choutsu and Tien, and then Yamcha, and finally we have Piccolo. Don't be freaked by his greenness."

Sharpener's eyes bugged out not at Piccolo, but at Yamcha. "Holy shit! Is that Yamcha the famous baseball player?"

Yamcha overheard Sharpener and turned in his direction. "Yeah that me!"

Sharpener failed to hold back his excitement. "Oh my god! I can't believe it's you! I've been a fan of your since I was a kid!"

Yamcha laughed heartily. "It's always good to see a fan."

Sharpener pulled of his shirt. "Sign my shirt!"

Yamcha sweat-dropped even though he's been given weirder requests than this in the past. "Okay," he said as he pulled out and pen and wrote is signature on the shirt. He handed the shirt back nervously. "Here you go…"

Sharpener happily grabbed the shirt and put it on. "I can't believe this! Thanks man!" He then walked back to Gohan. "Why didn't you tell me you were friends with Yamcha!"

Gohan chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "I guess I just never really cared much for baseball. My dad was friends with him way before he went into baseball."

Sharpener hung his head in envy. "You sure got it made, Gohan."

"Let hope it stays that way," responded Gohan as a thought came over him. Of all the things he had learned from this night so far, the most disturbing to him was the lack of loyalty from his father, Krillian and Vegeta. He then turned towards the three gentlemen. "Hey guys, I have a question of you."

Goku, Krillian and Vegeta turned towards Gohan to listen.

"Why are you guys so disloyal to your wives?" asked Gohan.

Goku was the first to answer. "Well, let's face it. My wife's a bitch."

Hearing this did little to please his son. "Dad!"

"Come on, Gohan," continued Goku. "You can't tell me that you can stand her. I don't know how you managed to put up with her all these years. Why do you think I've been dead so many times?"

Gohan could feel a sickness in his stomach. "I can believe I'm hearing this…How'd you make it into heaven anyway?"

"King Yamma hates his wife, too." answered Goku. "It's a mutual understanding."

Gohan looked at Vegeta next. "What's you explanation?"

"Same as Kakarott's," answered Vegeta. "Bulma is a bitch. Do I have to explain?"

Gohan then looked to Krillian. "What about you?"

"Well," said Krillian. "My wife is not a bad wife, but she's terrible in bed. She just lays there and makes me do all the work. It's boring."

Gohan took all this information in and processed it. He began to wonder about his own up coming marriage. "I just don't get it…"

"You'll understand soon enough," said Vegeta. "The woman you're marrying is no different."

"Yes she is!" yelled Gohan angrily. "She's a lot different from my mom! You just don't realize it!"

"I have to agree with Vegeta on this one," said Goku. "She does remind me of your mother."

Sharpener, who had been listening to the conversation up to this point, interrupted. "Wait, who is Gohan marrying, anyway?"

Gohan turned toward him to answer. "Videl."

Hearing that name hit Sharpener like a knife in his chest. The truth of the matter is that he still had some lingering feelings for her from back in high school. He knew that Gohan and Videl had started dating a while ago, but he had no idea that it would go this far between those two. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he would fantasize about their relationship falling apart and he would come in and sweep her off her feet. That fantasy was shattered, however, the moment he heard her name from Gohan's lips. Despite all this, he tried his best to hide his feelings of hurt. "Wow, who'd had thought that you two would go all the way. Way to go."

Gohan nodded and smiled, missing Sharpener's disappointment. "Thanks man." He then turned back to the others. "See? At least someone around here is happy for me. Let me state this. Videl is not like my mom." He then looks straight at his father. "Just because you married mom without ever dating her doesn't mean to should project your problems on to me." He then looks toward Vegeta. "You only married Bulma because you knocked her up. It's your fault that you're in that situation." He then looked to Krillian. "You! You were so desperate to get married that you would have married a tree if you knew you could fuck it." He stood up with dignity. "Well, I've made none of your mistakes and I'm sure that Videl is the one."

Goku was laughing. "Marry a tree…"

"Shut up," said Krillian before turning back to Gohan. "You've made your point, Gohan."

"I'm still not convinced," said Vegeta. "Kakarott, want to make a wager? 1000 zenni says lover boy here doesn't make it through the night."

