Hero of the Day


Author's Notes: This shall take place roughly after the Cell Saga, just before the Buu Saga, when Gohan first goes to high school. I always hated the way the saga continued with Gohan, or at least the way the Anime portrays him, as if he were a completely different person than the Cell Saga. At first, I simply thought it was because he was sheltered and such, but now… now I think I shall just write a new story out with a different Gohan. Not the shy, hidden Gohan they show going to High School, but the confident, powerful Gohan that you see waving good bye to his father, without shedding a tear. This story will be a romance between Videl and Gohan the way I think it should have gone.

Oh, and I got the name from Metallica's song Hero of the Day, by a music video that involved Dragonball. It's a good one, and inspired the name.

The breeze was gentle across the grassy fields, as the wife of the famous Son Goku threw another sheet over the thick string that ran from one wooden post to the other. Their house was set on the far southern eastern edge of the continent, with a river setting between their home and the fields that reached the mountains. Son Chi-Chi reached down to the basket for another article of damp clothing to hang out and dry, when her eldest son opened the door to the house, stretching his arms to their limits and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

"Gohan," she called out to the grown boy, waving a hand. Gohan smiled, placing his hands behind his head, his fingers interlocking with one another. Chi-Chi smiled at the similarities between her sons and their father, seeming almost identical in a way, aside from the characteristics that set each of them apart, making them unique in their own way. "I packed a lunch for you."

Chi-Chi reached down to pick up the boxed up lunch, which was neatly wrapped up in a white cloth. The demi-Saiya-jin smiled, bowing his head to his mother as he took the lunch.

"Thanks, mom," he said with a smile. "Don't train Goten too hard today."

"Too hard?" Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow with a smirk, not realizing her son knew of their supposed 'secret training.' "I don't know what you're talking about."

They shared a laugh, before Gohan levitated himself to the air.

"Gohan, I want you to be careful," his mother waved to him with a worried look.

"Don't worry mom," he said with a grin. "I aced all the tests. I doubt real school will be any harder than home school."

"Even still," she called back as Gohan raised himself higher into the air. Gohan nodded, and took off, sending an echoing booming sound throughout the area in attempts to break the sound barrier. Chi-Chi quickly threw her arms out, hurrying herself over to the basket that was nearly thrown over by the child's sudden burst of power. "Honestly, their all alike."

Gohan brought a hand to his chin, while the other held tightly upon the book bag wrapped over his chest and shoulder. Suddenly stopping halfway to the school, he realized the attention he might receive if he simply flew into his class room. With a light bulb quickly flashing over his head, he cupped his hand over his mouth, calling upon the device his father had used when he was a child.

"Flying Nimbus!"

The yellow cloud shot out from the sky, swirling about, as it flew over to the one who had summoned it. With a grin, the boy placed himself comfortably upon the soft cloud's surface, before pointing out toward the city. The cloud, as if sensing Gohan's location, flew off in that direction.

Satan City.

Gohan nearly doubled over at the name when he landed at the entrance of the city, remembering back to the Cell Games. Apparently, the man had become so famous they named the entire city after him. He pinched the bridge of his nose in slight irritation, wondering how people could have even fathomed the man defeating Cell when it was himself all along. He quickly shook his head of the thoughts, knowing he wouldn't want his family in such popularity. His mother and father liked living their lives in solitude, and with his father gone, Gohan didn't want to put his mother in such a state by babbling out to the city that he defeated Cell.

Looking at a clock sign just above him, he noticed he had plenty of time before his school would start. He took his time, taking in the city he hadn't seen since the name had changed. Passing through the down town area, his senses flared, brows lowering as he quickly jumped to the side, a faded blue pick up truck suddenly swerving to the sidewalks, screeching to a stop in front of a bank. The occupants of the back of the pick up all jumped out, holding a variety of automatic weaponry, as well as the driver and passenger, pulling out their own guns.

