Chapter 1

"Come on Torrie, Gees!" Billy yelled at Torrie from the backstage exit doors from the arena. "Ok, I'm sorry Billy; it's not my fault that I'm not as strong as you!" She called back to him, dragging both of their suitcases along the ground. "Oh everything isn't your fault isn't it Torrie." Billy growled at her. Grabbing a drink from the vending machine. "Oh what! Torrie don't drag them! I paid 500 dollars for those suitcases!" Billy snapped at her. "Well maybe if you could help me a little." Torrie sighed. "Ur no." He smirked and walked out of the arena into the car park. Torrie winched as pain rushed through her arm. She had hurt her arm during her match with Dawn Marie on Smackdown that night, and carrying her suitcases didn't help. She got to the door and opened them. Billy was talking to a few of the backstage crew. She placed the suitcases on the ground and walked over to him. "Hello Torrie." One of the men said with a smile. "Hey." She sighed. "You ok? You seem pretty tired?" another said to her. Torrie went to open her mouth when Billy interrupted. "She's fine, just a little tired from her match tonight." He smiled and wrapped her in a hug. The men smiled and walked off. Billy quickly let go of her. "Cut that out! Acting like a big sook!" he frowned at her. Torrie glared at him. "Look I'm going to the bathroom ok?" She asked. "Good, great, get lost." Billy said as he went to answer his cell phone that started ringing. She sighed and walked back into the arena.

She walked through the corridor towards the women's locker room. She sighed, she and Billy had got married last year and he was a total sweetheart to her. But during the last couple of months he had been acting like an asshole to her. She didn't know why he was like that but it was really starting to piss her off.

She walked into the locker rooms and turned on one of the tapes there, and splashed her face. "Hey Torrie." Dawn smiled walking out from the change room area. Torrie looked up. "Oh Hey Dawn." She smiled then rubbed her elbow. "Oh I hope I didn't injure you too bad." Dawn said biting her lip. "No it's ok." She sighed. "Then what's wrong?" Dawn asked her. "Billy." Torrie answered. "Oh Torrie that guy is a jerk, why don't you just leave him and find yourself a new man, judging by the way the fans cheered for you tonight it shouldn't be so hard." Dawn said. Torrie chuckled. "I can't though." She explained. "And why not?" Dawn asked. "Because I love him." Torrie said quietly looking away. Dawn sighed. "One day you'll realize Torrie how a man is supposed to treat ya and love ya." She explained and walked off. Torrie sighed and walked off to find the doctor.

"Excuse me?" She asked one of the doctors in the hallway. "Yes Torrie, what can I help you with?" He smiled at her. "Err would I be able to get an icepack for my elbow?" She asked him. "Ohh yep, just let me have a look at your arm for a second." He said. "No it's ok, I just took a nasty fall that's all." She explained. "Ok, I'll just go get you one." He smiled and walked into the first aid room. Torrie looked around and saw Kurt Angle's wife Karen and Undertaker's wife Sara walking towards her. "Hi." Torrie smiled at them. "Hey." Karen smiled at her. Sara just nodded her head, and they kept walking. The doctor returned with an icepack for her. "Here you go." He said handing her the icepack "Oh thank you" Torrie smiled and walked off back to Billy.

"There you are! I was waiting for 20 minutes!" he yelled at her from the taxi. "Sorry I didn't mean to keep you waiting." Torrie said biting her lip. "We'll your gonna have to keep your self here waiting Torrie and find your own way to the hotel." He said and shut the door of the taxi. Torrie watched with her mouth open as the taxi drove off out of the parking lot.

She sighed as she walked back through the arena; she looked at her watch 10 o'clock it read. They'll be nobody here! She thought. She looked in the women's locker room. No one, then walked into the men's. She saw Mark there with his wife Sara with him. "Err excuse me?" She said. He turned around and saw Torrie standing there. "Hey Torrie what's up?" He asked her. Sara looked up from reading her magazine. "Um are you guys heading to the hotel?" She asked. "Yeah." Mark said putting his clothes into his gym bag. "Ok, well would it be ok if you guys could give me a lift there please." She asked. Mark looked at Sara who had her eyebrows raised at him. "Yeah of course." He smiled at her. "Oh thank you so much." She smiled. "Go get ya stuff, and meet us back here ok?" Mark said. "Ok." She said and walked out of the room. Mark turned to Sara. "Sara it would have been nice if you had said something too." He said. "Whatever Mark." She sighed and continued to read her magazine. Mark shook his head and continued with what he was doing.