Goku stopped laughing. "But I don't have any money."

"Too bad," said Vegeta as the sounds of cars could be heard outside. "Better hope you win."

"Don't I get a say in this?" asked Goku.

"No," said Vegeta as the doorbell rung.

Gohan eyes the front door in horror as he realized what was about to happen. Some new guests were arriving…and they weren't males…


Back at the bachelorette party, the four women were beginning to feel the effects of their drinks. Well, everyone except Chi-chi, who had already passed out.

"Wow, she sure is a light weight," said Bulma as she poked Chi-chi on the shoulder. The only response given was that of drool leaking out of her mouth.

"Leave her be, Bulma," said Videl who was quite intoxicated. "I'm sure we'll have more fun without her."

#18 was the least impaired of the four since, as stated earlier, her artificial liver was better suited for processing alcohol. "So are we just going to sit here and drink all night?"

Bulma shook her head. "Nope, I've got a little something arranged."

Videl responded with a little worry and intrigue, a reaction very much influenced by the alcohol. "What is it?"

Bulma winked. "It's a surprise. I can't tell you yet." She then looks at her watch impatiently. "They better get her soon, though."

"They?" asked Videl as her eyes widened.

Bulma put her fingers to her mouth and giggled. "Oops, my bad."

Outside of the house, however, there were two intruders plotting outside the Satan residence.

"Are you sure this will work?" asked the first intruder.

"I sure am," answered the second intruder. "If my feelings are correct, they should be here any second."

The two intruders were hiding behind a bush and were revealed to be Master Roshi and Oolong.

"Your feelings, huh?" asked Oolong. "Just who are we waiting for?"

"The strippers," answered Roshi.

"Strippers!" yelled Oolong excitedly before giving the idea some more thought. "What kind of strippers?"

"Male ones," answered Roshi, still on the look out.

Oolong was weirded out. "What did you say?"

"Just listen," said Roshi. "The plan is simple. When the strippers arrive, we'll jump them and steal their costumes. Then we will enter the party posing as strippers. As soon as the girls are drunk enough, we'll have our way with them."

Oolong was once again excited. "What a plan! Count me in!"

While they waited, two boys were up to no good upstairs in the mansion. At this point, they had searched nearly every room they have come across. This included the weight room, the film room, the dining room, and several bed rooms and guest rooms. None of the rooms offer anything worth seeing and the boys were starting to lose interest. That is until they found Videl's room.

"Hey, cool, we found it!" said Trunks elatedly. "Let take a look!"

Goten was a little less sure. "Um…Trunks. Are you sure we should do this?"

"Don't be a wuss, Goten," said Trunks as he began to open a dresser. "Remember that time we found the dirty magazine in your brother's room and he kept denying that it was his even though he wouldn't throw it away?"

Goten nodded. "Yeah, what are you getting at?"

"Well, I'm wondering what kind of stuff Videl might be hiding in her room, that's all," said Trunks as he started to pull out shirts and pants.

"Okay," said Goten as he opened up the top drawer of the dresser and found Videl's underclothes. He then pulled out a red bra. "Hey Trunks look what I found!"

Trunks looked up to see a bra in his face. "Eww! Don't touch that! That's her bra!"

Goten was slightly confused. "What's a bra?"

Trunks was awestruck. "Are you kidding me? Doesn't your mom wear one of those?"

Goten shrugged innocently. "I don't know. Where is she supposed to wear it?"

Trunks slapped his forehead. "Idiot. Isn't it obvious? She wears in on her boobies!"

This revelation startled the young Goten, and he dropped the bra on the floor. "Eww! Gross!"

"Serves you right," said Trunks who pick up the bra. "She's like going to be your sister-in-law anyway. Now keep looking." As Goten continued to look around in the drawer, Trunks but the bra into his face and sniffed with great effort before putting it under his shirt.

Goten pulled out some panties next. "Hey Trunks, what are these?"

Trunks eyes glimmered with anticipation upon seeing the panties. "You better give those to me Goten. Those are grosser than the bra."

"Why do you want it then?" asked Goten suspiciously. "And where'd the bra go?"

