Hi guys, I was watching smallville the other day and an idea suddenly clicked into my head. Let me just explain.

Lois left as you remember and I have no idea if she's coming back but my story is based on before Lois ever came to the series.

I'm going to make Lois have powers but only her parents no about it.

Please read because I've tried so hard on this.

Chapter 1 New arrival

"She can't simply go missing!" shouted John.

"Carm down John, she's probably just gone out for some fresh air." Said Davina.

"You don't go out for fresh air in the middle of the night! She's left a note and everything!"

"I know sweetheart. But since the whole saga happened, she needs a break from this town. The people of this village give her strange looks of fear. She's a prophesy John. You don't want to admit it though; our child is to die to save the world. Her energy is the only type what can save us all. It's not a good thing knowing your going to die!" Explained Davina. She had always been the carm one, but ever since her daughter at the age of 6 developed powers, it had been a whole lot harder. Lois was now 18, she had gotten used to her powers, but never before had she known she would play a part in the world's existence.

"We'll leave her for a couple of days, and then I'll be calling the police." John walked away. Davina broke down in tears.


On top of a building, a girl crouched down with a black hood over her head, covering half of her face looked over at the raining and thundering night. She was crying as well as looking down at the town before her. As the bright lighting flashed, she saw a word.


It was a dark night. Clark had gone out for some peace and quiet from his family. Even though he couldn't get it outside. It was raining, it was cold and I was certainly noisy. He sat on the wet bench, there was a very beautiful girl crossing the road. Even though her face was nearly covered from the black hood she was wearing, he saw her red hair and her face. He smiled, but that smile soon faded as the girl fell to the ground in tears. There was a bus coming toward her.

"Oh no!" Clark used his speed but saw the girl raise her hand to the bus. The bus stopped in its tracks. The girl looked up at Clark. Her eyes were glittering, but also cloudy as though she was in pain. She stood up and ran.

"Who was she?"

The question remained in Clark's head that night, infact the day after that. He'd never seen someone actually save their own lives, it was always him.

"Clark! Are you even listening to me?" Shouted the coach.

Clark looked up.

"Sorry coach, I was just thinking."

"Well you best start thinking about the game Kent! If we loose it will be your fault. Since you're the star player, you can start us off."

Clark carried on his game. Lana came over to the field. She sat on the bench watching them play. Lana new that Clark was finally getting over her. She needed him too, for her sake, Clark's sake and Jason's. She loved Clark as a friend and wanted him to be happy, but she knew that this might be the last string of friendship they had.

After the game, Lana ran up to Clark and Jason. "Yes coach I understand. I won't put everyone of again."

"Good, because what ever you're thinking about is…Hey Lana." The coach paused.

"What's he doing now that Jason?" asked Lana.

"Thinking too much on girls then the game, that's what."

"I'm not, it's just I…" Clark didn't get to finish his sentence as he saw the same girl as last night walking along past the school. He had to see who she was.

Lois didn't know what brought her here. Was it how happy everyone was? It beat a change to how everyone felt in her town. But could she really stay in this quiet town and then let the demon troops ruin everyone's lives. Lois new they were after her because she was a sacrifice, but she didn't want to die, she had so much more to live for.

Maybe luck had struck her…

"Chloe, is that you?" The short blonde haired girl turned around. She screamed in delight as she saw her cousin Lois. She gave her a hug, but Lois looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh my god I can't believe you're here. When did you arrive?"

"I had no idea you lived here." Said Lois still uncomfortable.

"Well who cares. Where are your mom and dad?"

"About that, I…"

Clark came running up (slowly) to the two girls. He was staring at Lois. Lois remembered who he was and what he saw.

"Oh hey Clark. This is my cousin Lois, Lois this is Clark." They both new who each other was, but best thought to pretend they didn't. Clark stuck his hand out and said hi. Lois nervously put her hands out. They shook hands. "So Lois, where do you come from?"

"I come from Melvier village. Chloe can we go to your house? I really need to speck to your mom and dad."

"Is it about that thing what only you, your parents and my mom and dad are only allowed to know?"

"I'll tell you in my own time Chloe. Can we go?" Said Lois. She was trying to get away from the light. She cold sense that the demons were sensing her. Chloe said goodbye to Clark and her and Lois went off. Lois turned her head back to Clark. They stared at one another.

To be continued…

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