Author's Notes:

I wanted to inform you all that this story will currently be re-written. Under some rather wild inspirations lately, I have decided to combined three current Dragonball Z stories I currently have in the works, and meld them together; through different points of views of various characters. This will be Gohan's point of view, starting with the very end of the Cell Games. The stories will be of "The Pride of a Saiya-jin" collection, and most likely will be starting off with Chi-Chi's point of view; titled Broken. For those of you who would like to know when this story will be placed back up with my version of Gohan, that collection will be titled Hero Of The Day most likely, wanting to keep the same title. So keep an eye out for any of those stories within the next few weeks; with the way my writing's been going recently, I'll most likely be writing some simultaneously along side each other, and post them up separately.

Gohan Strife