"Never mind that," said Trunks. "Now give me the panties."

"No, I want'em!" yelled Goten selfishly as he puts the panties on his head.

"Don't do that you idiot!" yelled Trunks. "Do you know where that goes on her?"

"I don't wanna know," said Goten as ran over to the night stand next to the bed and opened the drawer there. He spotted something unusual and took it out. It was a packet containing a condom. "Hey Trunks, what's this?"

Trunks' jaw dropped when she saw the object. He was vaguely familiar with what it was and he wanted it badly. "Gimme that Goten!"

Goten rejected his friend's order. "No! I found it first!"

Trunks was persistent. "You don't even know what it is. Hand it over!"

"I know what it is! It's candy!" said Goten was he drool at the thought of sweet sugar entering his month.

"Moron! It's not candy!" yelled the purple haired boy. "Now give it to me before you kill yourself!"





"No times 10!"

"Yes times infinity, so there!"

Goten looked extremely confused. "What's infiniter?"

Trunks rolled his eyes. "It's infinity. And it's a concept in which includes all the numbers in existence."

"Is it bigger than a million?" asked Goten with disturbing intrigue.

"A lot bigger…" said Trunks in disbelief.

Goten's amazement was hardly shocking. "Wow! That's big!"

"Yeah, yeah. Now give me that thing," commanded Trunks.

"No!" said Goten. "It's not fair!"

Trunk tried to think of a compromise. "Okay…How about this? You give me that thing, and I'll let you play my video games as long as you want. Deal?"

Goten was reluctant at first. He wondered why Trunks wanted the thing he was holding so bad, but still he really wanted to play Trunks' video games. It was a tough decision. "Okay Trunks, you have a deal." He then gave Trunks the condom. "Now let's go to your place and play!"

It was then that something important came to Trunks. Something that he'd forgotten about for a while, but now hit him like a sledge hammer. "Oh my god, I just remember something!" A huge smile overcame Trunks as enormous amounts of excitement flowed through him. "Our dads were supposed to have a bachelor party tonight. I can't believe I almost forgot!"

"Bachelor party?" asked Goten, who recognized the words. "Isn't that a bad guy?"

Trunks slumped his head. "You mean that you actually believed what your dad said? How dumb are you?"

"No, it's true! My dad and Piccolo had to beat him up!"

"Your dad was lying to you."

"He wouldn't do that!"

"Would, too!"

"Would not!"

"Would, too times infinity!"

"Would not times…" Goten stopped to think of the biggest number possible. With some effort, he came with an answer. "10,000,000!"

Trunk rubbed his temples in exasperation. "Infinity is bigger than 10,000,000."

"Liar! Nothing's bigger than 10,000,000!" exclaimed Goten confidently.

Trunks gritted his teeth with incredible pressure. "Please…stop…You're giving me a headache…" He then walked up to window and opened it up. "Just forget it for now. Just follow me back to my house. I'll show you what a bachelor party really is."

Goten reluctantly agreed. "Okay, but I still want to play your games."

Trunks displayed a sinister smile. "Believe me Goten. This bachelor party will be a lot more fun than some stupid video games." With that Trunks took off with Goten, who was still wearing the panties on his head.

Meanwhile nearby, two male strippers had just arrived at the Satan residence. They were dressed as both a police officer and an executioner. Both of them were approaching the door when suddenly an old man leaped out and grabbed the both of them and pulled them both into the bushes. A struggle soon occurred.


There were twelve of them. Twelve hot scantily clad women. Some of them strippers, some of them party girls, all of them looking for a good time. And this was exactly what Gohan didn't want. 'This can't be happening,' he thought as he looked at them. He then noticed one of them what was familiar. She had greenish hair like Bulma, but was longer. The woman looked around the room and soon spotted someone she was looking for.

"Krillian! There you are!" yelled the women.

"Hey Maron! How ya doing!" asked Krillian as he ran up to her and kissed her deeply as they fondled each other.

"I didn't need to see that…" said Gohan as he closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, several girls spotted one particular guy in the crowd they found most appealing. Someone big, tall, strong…and green. The first lady to approach Piccolo was a petite girl with long blond hair. "Hi there handsome. How are you tonight?"