Brows lowering, Gohan fought the urge to step forward, stuck between stopping the pre-crime and having the chance of being recognized for his inhuman abilities, or to let the authorities handle it. The criminals quickly ran inside the bank, the sensitive hearing of the Saiya-jin quickly catching the screams of the workers inside. Shaking his head free of further thoughts, he ran toward a break between the businesses, taking cover in an alleyway. They might recognize him in his school attire, black hair, and black eyes, however…

"They won't be able to if…"

Gohan quickly gathered energy around him, and within a blink of an eye, a golden flash surrounded him, blinding anyone that would have been looking. Instantly, his facial features changed, his eye color going from black to flashing blue, then shifting to straight green, eyebrows lowering from their black color to yellow, matching the flames that circled around him. His muscles bulged out more slightly, and his hair stuck straight upward, extending past his normal cut, also shifting to a blonde hue.

"I go Super Saiya-jin," Gohan finished with a smirk in his new transformed state. As he relaxed, the flames circling about his form faded, turning his head out through the alleyway. The criminals had just broken from the bank, all making their way to the truck.

"Let's Go!" One of them yelled from the back, holding up his gun in triumph as another threw bags of money into the back. The truck pealed out, the back and front tires leaving marks of rubber in its wake. The driver, however, was fully unprepared when a blonde haired teenager stood in front of the truck, unmoving.

"What the hell?" The man yelled, though the man next to him shook his head.

"Plow through the idiot!"

With no hesitation, the man stepped on the gas. Gohan's brows lowered, a frown firmly placed upon his features. With an extended leg, the truck stopped, while his foot went through the grill. The occupants of the front seat were quickly thrown through the windshield. Gohan extended both his hands, easily catching the two in a clothesline, and allowing the two bodies to fall unconscious to the pavement below.

The others in the back quickly rose to see what had stopped the car so suddenly, and already upon the hood of the car stood the blonde teenager, with a look of rage upon his face. One of the men quickly raised their weapon, and fired an assort of bullets into the teenager's chest. With amazing speed, the golden haired man's right hand moved out to collect each bullet fired upon him. The man who fired the gun watched in pure awe, as Gohan dropped the crushed bullets into the man's lap, leaving him in a state of shock.

"What the hell is this guy?" Another man muttered, as he hopped out of the back, leaving the shocked man to deal with the police. As the man ran, he hadn't made it five steps before running into, what felt like, a steal wall, making him fall right back onto his rear, looking groggily up to the same man who had stopped the car, stopped bullets, and now attempting to stop him from running.

"I give up," he stuttered up to the frowning Saiya-jin as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Smart," was all Gohan let escape his lips, as he looked back over to the shocked man in the back seat, who seemed to be fully taken over by the bullets he had crushed with his hand. He smirked confidently, as he waited for the police to show up before taking his leave. As soon as the sirens sounded, rounding the corner, Gohan took his leave; running down to the same alleyway while his hair, eyes, and brows reverted to their original black color. He stepped out of the alleyway, taking front row seats to the criminals' road to justice, unable to hide the smirk upon his face.

"You!" The shout had come from behind him, and apparently, directed toward him. Turning around to face the feminine cry, he was greeted by a frowning girl about his age, wearing a baggy t-shirt and black skin tight shorts stopping at her mid thighs. With her hands upon her hips, she stared at the black haired Saiya-jin with an evil glare that could match his mother's. "What happened here?"

Gohan blinked at the girl's sudden need to know what was going on. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed the police cuffing the men with ease and taking them to the cars to lock them away. Turning back to the girl in question, he arched a brow, blinking unknowingly.

"I have no idea," he shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. "The cop sirens sparked my curiosity. I just got here."

"Really," the girl replied with a tilt of her head, her intense hues staring holes through the taller Saiya-jin's eyes. Gohan's brows twitched at the intensity of the girl's simple look. Her brows lowered to match, before Gohan broke the gaze, unable to withstand the girl's staring.


The girl's attention was then brought to the chief of police, who was rushing over to her.

"What happened here," Videl asked again, this time firmly toward the policeman. The oversized man ruffled his beard, before bowing his head to the girl.

"You won't believe half the stories I've received from these people," he muttered with a shake of his head, while he pulled out the note pad he had taken notes on, reading off each one. "Some blonde haired guy came out of nowhere, stopped the car with his foot, caught the two in the truck through the windshield, jumped onto the roof, stopped bullets with his hand, then vanished and reappeared in front of one of the robbers attempting to run away."

