All usual disclaimers apply, I don't own the rights, I don't get money and this is for entertainment only. Please excuse any errors they are entirely mine. This story was inspired by the tongue twister 'Peter Piper'

The Report
By Starsky's Strut

"Starsky! Hutchinson! My office, NOW!" Dobey thundered

The duo exchanged a look.

"He's not gonna believe this" Starsky murmured.

"Well, we don't have a choice, we gotta tell him" Hutch replied.

They entered Dobey's office, closed the door and sat down.

"You two are late, care to explain why?"

Hutch took a fortifying breath "Well we would have been on time, but Starsky saw a pickpocket"

"A pickpocket?"

"A pickpocket"

"What happened than?"

"Well, the pickpocket pinched a purse"

"Pinched a purse? Whose purse?"

"Patty Parker's" Starsky added

"Patty Parker's purse was pinched? Where did this happen?"

Hutch took a deep breath "Pumpernickel Street"

Dobey gave a disgusted snort "Where were you Starsky, when you saw the pickpocket?"

"Purchasing pop"

"Purchasing pop? Why?"

"I was parched"

Dobey rolled his eyes "Just tell me what happened"

"I was purchasing pop when I saw Patty Parker's purse being pinched by the pickpocket"

Dobey turned his gaze back to Hutch "Where were you, Hutchinson?"

Hutch looked at the floor "Parallel parking"

Dobey mopped his face with his handkerchief, he felt his blood pressure rising. "You were parallel parking while Starsky was purchasing pop?"

"Yes, then I saw Starsky run out of the place in pursuit of the perpetrator."

Dobey leaned back in his chair, his eyes shifting from one detective to the other "Let me see if I've got this straight, Starsky was purchasing pop, because he was parched, when he perceived a pickpocket pinch Patty Parker's purse on Pumpernickel Street, while Hutch was parallel parking when he spotted Starsky in pursuit of the pocket picking perpetrator, is that correct?"

The duo spoke in unison "Precisely"

"Get out of my office!" The big man bellowed and pointed to the door.

They exited and closed the door.

"That wasn't so bad, I'm glad he kicked us out at that point" Hutch poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, I sure woulda hated to tell him the part about Sam Smith's shifter sticking in his sports car, which sent him speeding through the stop sign on Simpson Street, splashing me with sewer water, which sent me home to shower and change my shirt and shoes"

"Me too, partner"

The End