The question completely caught Piccolo off guard. After all, he was hardly a Romeo. "What?"

The blond sat next to him. "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" She then poked his bicep. "Ooo, you are strong."

Piccolo was still dumbfounded. He could hardly reply. "Huh?"

It was then that a girl with short brown hair approached the two. "Excuse me, is she bothering you? It obviously you'd rather have a brunette."

"Like hell he does!" answered the blond.

One by one, more ladies saw the Namek and couldn't help but be drawn to him. Within a few minutes, four or five girls were fighting over him.

"Um…What's going on here?" asked a very confused Piccolo.

"I bet you have a huge member," said a redhead coyly.

"Member?" asked Piccolo, who missed the metaphor.

"You know, they say a man's penis is directly proportional to the size of his ears," said a different blond who touched the namek's ears playfully.

"Uh…I don't think you understand. You see…"

"You're not gay are you?" asked the brunette.


"That's a relief," said the red-head.

"If you just let me talk…"

Despite Piccolo's effort, none of the women would let him have a word in, which was bad since Namek's are asexual people who have no genitalia. One could taste the irony in the air.


Within a few short minutes, both Master Roshi and Oolong jumped out of the bushes. Master Roshi was dressed in the executioner outfit while the pig was in the police uniform (which unsurprisingly didn't fit him very well). With the mask in Roshi's face, his identity was masked.

Oolong still had doubts about the plan. "You sure this is going to work. We're not exactly male stripper material."

"That's what you think," said Roshi as he the pumped up his muscles, increasing his mass three fold. "Now I'm hot stuff!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot you could do that," said Oolong. "But what about me? I don't even fit into these clothes."

"You moron!" yelled Roshi. "Why don't you transform?"

The pig stared blankly at Roshi for a minute. "Oh right! I forgot I could do that. It's been so many decades since I've done it." He then transformed into a slightly less muscular but still incredibly handsome young man. The police suit now fit perfectly. "I can only transform for five minutes, though. What should I do if I run out of time?"

"I don't know. Tell them you have to use the bathroom or something," said Roshi as he began to approach the front door.

The two perverts rang the doorbell, which was answered by the butler.

"Ah, I was informed of your arrival," said the Butler humorously. "I'll inform the ladies."

The butler promptly entered the party room to inform them of the new arrivals. "Your 'guests' have arrived, madam."

Bulma smirk excited and look at Videl. "Now I want you to take a seat and relax, okay? And I would highly recommend, since you're getting married, that you keep your hands to yourself."


Meanwhile, at the guy's party, Goku and Vegeta approached Gohan with a blond girl in tow. "We have a very special surprise for you Gohan. Me and Vegeta chipped in to get it for ya."

"You mean I chipped in," responded Vegeta.

Goku ignored the saiyan prince. "Anyway, we'd like you to meet this nice lady. Her name is Erasa. She's going to entertain you tonight."

It was then that both Gohan and Sharpener bugged out when they recognized their former classmate. "Erasa?"

Erasa, who was clad in very tight revealing leather mini-skirt complete with matching leather vest, was just as surprised. "Gohan? Sharpener?"

Goku blinked in disbelief. "Another classmate?" After the others nodded, he chuckled. "Small world, huh?"

There was some silence between the three former classmates for some time. Gohan was the first to speak up. "So…this is…awkward…"

It was then that a smile crept up on Erasa's face. "My this is going to be quite a treat. Who'd have thought I'd be working with you? Had I'd known this would happen, I'd have done it for free."

"Good, you can give me my money back then," said Vegeta.

Erasa ignored as she began to slowly and seductively unzip her vest, revealing the cleavage that hid beneath. Gohan began to become very hot under the collar. Despite the fact the Gohan knew he was going to get married tomorrow, he found it incredibly difficult to resist the blond's charms. Everyone stared eagerly as Gohan's first test of the night was about to begin.


Will Gohan be able to resist Erasa? How will Videl fare against Master Roshi and Oolong in disguise? What's going to happen when Trunks and Goten arrive at the party? And how did Piccolo get so lucky? Damn him! More to be revealed on the next episode of DRAGONBALL Z!


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