Videl blinked in disbelief, shaking her head. The policeman shifted his hat upward, while scratching his head slightly.

"All the reports are exactly the same," he replied to the girl's inability to believe what truly happened. "The other men are starting to call this mysterious person the 'Gold Fighter.'"

"Gold Fighter?" Videl repeated with a laugh. "A man stops a car, stops bullets, and teleports. Did you at least get a description of this supposed Golden Fighter?"

"Of course," he said as he flipped a page over. "Golden blonde hair spiked all upward, green eyes. About six foot seven inches, medium build. White long sleeve shirt, with a black vest and an Orange Star High School badge on the vest. Red cargo pants, and black shoes."

The officer adjusted his glasses, looking up to the girl.

"Some people are assuming he's a new student at your school," the officer stated the obvious, after relaying the badge the man wore. Videl blinked a moment, taking in the picture the officer had just relayed to her.

"Wait a minute!"

Quickly turning, she found the man she had questioned long gone, with no trace of where he had been.

"Where'd he go?" She asked, turning to the officer. The man blinked, scratching his head once again.

"Where'd who go?" He asked in identical confusion, having come up to Videl alone, with no one around the girl.

"The kid that was here just a second ago," she said, turning around. "I asked him if he saw anything, and he said he had just gotten here."

"I didn't see anyone, ma'am," the officer said politely with a shrug of his shoulders. Videl shook her head, watching as the rest of the force picked up the mess. Looking over his shoulder, he turned back to Videl with a nod of his head. "Looks like we can take things from here."

Videl tapped the eraser of her pencil against the desk top resting her head in the palm of her other hand which propped itself upon its elbow against the desk top. Two blondes sat to either side of him, one showing a look of carelessness, leaning back in his chair with his hands locked behind his head while tipping his chair upon two legs. The blonde to the other side leaned upon her side, looking to the dark haired girl with concerned blue hues. Before the girl could question, however, the professor raised his voice over all other murmurs in the classroom, bringing forth their attention.

"Class," he spoke fluently, with a rough voice. "I have a new student to introduce to you all today."

The class half groaned, but half silently cheered, for the day would go by slowly, allowing the new kid to adjust to the school. The blonde male next to Videl leaned forward on his chair with a grin.

"Good," the man said. "Another new kid to torment."

"Sharpner," the other blonde next to Videl shook her head. "Don't tell me you're going to harass the poor kid."

"This new student aces all entrance exams, as well as the pre-exams from his home schooling," the professor went on, while hearing a groan from the other side of the door.

"No, Erasa," Sharpner replied with a grin. "I'm going to harass the poor genius."

"Class, I would like you to all welcome our new student," he started, as he looked back down to the piece of paper set in front of him at the podium stand. "Son Gohan."

Removing his hand from his face, he threw on his father's famous grin, motioning a single wave of his hand to the class.

"Yo," he announced, not even receiving the ever known 'cricket-background' response. He shrugged carelessly, as the teacher pointed a spot in the back for him to sit.

"He's kinda cute," Erasa winked as Gohan started up the stairs, receiving a smirk in response. Videl rolled her eyes at her friend's attempt at flirting, while Gohan took a seat at the end, next to the blonde haired girl.

"Nice to meet you Gohan, I'm Erasa," the girl happily announced. Gohan nodded his head, leaning on the table set in front of them as the girl introduced her 'posse.' "That guy over there's Sharpner. Don't worry about him."

She received a grunt in response, while Gohan noted the name.

"And you probably already know Satan, Videl," Erasa said with a roll of her hand. "Daughter to Mr. Satan, savior of the planet, and world champion of the Tenkaichi Budokai."

Gohan blinked at the girl, instantly recalling her from the incident from this morning. Videl eyed the teen, raising an eyebrow.

"Weren't you the one that I questioned this morning," she said, tilting the pencil she had been tapping toward him. Gohan threw on a hesitant smirk before replying.

"Yea," he said casually, attempting to revert his attention to the class discussion that had started up. Videl, however, wasn't finished with her questions.

"How'd you disappear like that?" She asked, lowering her brows at the man. Gohan blinked, turning back to the girl as if she had four heads.

"Disappear?" He asked, fully remembering flying into the air the moment her attention was brought to the cop. "Sorry, I don't know any magic tricks."

