Letters to the Dead: One

The voice of my heart speaks with slow sorrow.
My limbs lie heavy and cold, and I weep
for you are gone from me.

Honey is bitter as myrrh on my tongue;
the fatted goose cannot tempt me, and I weep
for you are gone from me.

O! Lord of my heart, your absence
is a heavy weight to bear, and I weep
for you are gone from me.

Amentet greets you with bread and water;
Wepwawet opens the way. And I weep,
for you are gone from me.

You are True of Voice, Justified.
Wait for me in the West. Though I weep,
I shall follow you.

(c) Lucidscreamer March 5, 2005

Author's Note: In ancient Egypt, a person might write a 'Letter to the Dead' (usually written on a bowl, though there are examples written on papyrus or linen), which would be left at the tomb of the deceased. Amentet (Ament) is the Name of the Goddess Who greets the newly dead at the gates of the afterlife and offers them bread and water. Wepwawet (Upuauet) is a funerary deity. His name means "Opener of the Ways", referring to his role in leading the deceased through the underworld as a protector; He is also the messenger and champion of royalty.

This series of poems will consist of letters from Yugi to Yami, after the final episode of the anime.

Warning: Spoilers for the end of the series. Implied slash (Yami x Yugi).