Chapter 12

Torrie was sitting at home that night watching a movie on TV; she was munching on a bag of corn chips. Vince had let her have the week off to recover. Billy hadn't come home to collect his stuff, but she didn't care. If he wasn't here by the end of the week she decided that she was gonna burn his stuff instead. Vince was going to fire Billy but instead suspended him and banned him for going anywhere near Torrie. A love scene came on during the movie.

"Oh Miranda I love you."

"Oh David I love you too!"

"I'll never leave you, I'll love you forever."

"Liar!" Torrie shouted at the TV and threw her bag of corn chips at it. She let out a frustrated sigh and got up off the couch. "Don't believe his bullshit girl, they're all the same!" She said. Just then she heard a knock at the door. It must be Billy. She walked over to the door and grabbed a baseball bat just incase he tried to hit her again. She opened the door with the bat in her hand.

"Mark!" She gasped. "You're not gonna hit me are you?" He asked moving back. "I dunno, maybe I should." She said sternly. Mark sighed. "Torrie…." He sighed. "What?" She snapped. "I need to talk to you." Mark explained. "Really?" She replied with her eyebrows raised. "Yes, can I come in?" He asked. "No." She replied. "Ok, well I'll talk out here then." He said. "Don't bother." She spat and shut the door in his face.

She walked back over to the couch and sat down.

"Torrie!" She heard Mark yelling from outside. She looked over at the door. Should I go open it? No! He deserves it. She thought. "Torrie open this damn fucken door now!" Mark yelled banging on the door. Oh god! She panicked and grabbed the phone on the coffee table. She pressed 911.

Just then Mark burst in through the door. He slammed it behind him. He breathed heavy looking at Torrie. "Mark I've dialed 911 and all I gotta do is press this button and the police will be on their way." She explained. "You don't think I'm gonna hurt ya do ya?" Mark asked. "I dunno." She replied. Mark sighed. "Well actually I haven't been with a lot of men in my life Mark, which may come as a surprise to you considering I'm a slut." Torrie explained.

"Torrie…." Mark sighed. "Just drop it Mark! How would you like to be called something you're not?" She said. Mark didn't answer. "I know it sounds childish but it's true. I've been called a slut, a bitch, a liar, everything in the past few weeks. You name it, I've been called it." She said with tears running down her face. "Torrie it's not my fault I haven't called you any of those names." Mark said. "Bullshit! You called me a slut!" She yelled. "Yeah well I didn't mean it!" Mark said. "Mark I can't help it if I fell for you. My husband bet on me. He made me feel like shit, like I'm worthless. But you, you make me feel like I'm special, like I'm the only one who matters. Maybe not to you, but to me you did. You made me feel loved." She cried. Mark sighed. "And I have done nothing to deserve this shit I'm feeling right now. I haven't made any moves on you at all." She explained. "What? Yes you did last night!" He said. "Don't point me out as the bad person Mark! You were in the same position as me, don't deny it!" She replied. Mark sighed and ran his hands the through his hair. Torrie sighed and walked over to the kitchen and leaned on the bench. "Why did you come here for anyway?" She asked. Mark looked at her. "I left the hotel this morning, and after a 3 and a half hour flight, I come home to find my wife of 4 years having sex with some guy in my bed." Mark explained. "Really? I'm not surprised." Torrie smirked. "And straight after that, not a moment too soon, I took another flight except this time a 4 and a half hour flight straight to your home. I'm tired and I feel like shit. But I know what I gotta do Torrie." He said. She raised her eyebrows at him dignifying she wanted a reply. "I'm sorry." He said. "What?" She replied. "I'm sorry." Mark repeated. "For what Mark? For making me feel like shit? For accusing me of lying? For calling me a slut? What are you apologizing for?" She asked. "For everything Torrie, I should have believed you." He sighed. "Yeah well you didn't, and you didn't just get yourself hurt in the process Mark, you also got me hurt too." She replied. "I know Torrie, I'm so sorry. I guess I just didn't believe you because I didn't want it to be true." He explained. "Well of course you didn't want it to be true." She said. Mark thought was that a bit of sympathy in her voice? "But I just got attached to you so quickly and it scared me. So I took the easy way out. I ran away when I know I shouldn't have." He explained. Torrie didn't reply. "I'm really sorry Torrie and I'll do anything to make it up to you….and I mean anything." He said. Torrie looked at him for a second then smirked. "Over to the couch." She replied.