Erasa laughed, as Gohan mimicked a magicians hand movements as he bolded out his last sentence. Videl frowned harder, and once again, Gohan felt the same glare she had seen her mother give his father several, if not countless times before.

Now I know how dad felt whenever he asked mom if I could train, Gohan thought, inwardly shuddering.

"You know something," Videl started to say after a moment of silence, studying Gohan's attire. "This Golden Fighter that showed up this morning looks an awfully lot like you."

Gohan blinked, hiding the sweat drop that appeared on the other side of his head with a casual hand running through his hair while he turned to face the girl.

"A lot of people say I look like someone," Gohan said as casual as he could, rolling his hand dramatically. "I get that a lot."

"Well, this guy that looks like you also wore the same clothes as you," Videl pointed out with her own roll of a hand, mimicking the demi-Saiya-jins movements. Gohan once hesitated trying to come up with an answer. To his defense, Erasa brought herself into the conversation

"But didn't that guy have blonde hair?" Erasa pointed out while bringing a hand to her chin, turning to observe the new kid. "Gohan has black hair and black eyes. I remember hearing the Gold Fighter had golden blonde hair, and green eyes."

"A relative maybe?" Videl asked with an arched brow. Gohan hid the sigh of relief he had led out, and then shook his head.

"I only have a younger brother, and he wouldn't be here fighting crime," he said, returning to his casual expression, attempting to once again focus to the front of the class.

"So you're the oldest of your kin?" Erasa asked brightly, while her eyes became slightly heart shaped. Gohan threw a hand hesitantly over his shoulder, letting his Son grin appear upon his features.

"Yea," he replied. "It's just my mom, Goten, and I at our house. My dad passed away a few years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Erasa bowed her head. Gohan shook his head.

"It's alright," he said with a firm smile. Erasa nodded her head with a smile. All the while, Videl watched with dagger-like eyes, her brows slowly lowering, studying the man before her. It was like he held up an image, something not himself for everyone to view, making them think he was this one character, this fake image.


The black haired martial artist blinked suddenly, dropping the pencil she had been holding, turning her shocked face to the front of the class.

"Yes?" She called out with wide opened eyes. The professor frowned at her, apparently having already asked her the question. She stuttered a moment, a hue of pink appearing on her cheeks, wanting to lower herself under her desk.

Three point one four

Videl blinked, turning around to see where the sentence had just come from. The others still looked at her, awaiting an answer. All save Gohan, who kept his eyes to the front of the class. Apparently, he felt eyes upon him because he turned to the girl, giving her a genuine smile.

Three point one four

"I think you should answer the question," Erasa poked the girl, who had once again, started to stare at the new student.

"Three point one four," Videl called out, having no idea where the words had come from. The professor paused a moment, before nodding his head.

"That's correct. The diameter would be multiplied by pie," he said, and continued on with his lesson. Videl breathed a sigh of relief, sinking into her chair. Erasa simply blinked at the girl, while Sharpner next to Videl fell asleep with his eyes opened, a unique ability he shared with no one.

"Wow," Erasa started to say. "It was almost like you didn't know the answer."

"I didn't," she said, turning to her. "I didn't even know the question."

"Pretty good guess," Gohan muttered low enough for them to hear, not taking his eyes off the professor, who continued to draw circles, and make equations on the board. Videl studied the teen, and then shook her head, freeing herself of a sudden thought that bottled up in her mind.

No, that's impossible…

Videl blinked as another thought seemed to over run her own doubt.

Nothing's impossible if you put your mind to it.

With that, the thought was gone, adding in to the other amounts of endless thoughts that would continue to run through the poor girl's mind. She felt instantly that it was going to be a rather long school year.

Author's Notes: I have no idea where this story came from, and I'm going to try to not take things from the show, aside from Saiya-man and a few other things, like Videl's training. Other than that, I'm going to attempt to stray away from a few of the episodes, and create my own little stories to try and keep you all entertained with surprises, rather than expecting Buu to show up and destroy the planet. He will, but it'll go much differently in this story. –Nod- Hope you liked the prologue, and I'll have chapter one up and running in a little while.

Sharpner … Sharpener

Erasa … Eraser

Shrug- I don't name them.